The Cleveland Browns take on the Indianapolis Colts tonight, can the team move to 3-0 on the preseason? When can we expect the Browns to unleash the vertical offense we have heard about since Chud took over as the team’s head coach.

Brandon Weeden is ranked 15th in passing yards this preseason and the Browns don’t have one receiver in the top 10 either. Josh Gordon the man who will miss the first 2 games of the regular season is ranked 17th.

The next top ranked Browns receiver is Jordan Cameron who is ranked 40th in the stats. Cleveland has won their first 2 games of the preseason and they have done it playing mediocre football. Nothing about the Browns stands out in the stats.

I for one can’t wait until the team starts using the vertical offense. If this team is playing this well without using it, what is going to happen when the coaches unleash Weeden and the Browns new vertical offense we have heard so much about.

The team should be able to walk all over the other teams in the NFL, heck this team could be super bowl bound the way the fans are reacting. Who knows how many games the Browns will win with the new vertical offense.

In tonight’s game the Browns are going to have to focus on keeping Weeden vertical in tonight’s game. The Colts defense did pretty well in their last game. They sacked the quarterback 6 times and the Browns may not have much time to execute the vertical offense in the game.

If Cleveland can do a good job in protecting Weeden, and he can get the Browns vertical offense going, the team could come away from Indianapolis with their 3rd win of the preseason.

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  1. muttklingon


    • LG

      Hey, this is the dress rehearsal for the regular season.

  2. Navy_Diver

    LG you are a fool a true hater. You are so blinded by your dislike of the Browns all the time pretending to be a fan. A big part of being a fan is rooting for the team that you are supposed to be a fan of. I have yet to read one so called article of yours that was positive about the Browns. Thank god I read many other sources of info on the Browns, and it seems you are the only one that seems to think that they are playing mediocre football at leas the starters. True the sample size is still very small but it has all been positive on both sides of the ball. Really the only negative for the Browns has been the injuries and the off the field problems. By the way the Browns could easily win the division the Steelers are old and lost key players only time will tell if the new guy’s will be able to step up and fill the void. The Ravens ditto they have several personnel issues wide receiver, safety and linebacker so I don’t expect them to be as good as last year. The Bengals were not that far ahead of the Browns last and the Browns have taken major step this year. If you insist on continuing to toil in this profession please learn to be at the least objective.

    • LG

      The team is mediocre, not one guy is rated in the top ten for receiving, no RB is rated in the top ten and no QB is rated in the top ten. So what do you get with this talent level? Mediocre that is what you get……Just average….Perhaps I am the only guy you read the reports the truth. So we won 2 preseason games…..So what with this mediocre talent level how many regular season win s you think we will have?

      • Navy_Diver

        As you said it is only two preseason games . As not being top rated Weeden has the top passer rating. Not that meas much at this point or any other. The first team offense has scored on all except for one drive hardly mediocre. They have not had to put up huge numbers as far as stats go because they have been so efficient. Stats in an of themselves are meaningless it is what is extrapolated from them that provides insight. Please take a moment put a little effort and research into looking at what some others views and perhaps you can gain some perspective. Most of the NFL personnel people that have voiced their opinions have a much different take on what they have been watching. Peace

  3. Old Goat

    given the talent of the offense, it makes more sense to play ball control and use the short pass to set up the running game. As I recall Joe Montana used that type of offense two win a couple of super bowls.

    I have to admit this current crop of coaches (Chud, Turner and Horton) have done a better job of getting the job done then any coaches I have seen since Blanton.
    But the bottom line is that they have a mediocre QB that will most likely fail under difficult situations but at least they have some decent backup talent for when this happens. The Clowns will hopefully become the Browns under Chud and maybe finish this year with a 8-8 record.

    • Navy_Diver

      Hey old goat I’m not sure if you agree with LG or not. You seem to agree with him about Weeden but in the same breath talk about how much talent they have on offense. While I do not agree with you about Weeden I think he will be a pleasant surprise for many of you I do agree that they have quite a bit of talent on the field and they are starting to gain enough experience to believe in themselves. Only time will tell but I think 8-8 is well with in reach.

      • Old goat

        I think this team has the ability to be successful, but only if the plays are called to match the skills and abilities. I think Chu, Turner and Horton are much better coaches than what we have seen over the last 30-40 years. In the matter of Weedhead, I have no respect for him. he is a mediocre QB at best. In my view any Brown that is not in the ICU or ER and does not suit up for the Steelers should be sent down the road. When it comes to the Steelers, it is “All hands on deck”. I liked Colt not because he was better QB but because he did not run away from the Steelers. I have no doubt that Weedhead will cut and run when the going gets tough. I have no doubt that he will fold like tent with a little bit of pressure. He is a wannabe and should have been let go along with him pal Shumur.

  4. superdouche

    the good with 5 def starters out Cleveland had plenty of pressure on the qb skrine looked good we didn’t give up the big play def over all was good but on the field way to long
    the bad terrible separation from our wrs it made the o line look terrible and I wont lie they weren’t good tonight gave weeden little time he had no one to throw to and he put it where he had to good ball placement with no picks but he did miss a wide open man he went outside the te went in it happens but still painful at that point in the game it is terribly evident we still lack a no1 wr Gordon killed us with that turn over you cant do that as the (no1) wr at a time of desperation for your offence it was total lack of focus on the offence away from home we looked really bad weeden does not hold the blame on this one his guys let him down as his confidence was just not there from the wr corps to the o line wake up call offence in short it looked like the 2012 browns v
    ery disappointed in how we played notable was the great play from the colts special teams terrible field position for us all night no chance for kick or punt returns nail in the coffin so in short we got our asses kicked by a good team off night for the entire offence chud better work on away game preparation we looked really bad


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