If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I may not believe it, Brandon Weeden the man who had a 5.1 quarterback rating in his first NFL regular season game turned things around today to silence some of his critics. Sure it was only one game as Weeden himself would be quick to point out, nonetheless Brandon Weeden looked like a much improved quarterback. Weeden would throw the first of his 2 touchdown passes to Trent Richardson who took the pass 23 yards down the field beating the Bengals defenders to hand Brandon Weeden his first NFL touchdown in over 6 quarters of trying. The Browns were playing from behind, yet Weeden didn’t panic and throw any interceptions in the game. This was an  entirely different Brandon Weeden than the one who completely sucked in week one.

Weeden would find his second touchdown pass to Greg Little in the 4th quarter, some fans we just as shocked to see Little hang onto the football they were seeing Brandon Weeden find the end-zone twice in one game. Brandon Weeden’s numbers were much more respectable today.  He completed 26 of 37 passes for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns. Weeden had a 114.9 Q.B. rating at games end that is a 2,250% percent improvement over the 5.1 Weeden had in Week one. Weeden would finish the game with a 8.7 yard per pass average and continues to struggle finding his receiver on deep throws.

Another thing Brandon Weeden showed great improvement on today was when he was sacked twice he managed to hang onto the football, something he has had trouble with since making the transition from College into the NFL. Although Weeden is still win-less in the NFL and we all know winning is what matters, Brandon Weeden did show he could do the job today. If the Cleveland Browns offense can find a way to strike earlier in the games, maybe they wouldn’t always have to play from behind and soon they could find the ever elusive wins the team is missing.

Congratulations to Brandon Weeden for his two touchdown passes today and his vast improvement over week one from all of us over at Cleveland Sports 360…. Now get out there and win one of these games!!!! I know (Baby Steps).


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Readers Comments (10)

  1. RustyO

    Last week I seemed to be the lone voice of reason begging the Browns faithful to remain patient with Weeden and this young offense. No one knows how good he can be and many would have been happy so see him sidelined for McCoy today.

    Say what you want about the Browns management and coaching staff but they made the right decision to stick with Weeden this week and if the defense showed up today we would be sitting at 1-1.

    Richardon and Weeden were among the best in college. Their adjustment to the NFL will take time but if last week to this week is any indication of their abilities to rebound and improve, hope may be alive in Cleveland.

  2. joeyvegas

    Weeden silenced his critics, not his credits.

    • LG

      If I am correct Weeden is the only NFL Quarterback taken in the first round of this years NFL draft that remains win-less. I think there are still going to be critics…..

      • RICK

        I didnt hear Fujitas name called all day maybe they would be better to let the young linbackers play more,they looked good the first week with their speed

        • LG

          I heard it called once that was it….Fujita did have 2 solo tackles….


        You can never just be happy about anything the Browns do. When someone shows optimism about the Browns with their comments, you have something negative to say. Such a HATER!

        • LG

          What are you talking about? The Browns showed improvement, now they are 0-2 still win less when we get a win then we have reason for a celebration. No Haters here just truthful….

          • RICK

            I’m not sure what they see in Morecic He is in his 2nd year now and still can’t catch the ball they should get rid of him and bring Smelley up from practice squad at least he can catch the ball and probably block as well. Not impressed with him at all

          • LG

            Rick, I agree. The Browns have to see it too, T-Rich was able to pick up his biggest gains when he went outside. He too knows he needs some lead Blockers. I get a kick out of the fact that T-Rich is impressed with the fact that one guy in the NFL can tackle him, he found out real fast how to get things done and once he is to the outside he is hard to get….

  3. Jeremy

    I missed the game on Sunday (disney on ice!!) BUT, was happy to see that we had something new to cheer for in defeat :) Not too many teams’ fans can find the silver lining in things like this, but we are not another teams’ fans. Last week, we ALMOST won, this week we had one of our biggest offensive games in the last several years, 400+ yards! and we broke the ever elusive 20 point mark by 7.
    Glad that the coaches and FO are staying the course and watching the plan unfold.. a mentor once told me that you can’t argue with experience, and that is exactly what these young (28??) men are gaining… experience.
    Go Browns!! Now lets win a damn game!


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