There is little doubt that Brandon Weeden is performing somewhat better in the offense deigned by Norv Turner. With that being said the team and head coach Rob Chudzinski is still refusing to name Brandon Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback.

There are still some fans that don’t think Weeden is the guy. A look at the stats this preseason tells us that Jason Campbell is out performing Weeden in completions.  We understand this is preseason and it could be said that Weeden is facing the first team players while Campbell is facing the 2nd string defenses.

It goes deeper than that. If you watched Weeden perform in last Thursday nights game against the Lions, you would have seen a huge difference between Weeden’s touch and Campbell’s touch.  Weeden has plenty of arm strength there is no doubting that.

What Weeden is missing at times is the ability to calm it down when needed. When Weeden delivers the football it is like a fastball coming into the receivers.  Campbell on the other hand has the ability to throw his passes with some touch.

This is why Weeden had such a problem last season trying to throw those little touch passes into the corner of the end zone if the Browns were within the 10 yard line. He simply has no touch. He is throwing fast balls out there.

There are some that think Weeden is going to be the Browns starting quarterback without a doubt. But if you look at the numbers it clearly shows Campbell is completing more passes than Weeden is. It isn’t even close, Campbell leads Weeden by 14%.

Football is a game of numbers. The Browns coaches know that. While people are emotionally attached to Brandon Weeden for one reason or another, you can’t discount the fact that Campbell’s numbers aren’t too bad.

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Readers Comments (83)

  1. Ron

    Who is the idiot (D.D.) you are referring too?

    • LG

      A Guy named Denny Dice…..

      • Jeff

        so your saying anyone that would start weeden is a idiot?

        • Jeff

          and im guessing denny dice is someone who posts here? Please tell me you didnt ban him. If your gonna call him a idiot at least give him a chance to defend himself

          • LG

            Nope he isn’t banned

        • LG

          Yeap, that is what I said…..

  2. PatJr

    Why would you want your QB floating it in the red zone? Makes no sense when these cb’s and db’s are ready for that.

    • LG

      The corner of the end-zone when you need some touch

  3. Jimi

    This is very short-sighted. I usually love the articles you post, whether I agree with them or not. Jason Campbell is a journeyman QB. Period. If he had the talent to be a starter, he would be. There is no shortage of teams that need QBs. Campbell has been a starter on several teams and never been anything more than average. Weeden should be given the job on a 1 year trial. If he fails to impress in this offense, which is suited to his skill set, then you draft a QB in round 1 next season. Next year’s draft is loaded with QB prospects.

    • LG

      Campbell was off to a winning season in Oakland as the starter before he went down…..4-1 if I am correct…..That is pretty darn good….

  4. DawgPile

    Any stat will do for your case huh LG? Try this little stat. QB passer rating. Weeden leads the entire NFL at 139.8 after 2 games. Nuff said.

    • LG

      Leading the NFL LMFAO maybe you should check again….. Tarvaris Jackson is in the lead with a 156.2 rating…..

  5. tony

    this article is the worst ive read in a while. the fact you’re honestly saying that a stat like completion percentage with such a tiny sample of data in 2 preseason games has any relevance when choosing your starting quarterback shows your blatant lack of football knowledge. a stat that doesnt take into account (but directly correlates with) dropped passes, sacks taken, degree of difficulty, etc. campbell has a high completion percentage because he was checking down for 1 or 2 yard gains and never throwing the ball away which caused every one of his drives to stall. Also you only point out one of the few elements which campbell has the advantage which is touch passes in the short game (true), but fail to mention weedens superior accuracy (and often touch) on intermediate to long throws, quicker release, better pocket presence, overwhelming arm strength, and overall offensive success. You obviously just want campbell to be better..

    • LG

      Tony, do you watch the Browns play football? If you did than you would know that Weeden doesn’t have much touch on his throws. He guns the ball in there. Maybe with some touch like Campbell displays, the receivers wouldn’t drop the pass….

      • Jason Campbell

        Looks like Tony wasted his time with a well thought out response. Nice job with the insult and aversion, LG.

        This article is obviously a trolling attempt anyway.

      • tony

        i watch every play of browns football and admitted weeden struggles with touch passes in the short game but if you believe weeden displays no touch in the long game than i suggest rewatching the 34 yard back shoulder fade to josh gordon last week. weeden is the better quarterback

        • LG

          it was one pass Tony. Look how many he missed. It is the short touch pass you need to rely on when you are in the freaking red zone…Geez……

          • RW

            The two touchdown passes Weeden threw to Cameron in the endzone were perfect. he put the ball where only Cameron could get them. Last week you were complaining that we didnt see any of Norv Turners vertical offense. This week you are complaining about that short passes are the keys to victory. You are a joke.

          • LG

            No you are right, he did connect with the TE and they were great passes….But it is the ones he can’t gun in to the receivers that are going to be a problem for Weeden………

          • RICK

            LG, I believe that Weeden is perfect from the reb zone this year so what’s your point?

          • LG

            We will see how perfect he continues to be. He doesn’t have the touch pass need when you are near the goal line…

      • dan dyer

        like the teardrop fade pass that he laid in perfectly to Gordon? I haven’t seen Campbell show that kind of touch…but when you are throwing the ball 6 yards down the field I guess it’s hard to do.

        • LG

          Dan, lets be serious…..How many short passes has weeden thrown this preseason…..

          • Jeff

            Did you really just make that comment? because after the rams game you wrote an article saying that the browns protected weeden by giving him SHORT dink and dunk passes.

          • LG

            They did, he has been well scripted this season and what’s the difference? If that is what they have to do to make him successful than I say thank God we have some coaches who realize it…

      • superdouche

        two words Brett Favre lg the weeden hater lost your check down boy colt now you want a back up to start over a soon to be top 10 qb you do realize he had almost the exact numbers as Eli manning last year minus the poor play of the wr for the browns eli had 26 tds where weeden had 14 if you watched the games you know the receivers let weeden and the whole team down look up Eli and weedens stats they are practically identical except the td category so maybe the giants should bench eli and get Campbell huh you are a dunce

        • LG

          You have got to be kidding me, weeden is no Eli Manning….

          • superdouche

            so lg did you go compare the stats or make your usual assumption? let me help you Eli comp 321 att 536 pct 59.9 yards 3948 ypa 7.4 long 80 tds 26 int 15 sack 19 rtg 87 weeden comp 297 att 517 pct 57.4 yards 3385 yps 6.5 long 71 tds 14 int 17 sack 28 rtg 72.6 so numbers don’t like he was comparable to eli period minus the td sack count all attributed to poor wr play no sir deny the stats of a rookie qb vs a 9 year vet wake up and quiet yourself

      • John C

        You are pointing out one weakness, the soft fade to the corner of te endzone. His other abilities more than make up for that. That pass is something he can work on and develop. There is no improving arm strength. P.S. proper english in the above reply would have been “then” instead of “than”…but again it’s what we have come to expect from mid-level journalism.

        • LG

          Don’t you think that the touch pass to the corner of the end zone is an important pass to have the ability to throw?

  6. Xraybo

    I still have not figured out why your not a QB coach for some pro team. Your knowledge is way above me. I’m sure if you had Jason Cambell at one of his other stops his team would have been in multiple playoffs. Too bad you have tunnel vision.

  7. Jim

    Another Skip Bayless article… LG luv the stick & you guys fall for it ….

    • bob

      Negative Nancy is not smart enough to have a “stick” or schtick.

  8. marty

    preseason is to look at players, work on timing, disapline, and evaluate strenths and needs. Weedon has improved, but he had his chance last year. You can’t changed a leapords spots. He will be the same as last year.It is obvious it is the team around him that looks better. I will say the defense does look different and looks like teams will have problems with this defense. My God, they scare me!

  9. BJ

    One of the worst articles I’ve seen on the browns this year. I’m not even a Weeden supporter but this is one of the worst attempts to take statistics and attach weight to them in a senseless manner. Completion percentage is only one of many individual statistics that we can use to assess the situation as a whole.

    How about the 3 sacks taken by Campbell pointing to him holding onto the ball too long in the pocket?

    How about the 9.2 YPA for Weeden vs. the 6.8 YPA for Campbell?

    How about the 139.8 passer rating vs. the 110.9 passer rating for Campbell?

    How you could post this on the internet as an opinion piece is ridiculous at least do some research and back your assessment with multiple facts before trying to make an argument.

    • LG

      stats don’t lie….People use Stats all the time….

      • bob

        Stats don’t lie but liars use stats. Oh Negative Nancy you are really reaching for negative stories these days.

        • LG

          You don’t have to reach very far Bob…..

  10. Brandon

    I would like back the minute in my life I wasted reading this article. Cambell went against second stringers and threw short passes. Weeden looked pretty damn good throwing the deep ball and put it where only his receivers could catch it.

    • LG

      We new people would make the 2nd string excuse….

      • Brandon

        Your mom needs to take your crayon away and put you on a timeout. Maybe you should learn a little more about football before you blog about it.

      • Jeff

        you mean “knew” not “new” lol

  11. Spider

    LG you really are oblivious. I get that your job is to write bad columns and get us true and knowledgable Browns fans to respond, but your stories are getting worse and worse everyday. Surprised you didn’t throw Your Haslem drama into this story as you do with all your other awful, nonsensical writings or scriblings as they should be called. You suck as a journalist. And that is actually being nice

    • LG

      Well, spider. Weeden has sucked at being a QB, he is starting to show signs of improvement this preseason. Can he do it during the regular? That is yet to be seen. If he doesn’t do it in the regular season then we as Browns fans will have to live through another losing season. The guy gets paid millions to play a game. He should do his job. The stats are listed in the article. You think I make this stuff up???? Come on give me a freaking break. 86% to 72% which one is better?????

      • Journalist???

        LG, you’re all over the place with your argument; pick a reasoning and stick with it. Is it about how he looks on the field or is it just about the stats or completion percentage? It sounds like, for you, it’s not even about all the stats, only completion percentage so, here is a stat for you… Matt Ryan and Payton Manning led the NFL in completion percentage last year completing 68.6% of his passes, in your eyes ONLY 68.6%. Based on your argument, Jason Campbell is better than every quarterback that started last season and should start on any team he plays on… blasphemy! So, to even hint that Campbell should start over Weeden (and I’m not back either one here) simply because of a better completion percentage in 2 preseason games is ridiculous at best. I have to agree with Spider, but with one change… you’re not a journalist, you’re a random blogger that somehow gets attention from Yardbarker.

        • Jeff

          notice he didnt reply to this one lol…you pretty much blasted his whole article out of the water…

      • Spider

        Wow LG wrong again. Weeden officially named starter today!

        • LG

          Maybe you didn’t see the article where I congratulated him….

  12. Buckeye1717

    Weeden is the starter, just accept it and acknowledge that he has played great in the two preseason games. You’re a professional troll

  13. Clint

    Campbell is playing against BACKUPS.

    • LG

      Still doesn’t change his numbers does it? He is playing with back ups

      • RICK

        LG, You are such a Weeden hater that you can’t even give him the credit that is due. You say you want a winner and then cry when you get it.You might be losing in your campain against the Weed Man so you better step it up.

        • LG

          Don’t hate Weeden and I said he is showing signs of improvement. Just don’t think he is ready to be the guy. We will get a better look this week against the colts pass rush to see how he does.

  14. Grammar Police

    We new people would make the 2nd string excuse….

    LG…….does that stand for Lack of Grammar? We KNEW people would make the 2nd string excuse. You grammar is as bad as your football knowledge!

    • LG

      it’s called a typo

  15. Topf

    Come on guys, cut LG some slack he’s just doing what we does best and that’s Weeden bashing, he makes a living out of it.

  16. JohnnyV

    LG gets paid for this? I thought it was a hobby. That is, all indicators are that it must be.

    • LG

      Johnny V don’t listen to the hype. No one is getting rich over here….

  17. R J Robins

    Being a lifelong Browns fan I am excited with the new down field offence. I lived in Washington when Jason was there, and he does have some talent, nut I don’t think he showed the mental toughness it takes to be a successful season long staring QB. Brandon has done nothing to lose the QB job…..YET……

    • LG

      Well lets hope we can still be excited after 5 games this season.

  18. Royce C

    Brandon made a living off of touch passes to the corner of the end zone in 2011 to Justin Blackman,

    • LG

      Maybe he should be playing his football in Atlanta then….

      • Royce C

        Or Jacksonville with Blackman

        • LG

          Yeah what this guy said…..LOL that what I get for switching back and forth to all the games on Friday and Saturday….

  19. Wane

    LG, stats (with a S) means more then one. so if you are going to use stats for your arguement, then you should list all there pre-season stats. not just pick out one stat that fits your arguement and call it stats. maybe it was just another typo?

  20. muttklingon

    we all no that preseason don’t mean shit. in real season.!I hope that Rob Chudzinki dose not name the starting Q.B. UNTILL NEXT YEAR!.Y? This is Rob Chudzinki frist year as head coach of the Cleveland Browns. make Q.B.’S WORK THERE ASS’S OFF!!! THE SPOT! FOR STARTING Q.B. THE SAME GOS FOR REST OF BROWNS TEAM!!. mutt klingo!

  21. Bobby D

    Cambell a better QB?? Than Weeden?? Not this time of year at least. How many points has the offense put on the board with Weeden at the Helm? How many for Cambell, does he have a TD drive?

    Points on the board are what matters, right! Winning matters everyhting else is just an excuse. Weeden has out performed every other QB in the NFL this preseason to date. Looks like he is going to be the starter.

    Oh how the Weeden hating goes on. Last year I was a big Weeden supporter and he was terrible. This year he looks like a new man. Vastly improved, No INTs multiple touchdowns.

    Hey where is McCoy this year??? You remember the guy that you told everyone could be a starter on any team. Is he starting??

    Glad your not getting rich off this gig, I would have to shoot myself if you were getign rich off being a hater.

    • LG

      Bobby D of course he has a touchdown drive.

    • muttklingon

      yes I would !. weeden at 72%. that would fight for the Q.B. JOB HARDER !

  22. Keith

    Not another one. When will you give it up. And who is Denny Dice?. Is he the guy that wrote the piece about you on sportsblogger360 Is that why you are doing this. To get back at him for that.

    • LG

      Don’t think so….

    • Jeff

      i would like to see this article you speak of….

  23. Bd

    not hard to have a high completion percentage against mostly second and third string guys numbnuts

  24. Bobby D

    Oh man it must really hurt that Norv Turner said he is excited about the things Weeden can do.

    • LG

      Doesn’t hurt a bit Bobby D. What else would we expect Norv to say?

      • Bobby D

        Like your mom SHOULD have told you.

        If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything.

        Norv didn’t have to say anything other than we are evaluating him week to week and we will see how it goes.

  25. Kurtis

    Lg u are so funny it’s rediculous find a new job weeden out performed all other quarterbacks on the team Campbell is washed up get over urself damn

    • LG

      I say we watch and see if he can keep the job. Campbell is far from washed up. he has played well so far and the new Browns coaches wouldn’t have went out and signed him if they thought he was washed up….

    • muttklingon

      Campbell has bin in the NFL FOR 4TO 6 YEAR. THAT Y CAMPBELL HAS 89% . WEEDEN HAS BIN IN THE NFL FOR1 & 1/2 YEARS AT 72 % . NOW . now if Weeden started in the NFL. at a younger age? Campbell wouldn’t be in the pic. at all! …muttklingon

  26. Jeff

    “could be said that Weeden is facing the first team players while Campbell is facing the 2nd string defenses.”

    It goes deeper than that.

    NOT MUCH DEEPER LG. cambell wasnt going against suh and the rest of the lions D. or chris long and the rams D

  27. Jeff

    LG you do understand yo have set yourself up to look a fool right? You just basically said anyone who picks weeden to be the starter is a idiot. So if Norv Turner, who has been one of the best offensive coordinators in the last 20 years picks weeded….you are calling him a idiot. Thats crazy. not to mention IF weeden has a big year, it makes YOU look like the idiot.

    • LG

      Yes I realize that Jeff. It wouldn’t be the first time and if you followed me for a while, you’ll notice that I have said if I were wrong, I would admit to it…

      • jeff

        fair enough


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