Trent Richardson may have a funny way of celebrating a Browns victory.  According to the court documents filed in the law suit against the Browns running back, he and his entourage were at a club partying after the Browns won on Dec 6th. He then invited the people he is accused of having his girlfriend attracting to his home.  When the women were asked to leave, they slammed the door and that’s when Richardson lost it.

In the suit filed, damages to the car, medical bills and punitive damages are being asked for. There are a couple of things that are bothersome about this suit. First the Cleveland Browns spokesman Neal Gulkis refuses to comment on the suit other than saying the team is aware of it. He didn’t say Richardson will be vindicated and the team is behind him 100%. He just refused to make a comment.

The second thing I find troublesome, Richardson’s agent Jimmy Sexton was approached by the associated press for a comment and he has not responded yet. Wouldn’t you think they would come out trying to limit the damages to Trent’s reputation if these allegations were false?

If T-Rich did in fact lose his temper because these two women slammed the door when they exited his house, he has a control issue. To go off and have people injured for something so simple only places T-Rich in a bad situation. He should have known better than to put himself in a situation that would aid something like this suit in taking place.

Professional athletes are often targeted by people in suits. We have seen them for decades. People think these guys are easy targets and they can use them for a quick pay-day. If Richardson is not guilty of these allegations, he should be letting the public know.

The new ownership of the Cleveland Browns wanted his players to take part in the community. He wants his guys to become great examples to the young people who may need some guidance. If these allegations are in fact true, this isn’t the type of example the team is looking for.

Sooner or later we are going to hear what took place that night at Richardson’s home. There are multiple questions surrounding these allegations. One question that keeps coming up is, were the police called to the house?

The truth always has a way of coming out. We are left wondering by all the silence by the Browns official and Richardson’s agent if the truth is in the law suit. I guess we will all have to wait to find out.

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