Pat Shurmur held one of his famous press conferences at the NFL combine on Thursday, you know one where he really doesn’t say much but still talks a lot.  Shurmur said the Browns could talk trading up to chase Robert Griffin III and he is even going to talk to Andrew Luck. Tom Heckert wasn’t in Indy, he is back in Cleveland Ill. Lets hope the Browns do something worth while in this years draft, many think Cleveland needs a quarterback. This years we are going to see Luck and Griffin in the draft. Indianapolis may pull a rabbit out of their hat and not take Luck who knows what Jim Irsay is thinking or if he is even capable of thinking with all the Peyton Manning drama on his mind.

Shurmur went on to say the Browns could trade up draft picks, and talking to Luck surprises me a bit. Does Shurmur really think the Browns can get into a position to draft at number one? Does he think the Colts would give it up? Who knows how Pat Shurmur thinks? I think the Browns should be focused on play-makers. The Browns front office guys are in Indianapolis to see guys like Robert Griffin III and Griffin already said he isn’t going to throw at the combine. Why the heck not? It is easy, Griffin said he doesn’t trust the receivers there.

Are you kidding me, Griffin should throw the ball and if those guys drop it he would be getting a preview of playing in Cleveland. What is RGIII going to do if the Browns take him and he doesn’t have any play makers to throw to? Maybe RGIII can live through one season in the NFL without throwing the football, can you imagine that? Then the Browns can go into the 2013 draft and get him some play makers. If RGIII doesn’t trust the receivers at the combine he is going to be on for a rude awakening once he arrives in Cleveland, if he does come to Cleveland that is. I mean come on, we had a guy drop six passes in one football game last season for the Browns. The NFL should keep that stat, how many drops receivers have. If The Browns just draft a guy like Griffin and don’t add any play makers to the teams roster, we could see the Cleveland Browns ruin their 11th quarterback since coming back into the NFL in 1999…..

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