Each week, Vic Carucci, does a column on the Cleveland Browns, for the official site of the Cleveland Browns. I found it humorous this week when I read what he wrote about. Carucci is claiming, it is the quarterback that makes the receiver.

To some degree, I agree with that.  I can recall some great NFL receivers, that helped make their quarterbacks too. Guys like the great Lynn Swann come to mind.  Swan’s abilities, to go up and catch just about anything his quarterback threw his way, helped his Q.B.  The guy was an amazing athlete. He clearly helped Bradshaw, become a better quarterback than he actually was.  The Browns had some guys that could do the same through the years too. The first one that comes to mind for me is, Brian Brennan.

Brennan, who played for the Browns from 1984-1991, could catch just about any pass thrown his way. He was one of the best 3rd down receivers, the Browns ever had. He certainly helped make his quarterbacks, look good.

There was another guy that played right along side Brennan, his name was Ozzie Newsome. The Wizard of Oz, as they called him, grabbed a ton of passers while he played in Cleveland. Maybe Newsome doesn’t belong in this conversation, seeing how we are talking about receivers, the Wizard, was a tight End.

Mr. Carucci, is about to unknowingly open a can of worms in Cleveland.  He may not realize, the Weeden fans, blame all the dropped passes last season for the team lack of success. I have yet to see a quarterback, run down the field and catch his own pass. On the other hand, Carucci would be dead wrong.

Near the end of last season, or should we say maybe midway through the season, Cleveland receivers were doing a great job trying to help Weeden look good. Carucci, may have forgotten the guys Weeden had making him look good at Oklahoma State too.

If Weeden would have thrown the ball a little better at times, both he and his receivers would have looked a lot better. He was either high or low at times, the receivers did what they could to help Weeden, without getting themselves killed.

Carucci should pay attention to what he is writing about. It is a two-way street. There are times when the receiver needs to help the quarterback look good, there are times when the quarterback makes the receiver. It works both ways. If Weeden is going to improve, he is going to have to cut down on the wild passes.

Some of his deep balls were way off the mark, and his short passes have missed, wide open guys. The Browns offense has to get better period. They have to find the end-zone, once in the red-zone. It would be great to do it with regularity.  One thing Weeden has to work on is the touch pass into the corner of the end-zone.  Nobody is going to look good if Weeden can’t find that touch pass.



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  1. Bob

    Oh I get it. Colt McCoy told Greg Little to drop many of the passes he threw to him in 2011. Weeden also told the receivers to drop all of his passes and not to jump over 2ft to catch his overthrown passes. Bad Colt McCoy! Bad Brandon Weeden! Maybe it’s a conspiracy, maybe McCoy & Weeden are trying to get the Browns to trade them. It worked for McCoy. Now, Weeden is counting his days to being traded. Maybe Colt is secretly calling Weeden and telling him to be patient and that his trade day is coming up just after the Browns select another QB in the draft. Yes, I am being sarcastic. Hey Carucci! Slow sports news day?

    Good laugh LG. Maybe one day the Browns will realize that the Front Office & Coaches are the ones who are responsible for the poor product they are selling to the fans. After all, it is a business.

    • LG

      Bob, that is why I did this article. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read Caruuci’s stuff. Can you?

      • RICK

        LG, I have to agree with the two way street. It takes the right combo of QB and WR’s. Hopefully we will find it soon.

        • LG

          What are your thoughts on the Nelson signing? He is a big guy.

          • RICK

            LG, If he’s healthy it could be a steal. I didn’t see how much they were paying him. He could be an improvement over Massequi.(sorry misplelled bad im sure)LOL

          • LG

            I agree Rick, MOMass was a bust. He was hurt more often than not at the end.

  2. marty

    LG; The QB has to reasonable throw in the area of the receiver. When the QB does not hitting that area, it’s the QB ‘s fault. When the QB throws behind the receiver, and the receiver makes that catch. It is all on the receiver that catches a badly thrown ball. Lynn Swan was not human. He would make impossible catches. None of which Bradshaw made a good throw. He was among a small elite of great receivers.

    • LG

      That is why I used him as the example. But you are right Marty, the QB has to get the ball somewhere close.

  3. Compass90

    I agree, the Browns offense needs to score more points. I don’t hink that any Cleveland fans care how they do it. I think that the fans just want the Browns to win more games.

  4. derekandersonringabell

    One QB who had reciever make him look better than he was….was….Derek Anderson during his “pro bowl” season.
    That particular season Joe J., Braylon and Winslow Jr. made him look like he was a capable QB by making circus catches game in and game out….I knew at the time it was our recievers but not many agreed, the next year sans the veteran presence of Joe J. we saw how good Mr. Anderson truely was

  5. DerekAnderson?

    Joe J., Braylon, and Winslow Jr. got Mr. Anderson a contract he did not deserve by making circus catches game in and game out. So there is proof still in recent memory that his case was proven incorrect.

  6. DC

    LG, I agree with this, it is a two way street. Did Montana make Rice look good or vice versa? I say it worked both ways. Our offense, well I cannot put it all on Weeden or McCoy, Shurmur was about as dumb as a bag of rocks, and constantly made horrible calls that obviously wouldn’t work with the situation or the personnel. I believe Chud and Norv will bring a system more suitable to Weeden, but it is definitely a make or break year for him, then again you never know, Campbell just make steal the show this off season.

    • LG

      Montana and Rice, they both complemented each other very nicely.


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