Cleveland Browns fans like what they saw in Sundays win. They like the way Brian Hoyer showed he could earn the team a win and he did it with a drive which led to a game winning touchdown with just 53 seconds left in the game.

Hoyer showed the calm that Weeden lacks, he showed the pin point accuracy with his passes that Weeden lacks. He showed he could get the job done when the pressure is on which is another thing Weeden lacks.

Hoyer does merit a second start. The Browns take on a tough opponent when the face the Cincinnati Bengals at First Energy Stadium on Sunday. The Bengals have the 11th ranked defense in the NFL and they are certainly able to give the Browns a tougher time than the Vikings did.

Hoyer showed the poise of a seasoned veteran with the win last Sunday, he could help the Browns win again this Sunday if he is given the chance to play. He moves well and his legs help him to avoid some of the pressure that the Browns offensive line continues to let happen.

93.3% of the fans polled agree that Hoyer should start against the Bengals, only 5.5% of the fans voted for Weeden to get the start. We know that head coach Chudzinski could care less about a fans poll, however, starting Weeden would be a huge mistake.

Weeden has not thrown a football since hurting his right thumb. Weeden hasn’t played in a game since week 2 and he has got to be rusty. Why risk it? The Browns need to play smart football and Hoyer’s football intellect is higher than Weeden’s.

If the Browns win this game they would be tied with one of their divisional rivals and this is an important game. Chudzinski needs to play the quarterback that gives the team the best chance to win this game and right now that guy is Brian Hoyer.

Lets hope Chudzinski makes the right choice and we see Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer get the start against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday.

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