The Cleveland Browns have been bombarded with phone calls calling for the team to cut Greg Little. The Browns receiver is having problems holding onto the football once again this season. But if you take a closer look at the team, he is not the only guy that can’t hold onto the football.

Davone Bess who the team brought in through a trade in the off-season just before the NFL draft dropped a few balls in Baltimore. The Browns receivers just aren’t getting the job done so far this season. Why are they having such a difficult job holding onto the football?

There could be several reasons for the drops. The receivers could be trying to do too much. They may be thinking about what they are going to do once they catch the ball. They may be focused on how to beat the defenders and not thinking about catching the ball first.

We all know Little has had problems on and off the field this season. It is said that he dropped the last traffic violation he got Sunday night after the team got back to Cleveland, he certainly didn’t have enough sense to hold onto his drivers license.

What is wrong with this guy? Is he incompetent? Does he need to sit down with a sports physiologist and work some things out? I would say yes. Little has everything he needs to become a great NFL receiver.

He showed improvement last season holding onto the football and it is clear the drops are even getting to him. His behavior off the field could be a cry for help. He needs to talk to someone that can get him focused on catching the ball.

He needs to put everything else behind him and learn how to do his job on the field. Is it time to get rid of Greg Little, I say no. He needs to show the coaches and the fans he can get the job done and become an elite NFL receiver.

If he can’t prove he belongs this season, then once it is over, the Browns should release him. But to cut him now would be a mistake.



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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Jim V

    LG I just heard on 19 news little is gone along with Richardson, who was traded to the Colts. Hoyer will be the starting quarterback Sunday! So I guess you can say the Minnesota game will give us some idea of what we can look forward to.

    • LG

      Not True,T-Rich is out of here but Little isn’t

  2. Jim V

    this is the first time I have to disagree with you. LG! Little has been too inconsistent. With his problems off the field. I just wondered. Was he timebomb getting ready to go off?

    • LG

      Looks like a lot of time bombs are starting to go off. First T-Rich now lets get rid of Weeden

  3. Anonymous

    Little and the rest of the receivers are dropping the ball because Weeden has absolutely no touch on his passes and the coaches no it and have said so about our so called QB in a round about way, they can’t just come right out and say he sucks! and that he’s another D. Anderson…but the truth of the matter is…..HE IS!!

  4. JimV

    AMEN, I don’t think we’ll see anymore of Weedon!


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