Browns sale complete 1 billion dollarsFrom everything I see the Cleveland Browns sale has been completed. The NFL agreed to  Jimmy Haslam buying the team for more than 1 Billion dollars. Haslam is reportedly bringing former Eagles man Joe Banner with him, now the fans in Cleveland are left wondering how long will President Mike Holmgren remain the team’s top man. With Haslam bringing Banner with him, why would he need Mike Holmgren here? It is only a matter of days maybe even hours until the Cleveland Fans learn what comes next.

One thing is for certain, you don’t put a billion dollar deal together in a matter of days. Randy Learner has been working on this for a while, I don’t care what Holmgren says, he was left in the dark, either Mike Homgren lied to the media denying the teams sale weeks ago when the rumor first surfaced or he didn’t know about it. The shame is if the Browns have a good year this season, many will give the Browns new ownership the credit for turning around this franchise and not the Holmgren plan.

It is going to be an interesting time around the Cleveland Browns headquarters in Berea, Ohio the next few days. I am sure Holmgren’s fate will come to the surface shortly.

Be sure to tell us what you think is going to take place about Holmgren and the Browns, leave your comments below…..
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