If you are a Cleveland Browns fan you have to be concerned about the health of running back Trent Richardson. T-Rich has had multiple leg problems since coming to the Browns. He has missed the entire 2012 preseason and he already missed a game in the 2013 preseason.

A running back is one of the most punishing positions in the NFL. We all know that T-Rich’s lower extremities are fragile and the best way to keep him healthy is to have him avoid the blows that could inflict punishment to his body.

The best thing the Browns could do to help Richardson get through his sophomore season with the Cleveland Browns is to bring in a specialist. The Browns have been in search of a fullback for the past couple of seasons.

This season their is one available on the free agent market that would be glad to put on the Brown and orange. That specialist is none other that Fullback Lawrence Vickers. He is ready to come into Cleveland and give 120% to help the Browns win football games.

Vickers has worked with head coach Rob Chudzinski in the past and Chud knows this guy puts it all down on the field each time he plays the game.  The Browns could fill the hole they have looked to fill with once phone call to Vickers and he would be here in Cleveland within the blink of an eye.

Vickers did an interview last night and you can see it by clicking the link below. He said as long as he is on the field no one is going to get to his running back or his quarterback. Vickers is an experienced NFL veteran that can help to open holes for T-Rich and he is experienced in picking up the blitz.

Vickers won’t let people get to Weeden either. He played last season in Dallas and he produced great protection for Romo. Weeden is not very mobile and he is going to take some hits from the blind side this season.

Weeden already has had shoulder problems and one hit could end his career. Bringing in a specialist like Lawrence Vickers could help extend the careers of both Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden.

You as a fan can help make this happen. Get a hold of the Cleveland Browns and tell them to bring back Vickers. Pick up the phone and call the Browns in Berea and tell them to bring back Vickers. The number to dial is (440) 891-5000 call ask to speak to Michael Lombardi if you don’t get through leave a message. Then call back and leave a message for head coach Rob Chudzinski.

Vickers wants to play in Cleveland and he will help the Browns win…… Hear it from him first hand watch the video below….


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Readers Comments (12)

  1. muttklingon

    Lawrence vicker was let go for drugs !! that y?

    • LG

      You have no Idea what you’re talking about He never was let go for anything….

      • Anonymous

        Vickers had off the field issues that led to him not being resigned. But i would love to have him back.

        • LG

          Where do you come up with Vickers having off the field problems if I may ask? I never heard anyone say one bad thing about him….

        • 1stAnubiis

          Vickers was let go because the Browns at that time thought he would be to limited to play in the offense they wanted to run. No one that I have read said Vickers failed a drug test. I think he would be a benefit to the offense. Oh and LG T-Rich is not fragile. If you remember (oh that’s right you don’t) he had a precautionary scope done on the leg. And was held out of the preseason as a precaution. He took a helmet shot to the ribs and that resulted in the broken ribs and he still started and played. It was not until he had the sprained ankle (defender rolling on it) that he was held out of the finale game as it was over for the Browns season at that point. Bottom line T-Rich is fine so don’t start getting negative Nancy on us about him like you were on Weeden. By the way Weeden was named the starter huh? I remember how you stated that Campbell would be the starter, huh? Well let’s all hope your opinion on T-Rich is as backward as your assertions about Weeden. So what do we have LG? Sheard ballin’ like a starter in the 3-4 defense, Weeden just ballin’, T-Rich running like a runaway bowling ball. Despite losing 2 OG for about a month the OL still pass protects great (notice Weeden’s uniform was sooo clean), Obi looking like he may be the FB (still think we should sign Vickers), DL stout, secondary improving so overall things are looking up like so many of us thought it would. Let’s all hope (together) that this carries over to the regular season.

          • LG

            Lets see how the team does Saturday against a team that found a way to blitz before we hand out A’s to everyone. The first 2 preseason games weren’t against very good teams.

  2. Roady

    LG – Browns announce Weeden wins the starter job – I’m just going to say I told you so. Several months ago when the Browns signed Campbell you wrote that Campbell would win the starting job this fall and I disagreed with you in the ‘comments’ section. You disagreed back and said that it would be Campbell.
    So, here it is: I told you so.

    • LG

      LOL lets hope he holds onto it for more than 2 quarters once the season starts

      • Roady

        If he doesn’t get hung-up under the flag before the first game he’ll have a good season. You heard it here first.

        • LG

          LMAO, you think they will let flags in this time around?

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … hope all is well. nothing to do with this article, but weeden has played very well this pre-season & has been deservedly named the starter.

    yes , he has to do it when it counts … but , i stll chalk-up last year to being his rookie season , regardless of his age.

    the bottle of absolut is on me … enjoy !!

    • LG

      TB2, bad news for you. remember the lady who used to post all kinds of stuff and argue with you? She went home to be with the Lord…..BTW why is the Bottle of Absolut on you?


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