Brandon Weeden Vs Ravens The Cleveland Browns have to face the Baltimore Ravens Thursday Night and Brandon Weeden has yet to face a highly motivated Ray Lewis yet..The title of this article says it all, Weeden should wear some depends under his uniform for the Thursday night game, there is a good chance he is going o mess his pants when he sees the highly motivated 17 year pro coming through his offensive line to get him. Lewis is an inspiration to his Ravens team and he is going to make some plays when the Browns face the Ravens. WHo ever makes the schedule in the NFL should have their heads examined, putting the Cleveland Browns who have yet to win a game behind their 28-year-old rookie starting quarterback up against the Ravens on only three days rest. What were they thinking?

Brandon Weeden has not seen a guy like Lewis yet, once he does it will be something he will remember for the rest of his life. Lewis seems to get better every year. The Ravens are coming off a highly emotional game over the Patriots and there is a good chance those same emotions carry into the Browns- Ravens match up. Ray Lewis may only have on sack on the year so far, he still is going to be a force for the Cleveland Browns and rookie  Brandon Weeden to deal with. The Browns head coach will have no idea how to stop this mad man they call Ray Lewis.

Weeden will be pressured throughout the game and he will be forced to do things he isn’t ready for.Weeden makes mistakes when he feels the pressure and unless the Ravens are out of gas from the game they played Sunday night, they will be bringing plenty of that pressure to Brandon Weeden. The Browns are yet to win a game behind Weeden who is the only quarterback drafted this year who hasn’t had a win yet.

I just don’t think this is a game Weeden will get his first NFL win in. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. This game may take two years off of Weeden’s life span…..

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. muttklingon

    well weeden rember ? that Ray Lewis is just a player. ? same ae u.!

  2. Brian

    Hey instead of getting on weeden , why don’t you see if Joey T could block someone this year, That 17year pro will make him look silly even with all of his pro bowl bs.

  3. Brian

    Not a good year for him to take off !!!!!! for god sakes

    • ABrown

      Brian, when linemen like Thomas and Mack are getting called for holding in almost every game, you can bet they have instructions from the coaches: Take a holding call if you have to, but no matter what, don’t let Weeden feel any pressure.

      The pass protection this year has been sooooo much better than last year, but Weeden freezes under pressure or trips over his own feet or keeps backing up right into the rushers routed around him, instead of stepping up in the pocket like he’s supposed to, or throws bad passes.

      It’s going to be a hard game for Weeden.


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