Just what the Cleveland Browns needed, another problem with one of their players in the legal system. Ausar Walcott was arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly punching a man outside a club in Northern New Jersey.

If the Cleveland Browns front office was smart they would release this guy right now. The team has enough legal problems and doesn’t need any further distractions with camp starting in a few weeks.

Reports say that, Walcott punched Derrick Jones in the head just after The Palace Gentlemen’s Club closed early Sunday morning. The guy is in critical condition. Walcott, 23, is held on $500,000 bail. The Cleveland Browns came out with their usual statement saying that the team is aware of the situation.

The team needs to stand up and make a statement. They need to release this guy to show the other players that is a privilege to play in the NFL and the team isn’t going to put up with this type of behavior from their players.


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  1. lglegl

    That’s right LG stone the bum, let him know that this is America where you are guilty until proven innocent. We don’t need no stinkin courts. If he was arrested he’s guilty. Let’s get a rope and hang him before those rotten attorneys can get involved and start clouding things up with facts.

    • LG

      These NFL guys are a bunch of punks. They should be setting good examples for the kids that make them their heroes like we did when we were kids. If they can’t conduct themselves the way they should to rep the team and the city get rid of these punks…..

  2. 1stAnubiis


    Until more is known about the situation releasing him is a bit premature. There are usually two sides to a bar fight. If the young man was defending himself, by your statement he should still be cut. Until you can provide more facts your request IMO is denied.

    • 1stAnubiis

      Well, its academic now I just went to the Browns home page and they have announced the release of Ausar. Hopefully they did so with more than the fact he was arrested. Bottom line he is no longer in the Browns plans.

    • LG

      Don’t look that premature now does it?

  3. MPH

    I just don’t understand how these guys don’t get it. U have the opportunity to play a kids game and make a kings ransom. To go to work and your job is something that most young men dream of at some point in their child hood. These guys go to college…really. Think they need a common sense coarse first day there. Hernandez ordeal is just crazy, didn’t he just get 40 mill and is probably a top ten TE talent. How DUMB can u be…..but at least u kept your street swag. Walcott punches a guy which he prob didn’t intend to hurt him that bad initially but think before u act!!! Seriously you are a target to get sued for everything you do or say once you have made it. This isn’t rocket science u will have haters and people will be waiting to knock you down!!!!! What’s wrong with them LG?


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