Browns receiver Josh Gordon has made the fantasy football sleepers list. Even though Gordon will miss the first 2 games of the regular season, he comes in at no. 6 on the list. Not only do they given Gordon plenty of respect for his receiving talent, they kind of slam Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden by saying, It's just a shame that he doesn't have a better quarterback throwing to him.

Browns fans are excited about this upcoming season. They all think Weeden is the next best thing to sliced bread. For some reason the people who comprised this lest don't see it that way.  Weeden has been reported to be practicing very well this year.

He has to complete passes all over the practice field. The thing is there is no one putting any pressure on him. Once the season starts all that can change in a hurry. The Browns new coaching staff is going to have to see how Weeden can respond to the pressure once preseason starts.

The new head coach of the Browns has yet to name his starting quarterback for the 2013 season despite the fact that Weeden has taken most of the snaps in mini camps with the first team. It doesn't mean anything to the coaching staff until they see how Weeden performs under pressure.

This has been Weeden's problem throughout his college and professional career, he has yet to prove he won't fold under pressure. Perhaps the people who wrote this Fantasy Football Sleepers report know that.

Maybe with a better quarterback, they would have rated Gordon higher than the 6th spot.

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