Josh Gordon 646 yards 6 touchdownsWhen the Cleveland Browns traded away a draft pick to take Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft some people thought they gave up too much. Now that those fans have seen the way Gordon performs on the football field, they are thrilled Cleveland gave away their second round pick in the 2012 draft. Gordon is one big reason why Browns rookie quarterback Weeden has done so well. Josh Gordon gives Weeden a moving target that makes great catches and has the ability to adjust his routes to accommodate most of Weeden’s throws if they are catch-able.

Some were worried with the time off Gordon took from football that it would take him to long to get ready to play in the NFL, I think we can put those unfounded worries to bed too. Gordon is the real deal and he is one guy that gives the Cleveland Browns the deep threat they have been in search of for more than a decade. Gordon is just coming into his own and he continues to improve for the Browns.  This kid is going to be something that gives the Browns opponents something to worry about, in the past other teams knew the Browns lacked the deep threat that could punish a team secondary. Those days are over people and it thanks to one Josh Gordon.

At 6’3″ and 225 lbs Gordon is a sizable guy that can deal with the bumps of just about any D.B. in the National Football League. Gordon has 34 receptions in the 12 games he has played in for 646 yards and 5 touchdowns…..

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  1. Leon II

    I really wanted Gordon in the supplemental draft as it gave us a shot to land a potentially elite WR and have that extra time to develop him (which in his case I thought would be needed). However, I was a little concerned that we had reached to far for him with a 2nd round pick. Those are usually used on players who can reasonably be expected to have an impact in their first year. Despite having the size, athleticism and instincts that can’t be taught, I was concerned that given his time off and his limited college experience on the field prior (only 1 full season at Baylor) that he was a two to three year project (which would make a 3rd round pick more appropriate). I have to say that I have never been happier to be wrong about a draft choice and he looks to be one of the crowning gems of Heckert’s tenure as GM. Not only has he developed much faster then anyone should have expected, and here I’m talking about regaining his stamina and developing those things that can be taught usually take time like route running, but he is also elevating the play of those around him. We now have a legitimate feature WR in Gordon and a legitimate feature/possession WR in Little (who would have ever thought of associating Little with the word possession). If Benjamin develops into that legitimate speed WR (he has the speed just needs better hands and routes) and we can develop that smaller, fearless true possession WR (maybe Cooper) then our WR core will be solid for years to come. For the first time in a long time I’m not making an agonizing scream to get a WR in free agency or early in the draft. Sometimes it is good to be wrong.

  2. tigersbrowns2

    good article … gordon is one hell of an athlete … i think this is something we can all agree on.

    hi LEON … good post … and you didn’t even mention massaquoi who finally made a big play sunday … and the te’s watson , cameron & a.smith have played well also.

    give credit to holmgren & heckert for purging this roster of it’s age & slowness … the youthful talent is starting to put it together.

    maybe, just maybe , we took one step backward by playing all the kids so we could take 2 giant leaps forward.

    • Leon II

      Hey tigersbrown2 your are right I should have mentioned Cameron as well. I didn’t bring up Massaquoi and Watson as they really don’t represent the youth movement we have made in the last two years that is coming together. I also have a feeling at least one of them, if not both, are part of the long term plans of the team. Both are in their contract year and I will be surprised if both remain with the team at the end of the season. I could be wrong but they are definitely going to have to come at the right price to return with how others are developing.

      • Leon II

        Oops – meant to say “are NOT part of the long term plans”. Smith is in the same place (free agent 2013) but I think he is a bit safer for now as I believe there are only 3 late round fullbacks in the draft. He might be less safe if Smelley is seen as viable but he is still sitting on the practice squad.

      • LG

        Next up Gregg Little’s improvements

    • ABrown

      TigersBrowns2 I know Shurmur keeps telling us we are handicapped by playing more talented players.

      It’s never a handicap to play bigger, faster, stronger, and more talented players, even if they are rookies.

      Think what a step back Green was to the Bengals last year or Jones was to Atlanta. This year Luck and Griffin would be short on weapons without other rookies at TE, WR, and RB, and the Giants would have been really short handed without their rookie out of LSU who didn’t come in with much WR polish.

      That’s especially true with someone with hands as good as Gordon’s. And I think Little would be much further along if a receivers coach or offensive coordinator had been inclined to work more with him from the start.

      I made a mistake, too, Leon, underestimating Gordon and what kind of citizen he’d be. I’m glad I was wrong.

      I don’t know how many other times the Browns have used the supplemental draft, but it certainly worked with Gordan and Kosar.

      • Leon II

        You got me curious ABrown so I looked it up. The Browns have only dipped twice into the supplemental draft (for Kosar and Gordon). The two teams to dip into it the most are the Cowboys and Chargers with 5 picks each.

  3. muttklingon

    one day josh Gordon will make bad play . you and world will burn him at stake!!. GREAT JOB JOSH GORDON!

    • LG

      Why would you say that Muttklingon? No one is perfect and he has done great since coming to Cleveland….

  4. RB

    Good article LG. I believe, as others have said, that the receivers are starting to find their own way.

    The only thing I would like to see them do is get better at changing to defensive back on the underthrown balls (break up the pass).

    I can’t tell, but I’m also guessing that we need a little more work in what to do when they’ve completed their pass routes, but all in all the growth has been considerable from the beginning of the season.

    LG, latest mock draft I saw shows Browns taking Manti Te’o. I’m a ND fan, but I wouldn’t be happy with that pick. What are your thoughts?

    • LG

      Hey I think it is far to early to rely on Mock Drafts. He is the nations top linebacker they say and the Browns are thin at Linebacker. I really like this Robertson guy we have and I think he is going to develop into a beast given the right opportunity. My personal opinion is Manti Te’o. will go quickly and the Browns really should go for the very best comer-back in the draft. OUr D-line is getting better and if they can stay healthy it will make it a bit easier on our line-backers. But the secondary will be the weak point of the defense,we all seen what happens when one guy is out.So he happens to be the best in the secondary we should get him some help….

  5. longhaul

    very good article lg. i agree he is the best wr we have and a deep threat. now if we can get a qb that can throw it to him we will have it made.

  6. Marty

    I didn,t follow Josh Gordon in the past,but he is going in the right direction to be an impact player. He is a fast learner ,and shows a steady improvement with each game. He does have the speed and his moves are in the right direction.The one thing to rightfully better to judge a receiver, is to watch the player from the stadium rather from a tv. You can see how a receiver runs his routes.

    • RICK

      Nice article LG This might turn out be a very good draft pick. The picks that we got this year have really contributed. This is young team that is starting to form that nucleus that you need to make a good team. With some smart decision making in the off season this team could form into a really good team.Time will tell,the jury is still out.

  7. isitnextyear

    Are you having a change of heart? Where are the Shurmer bashing articles? I think you may be actually liking this team, Oh wait, your boy big Ben is out and your stillers are not going to make the playoffs. Gordon is a good player, better than most. He is no Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, but he is a big improvement over the guys we put out their wearing receiver numbers. Can someone please explain to me why the tight ends (watson and cameron) are not targeted more? If you tell me they are being held in for protection, then why not roll the pocket? This drives me insane on Sundays.

    • LG

      You must have missed Weeden on the Local news. I kid you not, he just realized the Browns had tight ends and he found out you are allowed to throw the ball to them too. He didn’t have them in O.S.U. so now he is learning about tight ends and I am not kidding you he said that on the news…..


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