The fans were shocked, the coaches were shocked, and Jason Campbell was shocked by how bad the Browns performed after coming off the bye week and traveling to Cincinnati to play the Bengals.

No one thought this Cleveland Browns team would play as poorly as they played against the Bengals and no one took the loss harder than Browns quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell said it was just one of those weird games, it happens every once in a while in the NFL.

He went on to say; “I was hard on myself Sunday night and Monday, I really was hurt by the outcome of the game because it was a game I felt like we had a chance to win and put ourselves in a really good position (in the AFC North). The fact that it didn’t happen, what can you do about it now but learn from it and move on.”

It’s nice to know Campbell took this loss seriously and he knows the Browns offense and his performance left little to be desired. Now with the Steelers game Sunday, you have to wonder which Cleveland Browns offense is going to show up.

The Browns hardly tested the Bengals corners last week by stretching the field. Why not? Why not go after the long ball and make the other teams defense stop the down field attack?

The Browns and Campbell have to do a better job against the Steelers this Sunday. Norv and Chud have to put it all on the line. Campbell knows what he has to do this Sunday, now he needs to show he can do it…..

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. James

    He needs to throw it further than 3 yards in the air…

  2. William Wittenauer

    Agree James! It appeared as though their (the Bengal’s) pass defense was brilliantly designed (tight man on man coverage) to force short passes/gains. In one 3rd and short instance a lane for the 1st down was open! Campbell either didn’t see it nor move fast enough to run it. We punted!


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