On Monday night I was cruising around on Twitter and a tweet from Browns quarterback Branden Weeden just happened to catch my eye. I was humored by the Tweet Mr. Weeden had tweeted and felt compelled to leave him a reply. Lets start looking at the tweet that caught my eye shall we;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

Just got done getting a much needed massage. Now it’s time to get a little shut eye! Another opportunity to get better tomorrow! #GoBrowns

When I saw this I thought, hmmmaybe I could offer Weeden some advice, so I did I sent him this tweet in reply to his tweet;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 from what you have shown so far you better take all these opportunities you can get 3 for 9 33% pretty much sucks

Now mind you, I didn’t say Weeden sucks, I said the stats pretty much sucked. I don’t know how they did it out in Oklahoma, but in Cleveland we would like to see our starting quarterbacks have a better night than going 3 for 9.  Needless to say Weeden sent me this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 2 screens one I had to bury, the other was tipped, threw a ball away w/ pressure. I threw NINE passes… NINE #juniorvarsity

When I saw this I thought, hey maybe he doesn’t understand I was just trying to give him some friendly advice. After all it doesn’t take long at all for the Dawg pound to turn on one of their own players. Especially a guy who was supposed to come into Cleveland and be the Messiah of quarterbacks. At this time I would like to ask our readers to recall what happened to Derek Anderson when he was a Cleveland Brown. The fans actually booed when he went down to injury. Ya see I have been a Browns fan for a long time, long before Weeden ever was born, I know the Cleveland Fans and I know what can happen. With this being said I replied to Weeden with this tweet;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 Brandon fans in Cleveland will rip you apart if you play like this they are the ones calling me you have got to get better fast

I kind of spelled it right out for the guy. He has never played in Browns stadium yet, he has no idea how things can be there, I have been at many Browns games and I saw first hand how the fans can react. I thought I was giving Mr. Weeden some good advice. For some strange reason I don’t think Weeden cared for some friendly advice and he sent me this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 You crack me up bro. Honestly can’t believe I wasted 3 tweets on ya… #smhwhileLOL

Really, where is the negativity in those tweets I sent him? I was telling the guy things that he needs to know about playing for the Cleveland Browns, others may not go out of their way to help people, I thought hey why not, give the guy some advice and this way he would know what to expect. He on the other hand may have not read it correctly, after his last reply I could tell this conversation wasn’t going well. I thought it may be time to end it so I sent him this message wishing him well;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360@bweeden3 Glad you enjoyed the laugh Bro best of Luck to ya in Green Bay Really I mean it too….

Now here I am sitting around tweeting well wishes to the Cleveland Browns new starting quarterback and he send me back this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 Best of luck to you… You’re getting the much needed BLOCK. Don’t have time for people like you. #alwaysnegative

Hey I just wished the guy the best of luck and he gets pissed, what is that all about. This is the new Browns Quarterback who is 28 years old. I would think by this time in his life he could take a little constructive criticism,  after all the guy comes from a failed Yankees baseball career. You would thin he has faced tough fans before. So I sent him back one more tweet, it went like this;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 I wouldn’t say Negative BW I would say truthful stats don’t lie

Hey all I can say is Colt McCoy never responded to me in a negative tone. I sure hope Mr. Weeden has a better game tonight, 3 for 9 with 1 fumble and 1 interception doesn’t really suit his game. Go Browns You can’t buy the knowledge I was passing on to the new guy….

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. @Browns_Fan32

    Well isn’t that Hilarious. I thought Brandon Weeden was Mature Minded. This proves not only that he doesn’t take criticism well (not to say you were being negative) but how is he going to handle the Browns Multi Media spectrum.
    The City of Cleveland is going to eat this kid (not going to call him an adult after that) alive if he doesn’t pull his ginger head out of his ass.
    All I can say is McCoy has never responded to such things in this nature, and he is supposedly not the mature QB that we need.
    Hmmmmmm maybe thats why Weeden was a Yankee, his nose in the air belongs there.
    I am shocked!!!!

    • Francisco

      Are you kidding me? I would of said worse than that if some jerk off sitting behind a desk who thinks just because he has been a Browns fan all his life that he is some kind of expert scout was actually critiquing me and offering me advise after pretty much telling me that I suck because I went 3 for 9 in a meaningless preseason game, not to mention that you sounded like a childish, unprofessional, avid Colt McCoy supporting bitter fan… I would of told you to go F*&$ yourself! But that’s just me! But he did the right and responded on the field by performing a whole lot better than he did last week. As long as he keeps improving week after week throughout the preseason and hits the ground running for the regular season. I think he will be alright

  2. DawgPile

    You know what LG? I have not always been the most postive poster but HERE WE GO BROWNIES HERE WE GO!!!

  3. ricktenny

    Coming from a generation a little older, I think you and Branden could both learn from an old question.
    “God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth. Wonder which one we should use the least?”

  4. LB

    Dude you better not ever jump on Brandon bandwagon. last year in Cincinnati they were running Andy Dalton out of town in the preseason

  5. RICK

    LG likes the negative approach to everything and cant admit that Weeden is the better quarterback so he hates him and it wont matter what he does. They won big so instead of positive he thows this crap in to get some attention. Yes it did take more than positive thinking like your stupid article stated. GO BROWNS

    • LG

      Hey Rick, how do you know this Twitter event didn’t inspire Weeden to play better?

    • LG

      Besides that Rick, this was posted well before last nights game started….

      • RICK

        Hey LG wheres your new positive article today? OH thats right you dont print the positive I forgot. By the way check out BW on espn sports science and learn something. The Browns are moving in the right direction and the great (REAL FANS) in Cleveland is going to love it this year. Sorry they dont meet your expectations. GO BROWNS

        • LG

          Just publish some, hey I gave Weeden credit for playing better last night in the other article have a look at it….Rick, I am just sick of losing in Cleveland and want a winner. I am not negative at all. Just tired of crappy teams. Browns,Indians and the Cavaliers have been losing so long people get so desperate to have a winner they jump on anything to support a change. Sometimes change isn’t really that good…Weeden has yet to throw a T.D. in the NFL but you know what it is coming I’m sure….And when he does he will be excited… The Browns had better keep Colt McCoy as the back up too. If weeden gets hurt they are going to need a guy that can scramble with the O Line we have….You can’t possibly tell me I am wrong about that…

          • RICK

            Colt would make a great backup. I think we should let WAllace go and keep Lewis personally. Wallace looked unhappy about getting taking out of the game the last 2 minutes I dont think he is the team player we need.

          • LG

            At last Rick something you and I totally agree on. Wallace is no where near a team Player. He wouldn’t lift a finger to help Colt last year. He makes 2.5 million and he was no where around Weeden last week on the side lines. It was McCoy who was trying to help Weeden look at pictures with the coaches on the side line…It is time to let Wallace go that is for sure…Just think maybe just maybe the Browns could have had a couple of more wins last season if Wallace lifted a finger to help Colt.

          • RICK

            Totally agree with you on this one for once he did nothing last year when he got his chance. Thats too much money wasted on a backup that cant get the job done.

  6. Joe C

    What are the requirements to write for this site? That you graduate 5th grade?

    • LG

      No Joe, you have to at least get out of Middle school….

  7. Ron

    Seems like some of you Browns fans? wouldn’t know a good QB if you saw one.

  8. Randazzle


    Your tweets to Brandon sucked. I am not saying you suck but your tweets do. Try to keep in mind that your reciting back a Preseason Stats! If going 3 for 9 means he needs to get better fast and he is just another D.A… What would it have meant to you if he had went 9 for 9, the next Bernie Kosar? It is preseason stats don’t mean anything. I feel that the only thing the Dawg Pound will turn on is reading others post from Cleveland 360. I am not a support or hater of any one quarterback on this team. I love the Browns and I want them to win. The past is the past do not project the hurt of past disappointments onto this years Browns and their players.

    I’am trying to give you advice.

    • LG

      It is good advice well taken. I am a big boy. I listen to all. I was trying to give advice too….

      • RICK

        Advice is not the same as being sarcastic. Plus I dont think he needs your advice (sarcasim)to be a better quarteback he will do fine this year

  9. DK Wilson

    After 2 preseason performances where Brandon Weedon threw two passes into the chests of DBs in his first NFL start and then com[pounded those mistakes by repeating that performance in preseason game two, you might think Cleveland Browns fans would question their management for drafting this guy in the first round.

    But no, not the vast majority of Browns fans. They pander to the whims of management as if they’re columnists who are afraid to be critical of Mike Holmgren and crew because they might lose their perceived, precious access to the team.

    No one seems to remember that Brandon Weedon was all the rave during Senior Bowl practices. Scouts touted him as a first round sleeper in the upcoming NFL Draft. But then game time came. Weeden went 5-9 for 56 yds. and two picks and by all accounts struggled mightily with having to take snaps from under center and then make the correct throw – or even make the throws he did make on balance. According to most scouts, based on his inability to play in a pro-style offense and take snaps as does every NFL QB, his draft stock slipped to the 4th or 5th round… but not in Cleveland’s eyes!

    So far, in two preseason games Weedon, besides tossing those four passes directly into the chests of DBs, has looked skittish when he sniffs a pass rush. He only reads half the field and then fails to look anywhere else within that half-field parameter if his first receiver option is covered.

    Granted, Weedon is being asked to run the famed West Coast offense. However, the man who brought that offense to its present state, Bill Walsh, said repeatedly that it takes a QB three years to learn the scheme. That makes Brandon Weedon 31 by the time he fully grasps the offense. But if that’s the case, why is Cleveland not going with Colt McCoy? While Weedon stunk up the two stadium in which he played, McCoy has played brilliantly. Weedon wasn’t a roll-out passer in college (but McCoy was) – a must for the West Coast QB – and can’t be confused for one in the NFL. With these facts, it’s no coincidence that McCoy is in his third year in the West Coast system and looks decidedly comfortable, while Weedon looks lost.

    The primary excuse Browns fans have given to back this ridiculous move by Holmgren, Shurmur and co. is that McCoy hasn’t the arm strength to play in the NFL. Neither did Joe Montana. Nor did Steve Young. But their arms were just fine in the West Coast offense. And so is McCoy’s

    You see, when you play on a fractured team without a competent running back (which McCoy was lacking last season) or competent wideouts and tight ends (which McCoy was also lacking last season), plus a leaky offensive line, you’re going to look like a really bad QB, no matter the level pf play.

    But when you’re handed a job for which you’re not ready and won’t be until you’re in your early 30s, you don’t deserve to be handed the keys to an NFL franchise.

    Unless the goal of the franchise’s coach, GM and president is to buy enough time to save their butts. Then what you do is jettison the QB who is ready to play in the offense you use for a rookie who, after being drafted by the best team in MLB history, was traded to the 2nd-best team in MLB history, but lost his confidence and with it his fastball from 97 mph to 92), and instead of working further on his pitches and command, quit baseball; same guy who then went back to football and played in the simplest version of the spread offense of any major NCAA team; same guy who, when interviewed (Yahoo Sports) about leaving baseball claimed he knew it was time to quit when he threw a 92 mph fastball on the inside paint, the guy hit the, in on his fists pitch, broke his bat, but hit a 400-ft. HR, which just happens to be a lie, as no player in the history of baseball – not Canseco, MgGwire, or Sosa on their best ‘roid day – has had his bat snap near its handle and his a 400-ft. HR (the statement goes directly against the bounds of physics).

    I’d say the tweet was warranted and that Mr. Maturity is more than thin-skinned. He’s actually afraid he’ll be outed for the quitter he is, and be outed for not having the maturity or the confidence he pretends to possess.

    The clue for all you Browns fans should have been in Weedon’s postgame statements after preseason game one. He never once said that he needed to get better NOW, because the regular season is a month away. He never said he was kicking himself in the butt for throwing two balls into the chests of DBs (the first of which, if caught, was a sure TD).

    But if game one’s presser didn’t do it for you, how about game two? Weedon said he needed to “get the ball out quicker.” But in his very next statement Brandon Weedon gave all of you a glimpse as to who he really is: “That’s something you get a feel with as the game goes on. That’s the tough part of only playing 15 snaps because you’re not really getting into the flow of the game. As a quarterback, you like to get into the flow and the rhythm of the game and get going. It’s tough in 15 plays…” As if the coaching staff didn’t have Weedon make simple throws and simple decision with where to throw the ball because “they” don’t know how to get him in the flow of the game… sure Brandon.

    As usual with Brandon Weedon, in the end, it’s always someone else.

    You might get on Colt McCoy because he actually said he was disappointed because he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to compete for the first-string QB job. But you won’t ever hear him blame anyone else, particularly anyone within the Brown’s organization. And if you don’t believe me, read his statements after the Browns coaching, medical, and management staffs were so callous that they threw an obviously dazed McCoy back onto the field after James Harrison’s malicious and vicious helmet-to-helmet hit. He could easily have thrown them all under the bus. Instead. he told his father, who rightfully chastised the Browns, to shut up.

    That’s the man you want as your starting quarterback.

  10. Aaron

    LG, It sounded like you are talking down to Weeden. Unless you have played QB for an NFL team or coached, or done more than sit behind a desk in a radio booth and spout nonsense, you have no insight into his play. I understand where he is coming from. No NFL QB wants or needs a Monday morning QB telling him what he needs to do and not do. Stick to reporting on the game. If you want to be a QB coach, fill out an app. Until then, zip it.


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