On Monday night I was cruising around on Twitter and a tweet from Browns quarterback Branden Weeden just happened to catch my eye. I was humored by the Tweet Mr. Weeden had tweeted and felt compelled to leave him a reply. Lets start looking at the tweet that caught my eye shall we;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

Just got done getting a much needed massage. Now it's time to get a little shut eye! Another opportunity to get better tomorrow! #GoBrowns

When I saw this I thought, hmmmaybe I could offer Weeden some advice, so I did I sent him this tweet in reply to his tweet;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 from what you have shown so far you better take all these opportunities you can get 3 for 9 33% pretty much sucks

Now mind you, I didn't say Weeden sucks, I said the stats pretty much sucked. I don't know how they did it out in Oklahoma, but in Cleveland we would like to see our starting quarterbacks have a better night than going 3 for 9.  Needless to say Weeden sent me this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 2 screens one I had to bury, the other was tipped, threw a ball away w/ pressure. I threw NINE passes... NINE #juniorvarsity

When I saw this I thought, hey maybe he doesn't understand I was just trying to give him some friendly advice. After all it doesn't take long at all for the Dawg pound to turn on one of their own players. Especially a guy who was supposed to come into Cleveland and be the Messiah of quarterbacks. At this time I would like to ask our readers to recall what happened to Derek Anderson when he was a Cleveland Brown. The fans actually booed when he went down to injury. Ya see I have been a Browns fan for a long time, long before Weeden ever was born, I know the Cleveland Fans and I know what can happen. With this being said I replied to Weeden with this tweet;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 Brandon fans in Cleveland will rip you apart if you play like this they are the ones calling me you have got to get better fast

I kind of spelled it right out for the guy. He has never played in Browns stadium yet, he has no idea how things can be there, I have been at many Browns games and I saw first hand how the fans can react. I thought I was giving Mr. Weeden some good advice. For some strange reason I don't think Weeden cared for some friendly advice and he sent me this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 You crack me up bro. Honestly can't believe I wasted 3 tweets on ya... #smhwhileLOL

Really, where is the negativity in those tweets I sent him? I was telling the guy things that he needs to know about playing for the Cleveland Browns, others may not go out of their way to help people, I thought hey why not, give the guy some advice and this way he would know what to expect. He on the other hand may have not read it correctly, after his last reply I could tell this conversation wasn't going well. I thought it may be time to end it so I sent him this message wishing him well;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360@bweeden3 Glad you enjoyed the laugh Bro best of Luck to ya in Green Bay Really I mean it too....

Now here I am sitting around tweeting well wishes to the Cleveland Browns new starting quarterback and he send me back this reply;

Brandon Weeden@bweeden3

@clevsports360 Best of luck to you... You're getting the much needed BLOCK. Don't have time for people like you. #alwaysnegative

Hey I just wished the guy the best of luck and he gets pissed, what is that all about. This is the new Browns Quarterback who is 28 years old. I would think by this time in his life he could take a little constructive criticism,  after all the guy comes from a failed Yankees baseball career. You would thin he has faced tough fans before. So I sent him back one more tweet, it went like this;

Cleveland Sports 360@clevsports360

@bweeden3 I wouldn't say Negative BW I would say truthful stats don't lie

Hey all I can say is Colt McCoy never responded to me in a negative tone. I sure hope Mr. Weeden has a better game tonight, 3 for 9 with 1 fumble and 1 interception doesn't really suit his game. Go Browns You can't buy the knowledge I was passing on to the new guy....

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