Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer went down in the game against Buffalo after scrambling for 11 yards and a first down. He took a hit from Bills line-backer Kiko Alonso that is very questionable. If the NFL reviews this play, Mr.¬†Kiko Alonso should expect a fine for a helmet to helmet hit. Hoyer’s injury is to his knee, but it is clear that the Bills line-backer lead with his helmet and the NFL isn’t going to like that.

Hoyer could have a torn ligament in his right knee according to what Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski reported to the NFL network at halftime. The fans hope that isn’t the case. You could see the difference in the Browns offense when Weeden came into the game.

After watching a Browns offense that looked well-timed over the past 2 weeks, the Browns looked like the same old team under Weeden’s control. He was booed by the fans after missing his first pass of the game.

The fans are hoping they can get Hoyer back soon. The team won it’s 3rd game in a row and are in first place in the AFC North. Cleveland hasn’t won 3 games in a row in a long time. Thanks to the great play of Brian Hoyer. Cleveland fans were hopeful for a winning season.

Now that he is out and they don’t know the extent of his injury, the fans don’t know what to expect. It is clear that Hoyer is the best quarterback the Browns have on their roster. The team looks so much better offensively with Hoyer and the fans are hoping his injury isn’t that bad.

We should hear something later today after Hoyer undergoes an MRI. Lets hope his injury isn’t as bad as it seems.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. marty

    When I saw Brian limping it made me sick to my stomach.I hope for the best for him, I don’t want weedon. Weedon looked very bad. He held that ball so long and still gets sacked. His accuracy sucks. It was so obvious his play was of a 3rd string QB. The team struggled with weedon in the red zone. I know LG will get hate mail for bashing weedon.It was so obvious Weedon was’nt on the same page as the rest of the team.

    • LG

      Don’t worry about me worry about how many more wins we can get if we are stuck with the bum Weeden. After watching real football with Hoyer for 2 weeks and 2 wins, you can see clear as hell that Weeden sucks….

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … nobody wanted to see hoyer get hurt , but it appears weeden didn’t hit his head quite hard enough, as this will indeed be his team again.

        • LG

          Not really Browns looking to the outside for another QB according to my inside sources…..

          • tigersbrowns2

            you know as well as i nobody new is going to come in & start right away … this will indeed be weeden’s team for the near future.

            it must be making you ill …

          • LG

            TB2 have you seen the games this year? Did you notice the difference between Hoyer and Weeden? If you answered yes to these 2 question then it has to be making you Ill as well…..

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi Marty … give weeden credit , he went 3 and out on the first series & got booed pretty good. he kept it together & made some plays when he needed to.

      i have long supported weeden , but i had seen enough after the baltimore game. i am really enjoying watching hoyer perform.

      as i said on the browns page : no, weeden is not as accurate or have as much touch as hoyer … no , he’s not a very moble qb … yes, he holds on the ball too long. but, this is his last hurrah to show if he can win some games … let’s see what he does with this opportunity.

      you said “weeden looked very bad” … i disagree … he wasn’t great but he definitley wasn’t bad.


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