Coming back from knee surgery, you can’t keep Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer off the field. He is wearing a knee brace on his surgically repaired knee, but other than that, there is no signs of any restriction to his mobility at all.

Hoyer is looking good, at the Browns workouts. He came in off the bench and managed to throw a long down field touchdown pass to first-year receiver Connor Vernon. The pass was thrown beautifully, Hoyer showed great touch on it and he made it look effortless.

Hoyer has worked hard rehabbing his knee. He is moving well, and he says the only reminder he has of the injury , is having to reach down to adjust the brace now and then.

That’s great news for the veteran QB, who spent a several years in the NFL, as Tom Brady’s under-study. Hoyer has waited a  long time to be an NFL teams starter on opening day in the NFL.

The way things look in Cleveland at the moment, this could be the year, that becomes a reality for the quarterback.

While it is only May, and there is still a lot of work to do, getting ready for the season, it seems the Browns are leaning towards Hoyer to start. But the pressure of drafting a quarterback in the first round of this years NFL draft could catch up to the team come September.

Hoyer has the experience to lead this team, he has the knowledge that comes along from being a part of the NFL, for a several years. Now, he just has to be consistent with what does come game day, to hang onto the job.

Hoyer may not be feeling the pressure now, but if he doesn’t perform well in real games, the voices will start.  Right now, you can’t keep Brian Hoyer off the field, for his sake lets hope that’s the case in September….


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Thomas

    From what I saw last year, Hoyer appears to be more than capable. As you suggest, only time will tell. I also like that he’s a local guy and said of Cleveland that he wants to be here. You’re right, he will probably receive an inordinate amount of pressure from some fans clamoring for Manziel. Either way though, the Browns are in a much better quarterback situation than they were in last year. Give Hoyer every chance to succeed, and if he fails, it’s JFT (Johnny Football Time).

    • JIM V

      Thomas, Your absolutely correct! There can’t be any other way! I have no idea what a lot of fans are thinking when it comes to Manziel being a starter. A lot of fans are forgetting what happened when he came in for Weedon last year. It was a totally different team! On the down side, he won’t have Gordan to throw to.


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