The Cleveland Browns have a local kid named Brian Hoyer, leading the team this Sunday against their long-time divisional rival Cincinnati Bengals. This game is the first of 2, in the battle of Ohio, and people from both cities make it a point to be at the game.

This presents a unique problem for Hoyer. It is tough enough to step into the leadership role once the season stared, but it can be even tougher to play your first game in front of your hometown crowd. Hoyer grew up just west of Cleveland in North Olmsted. He played his high school football for the Saint Ignatius Wild Cats. This in itself makes him a local hero, the Wild Cats have been a football power-house in Northeast Ohio for decades.

The obstacle that Hoyer is trying to overcome before he takes to the field in his first home game as the Browns starting quarterback, is trying to find enough tickets to the game to fill all the requests he is getting. The home town hero as he is being billed by some, has a large following and that makes it tough to hand out enough tickets.

It is something that doesn’t happen that often at First Energy Stadium. The Browns haven’t had a local kid starting at quarterback since the days of Bernie Kosar. Hoyer’s friend and family live closer to the Browns home field than Kosar’s did. Hoyer just might have to get some support from some of his teammates for this game.

They may have to give their tickets to his cause. If this is the worse obstacle Hoyer faces to deliver the Browns their second win of the 2013 season, he is doing good. Hoyer is living the dream…….Go Browns…..

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Stiv Marley

    He can purchase mine.

    • LG

      Why would you say that Stiv? You don’t want to attend the game and support your team to their second win of the season?

      • Stiv Marley

        SOB ! Same story every year. Same Old Browns. LG, sell them your tickets then.

        • LG

          Stiv I think we are onto something now…..Hang in there we got win number two coming I feel it….

  2. Bobby D

    Wow I had the same problem. I traded the detroit game for the cincy game, So now I have 4 seats to this weeks game.

    It was tough to get this year.

    Go Hoyer, I hope you can become this era’s Bernie.

    • LG

      Bobby D, I am excited about Browns football…….Lets hope Weeden’s thumb don’t heal too soon….

      • Arthur

        You just can’t help yourself can you LG?. Even on a thread that has nothing at all to do with Weeden, you still have to have your dig at him.
        At least we now know where Weeden went wrong in your eyes though. He didn’t go on your radio show, and he wasn’t born in Cleveland.
        We should hang him for that!.

        • LG

          What are you talking about Arthur? I didn’t dig at him I just stated facts…..

          • Jess

            I agree with you LG, I was never a Weeden fan and I believe Hoyer has got some good things in store for us. I hope it takes him a while to heal as well. Go Browns!

  3. Leo

    Do us BROWNS fans PROUD, son. Best of luck!

  4. Chuck Mello

    I think hoyer will bring back the kardiac kids


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