The Cleveland Browns made some moves this week that turned hard-core Browns fans into a bunch of cry babies. One of those moves was naming 3rd string quarterback Brian Hoyer as the team’s starter going into the Minnesota game.

How did it turn out? The Browns got their first win of the 2013 season and the team looked as though they had a guy playing quarterback that knows how to read a defense. Hoyers first pass of the game was thrown right on the numbers of his intended receiver only to be dropped.

Then the Browns offense was able to get into a rhythm that fans have seen since the team drafted Brandon Weeden and made the fatal mistake of naming him as the team’s starter. Hoyer proved the Browns offensive problems can be mostly attributed to Weeden’s in abilities to understand the concept of NFL football.

Hoyer didn’t have a perfect game, but he played far better than the bust out Brandon Weeden who was another wasted first round draft pick by the Cleveland Browns past regime.

Hoyer threw 3 interceptions in his first game as the Browns starter, but he was able to shake those off and lead his team down the field with only a few minutes left in the 4th quarter to seal the deal and get his Browns a win by throwing his 3rd touchdown pass of the day.

Hoyer threw the ball with pin point accuracy on most of his completions. He placed the ball where his receivers could make the play. He showed something we have yet to see from Weeden, he showed heart.

Hoyer threw the ball for 321 yards, he completed 30 of the 54 passes he threw, had 3 touchdowns and three interceptions. He was sacked 3 times in the game and took 7 quarterback hits. He faced the same kind of pressure that Weeden has faces this season due to the offensive line not being able to protect their quarterback.

The difference is Hoyer was able to show the guts it takes to come back and win the football game. He certainly took a Cleveland Browns football team that is not very good and turn them into a winner, at least for today. But guess what, today is all that matters. The Browns beat the Vikings 31-27 and they did it with a quarterback that has a brain.

This hometown kid deserves to start next week,he earned it and head coach Chudzinski would be foolish not to give him another chance.


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  1. Anonymous

    For the first time I agree with you.normally your posts are worthless but here u have a point.Hoyer deserves to keep rolling.Whatever it takes to keep winning.I do have to throw this out said Jason cambell was a great qb and would be starting for the browns…..your not good at this.GO BROWNS GO GORDON GO HOYER GO CAMERON WOOF WOOF WOOF

    • LG

      Hey I like this Hoyer too. He has a lot of heart. Either one of the two would be an improvement over Weeden.

  2. Jim V

    LG Well you myself and others tried to tell the Weedonites, but they wouldn’t listen! I have no idea what they saw in him? Maybe they need go to LG School of How to watch Football???..We are far from a perfect team…But Lord it was fun to watch them today!!! If Hoyer isn’t the Starter next week. Then I’ll just spend next Sunday all day in Church praying for their Sanity!

    • LG

      LOL I hear ya Jim V. It was fun and it was great to see. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would start Weeden again.

  3. David

    Well said LG. What a huge difference Hoyer made. Plus, the return of Josh Gordon made another difference. Also, notice that Hoyer was a lot crisper in his decision making than Weeden with that same O-Line. I agree that Coach Chud should use Hoyer again. What would he have to lose?

    • LG

      You are right David. It was fun to watch and I think the defense needs to stay home to take away the lanes they left for Ponder twice. I am sure horton will address that…..we may be on to something here.

  4. marty

    LG, It was time for a change. The Browns were more exciting to watch than the last two games.Miami and Baltimore have more talent than Minnesota. Minnesota at home had to be hungry for the win though. Minnesota had no game films on Hoyer, also Hoyer did telegraph every single pass. Yet He did have a soft touch and put passes where they needed to be. He played with more heart. This game has to show that Weedon flat out isn’t NFL Talent. I made up my mind on Weedon when he was drafted.I’m not convinced on any of the Browns’ QBs. Yet Hoyer did make the game more interesting. Iwas impressed with Gordon. He is a threat.

    • LG

      They sure were Marty is this start of something new? I sure hope so….

  5. Don

    Hoyer is a much better QB then Weeden.
    But Gordon made the difference. Little and Bess started to hang on to the passes for a change and Cameron was even better then the previous 2 games. Chud should allow Hoyer to finish the year. I think the team as a whole operated better with Hoyer behind center.

    • LG

      Of course Gordon made a difference, but you have to make the good throws too. You have to wonder if the way Weeden delivers the ball makes it difficult to catch it. We saw Hoyer throw 3 nice TD passes and weeden could never deliver the ball into the corner of the end zone with the kind of touch Hoyer had on the game winning drive.

  6. RICK

    LG, Hoyer is only gonna get better. He was pulled off the practice squad pretty much and showed good poise. The team looked more in sync with Hoyer so I would guess he will be quaterback as long as he keeps playing like he did.He had some picks but I think that will decrease with playing time. Hats off to the coaching in this game. They played to win and not to lose for a change. Gutsy calls by some coaching thats been dragged through the mud alot lately.Don’t uderestimate the coaching staff that the Browns have put together because they are coaching to win and all they need is the players to buy in.They showed a lot of heart with all of the distractions that went on all week.

    • LG

      I totally agree with you today Rick…..Now we need to show Weeden the way out of Cleveland……

  7. Jim V

    Hey Marty! He may have telegraphed his passes, but they were at the speed of sound , and hit his target!

  8. jackrabbit21

    Good for Hoyer. Good for the Browns. Unload Little! He needs to go. We don’t need to see him drop about half of the passes thrown to him. We already saw that when McCoy threw to him and he dropped about half of McCoy’s passes. Little can mess up a QB in a big way.

  9. Stiv Marley

    Delusional – an uncommon psychiatric condition, a thought disorder, a type of psychotic symptom. This is what you all have. Hoyer vs. Weeden :
    QB Rating (H) 68.5 (W) 62
    Completion (H) 55% (W) 54%
    Yrds./Att. (H) 5.94 (W) 6.00
    Intercept. (H) 3 (W) 3

    At Hoyers’ rate he will have 30 interceptions for the year. Oh yeah, he played better, right. Oh, how was our rushing numbers for running backs?
    Using your logic, we should start Spencer Lanning @ QB. his rating is 152

    • LG

      Remember Weeden’s first game Stiv or did you take electro shock treatments to erase it from your memory. One very important stat I see you left out…… Weeden 0 wins this season Hoyer 1

  10. marty

    Jim V; I was not knocking Hoyer about telegraphing. In fact, in his first game, I expected it. Praticing and getting to know the players, the timing, he will improve.Hoyer’s game playing was a ” Breath Of Fresh Air ” compared to weedon. He played with Heart.He did not play with fear, he did not throw the ball away. At this point, he showed more promise than weedon.


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