Last season when the Browns played their first game with Brandon Weeden as their starting QB, he was sacked by a giant American flag that covered the field during the pregame show. These days with Weeden trying to take the next step in his NFL career, he says he keeps his eyes open for those types of things.

The thing Weeden really should keep his eyes open for are the open receivers down field. He should learn how to not stare down one receiver and learn how to look off of guys. Weeden is still staring down his receivers and this problem is going to continue to haunt him this season.

In his 2nd year as an NFL starting quarterback, the fans in Cleveland are hoping for a winning season. Will Weeden be able to deliver one to the fans. Many don’t think so. I am convinced Weeden can throw the football.

In the first two games of the regular season Weeden will be missing his favorite target Josh Gordon who is suspended by the NFL for violating the banned substance policy. Some think Weeden is only the Browns quarterback coming into the 2013 season because of the lack of talent in this years NFL draft. They say as soon as next season Weeden will be replaced when the Browns draft a quarterback.

Weeden has this season to prove himself as a NFL quarterback. If his performance in Indianapolis is any indication of things to come this season, the Browns are in trouble.  He still shows signs of panic when faced with pressure and his pass accuracy goes out the window.

Sunday will shed some light on what kind of season Weeden will have. He faces the Miami Dolphins to open the season and this is the easiest of the first four games of the 2013 season. Weeden will face a large amount of pressure in the next 2 games.

If he can’t get it done against the Dolphins, chances are he won’t get it done again this season. If that is the case you can bet he won’t be in Cleveland for the 2014 season. Weeden better be watching for more than just large flags this season.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. jrustyo

    Let’s see if the offensive line provides Weeden with some decent protection. I don’t think anyone has a whole lot of confidence in this group keeping the Dolphins off his back.

    If the protection is weak and with a less than mobile quarterback in Weeden we could be in for a long day.

    Let’s hope Richardson plays big but he will be running behind the same guys who will be trying to protect Weeden..hardly an inspirational thought.

  2. TopF

    LG, See your at it again, youi took a light harted comment from Weeden and twisted it into a Weeden bashing article… again… Let the kid play a game this year before you run him outa Cleveland. But its nice to see your predictable… Looking forward to your Monday Article AFTER A BIG BROWNS WIN! if not then there is always next year, lol

    • LG

      Lets hope they bring a win….

    • Old goat

      Weedhead will unlikely exceed his rating from last year of 5.1. I can only hope beyond any logic that the Clowns become the Browns once again, but in this case LG is right. Weehead reminds me of another Brown great QB-Mike Phipps while Hoyer reminds me of Brian Sipe.

  3. t h

    More Browns hating from LG. Dude, just go put on your steelers jersey and admit your a hater.
    Funny, none of my LG bashing comments ever gets posted. Let’s see if this one makes it.

    • LG

      Browns hating…..How do you figure that TH


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