Coming into his sophomore season in the NFL, Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden said during an ESPN Cleveland radio interview that when training camp starts he is shutting down his twitter account.

Weeden said; “There are too many smart people out there that think they know it all.” So come the start of training camp Weeden vows to stay off twitter from the start of training camp through the last game of the season.

Apparently Brandon Weeden is too thin-skinned to  take the criticism on his twitter account. The way to turn things around is to win football games, after all that is what he gets paid millions of dollars to do.

Weeden didn’t have the best rookie season, he only won 5 games in 2012 and many think he is going to be the Browns starter in 2013 because he is taking most of the snaps with the first team. Browns head coach Rob Chudzinki isn’t ready to name his starting quarterback for the 2013 season yet.

He has to be waiting to see what happens in training camp and in the preseason. Last year when Weeden was a rookie he has a terrible preseason and the Browns still started him over everyone else. This year the team has to be sure who the starting quarterback is going to be before the season starts.

Weeden can’t take the pressure. He is showing that the pressure gets to him by shutting down his twitter account. He can’t take the pressure of people criticizing his play and he can’t take the pressure of a NFL defense coming down on him.

It is going to be interesting to see if Weeden’s sophomore season brings anything different.


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Readers Comments (24)

  1. Paul

    Actually, I think ALL the Browns players should shut down their twitter pages. Come training camp until the final snap, the only focus should be on football. So, here is hoping this idea catches on!

    Go Browns!

    • ripper1fl

      whatever you do buddy,
      the ONLY way you can take it to the next level is….ignore what everyone else says…good or bad…and remember the only competition you really have is with yourself….just do it!!!GO BROWNS

  2. longhaul

    there wont be anything different. it is what it is. like beatin a dead horse

  3. BruharNV

    The ball is in your court now. No matter what has happened in the past you are going to get the opportunity to shine or whine. Use the tools provided and put the ball where it is supposed to be and you and the Browns could have what us fans have been dreaming about for a long time. I have been a dedicated Browns fan for 49 years and never stop dreaming we will make it to the top and hold it.

  4. muttklingon

    well Brandon Weeden just remember there was a QB.NAME brain Sipes 17 of Cleveland Browns the fans sport news. beet him down!! to no end . brain kept playing and winding & loosing game games . brain started almost like you did. brain was old player but . his heat was in the game. on opening day of the new season just throw down field in the end zone .just hit your man in the numbers. 5or 6 time .!!

  5. DAVID

    Weeden should take more time to study his playbook and less time on his twitter playbook…SHUT it down now don`t wait till July 19th ..players are theyre own worst enemies! Give the public something to rant about and directly to ….

  6. Joe

    Brandon had similar stats to what Brett Favre had in his first season starting, except Favre had 5 more TDs, and 7 more INTs! About the same completions and yardage, though Favre did have a better completion percentage. What does that say? That says that despite the criticism, he didn’t do poorly. Not great, but not bad, either. How about, instead of throwing him under the bus, people give him a chance to do better? If he does better, then the criticism was unwarranted, and if he doesn’t do better that’s when you start criticizing him. Basing a guy’s skills after one season (playing for the Browns of all teams) really isn’t productive.

    • Applebee McFridays

      You make a lot of sense Joe, but this site is no place for that.
      This is LG you are talking to, a guy who started bashing Weeden long before he even took a snap for the team. A guy who has already judged Weeden, and wants him to fail so badly.
      I don’t know his agenda, but the last thing LG will ever do is give any Browns player a chance to do better.
      He is not a fan, no matter what he says.

      • LG

        I didn’t start bashing Weeden long before he took a snap, It was after I saw how poorly he played in the Preseason.

        • Applebee McFridays

          No it wasn’t LG. Read your own articles. For some reason the moment he was drafted you took exception to him, and then when he wanted a four year contract, rather than the three the Browns were offering, you really went after him.
          Your love affair with Colt McCoy dictated your approach to Weeden, you allowed sentiment to cloud your judgement. The fact that Weeden’s play was not always up to standard last year merely fed your hatred of him, and fueled this obsession you have with him. You have not given him a fair chance LG, and everyone knows it. You have absolutely trashed this guy LG, a guy who leads the team you claim to be a fan of.
          Even now you can’t remain impartial when writing about him, which is why you can never be taken seriously as a journalist.

          • LG

            He won’t last 4 years

  7. chuck

    I think its a smart thing to do, these guys shouldn’t have to sit quietly while people abuse them, rightly or wrongly. LG you would only take so much abuse before you say something wrong.

  8. barry richardson

    put Colt McCoy back in. Weeden is just another overpaid whiner, looking for excuses to justify his losing. Colt is a winner!

    • weekend bender

      Paul Bunyon, Colt may be a winner but that realy doesnt matter now.

  9. jackrabbit21

    Kind of the way the opposing defenses will shut him down. lol. Honestly, why do these guys tweet anyways during training?

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! No one really cares. I wonder if his agent told him not to tweet, since he is not very media savvy in the first place. Remember how Weeden would pat himself on the back last year after playing bad and then a day later he would correct himself or say he was joking? Then he threw Shumur under the bus when he didn’t study? Hey Weeden, here’s a tip. We don’t want to hear about your wife helping you with the playbook this year.

    So when does Campbell or Hoyer start?

  10. Jc

    This is a terrible article. This article/commentary by LG does nothing but promoting negativity. Good for Weeden. He is clearly a better person than you, and a better football player than you are a writer.

  11. 1stAnubiis


    always the negative Nancy huh? Smart move if you ask me, because most coaches have asked their players to limit or eliminate their twitter accounts. Additionally other people besides Weeden see what is said about him on tweeter and perhaps he is taking this route to shield family and friends from more than just criticism but some really harsh comments.

  12. marty

    The sissy will never change. He doesn’t have the heart or a fast thinking mind for the game. With the offensive line Cleveland has, you could of taken one of the peanut salesman outside the stadium and do the same.

    • Anonymous

      Harsh Marty! I have to say it, I have a hunch weeden is much more than a punching bag for his critics. I would suggest stocking up on the ketchup. It will help mask the taste of the crow dinner you might be eating at the end of the season when weedens stats will include oh about 3750 yards passing, 34 TD’s and with a much reduced interception rate and a 10-6 record which should with us the division.

  13. Dan B.

    I am a Browns fan and I even say who cares! He should be as worried about learning the offense and how to read defenses and throw short and intermediate passes, not worry about his twitter account.

  14. captain thumper

    I am hearing and reading so much negativity about Weeden. I think it is ridiculous. Weeden in his first year did an OK job. On the surface it would seem that the browns got the short straw with luck and griffin having better seasons last year but Weeden beat them both in college. Why? He was on a team that could compete with the teams luck and griffin played for,unlike last year where the browns just weren’t at the colts or redskins level. Now with the first year under his belt with all of the positive changes the organization has made I think you will see a much improved Weeden not under but behind center in the shotgun his strong suit.

  15. Tom Wynne

    you Weeden haters(LG) act like he was given the keys to a high powered sportscar and crashed it into the median…whereas in reality, he was given the keys to an old VW bug with bad tires…and he steered it best he could…i can’t wait to see LG’s spin if Weeden does improve this season…

    • LG

      If he does improve it would be great. But his ego and attitude probably gets into his way..

      • Applebee McFridays

        ….. much like yours LG.


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