Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined the NFL Network and said he can’t really work on his batted pass problem. Even though he led the league in his rookie season with 21 batted passes Weeden chooses not to think about his throwing problem.

He said; “It’s something that if you think about it all the time, it will probably create more problems. I think there are many reasons they happen. One being me patting the football, which I’ve talked about is one thing I’ve worked on this off-season to get rid of the habit of patting the football before you release it. That just gives those guys an extra half a second to jump up and bat it down.

Weeden is 6’4” tall. He shouldn’t have a problem throwing the ball over the linemen but he does. The main problem is Brandon Weeden’s throwing motion. He comes from a baseball background and he throws the ball like he is a pitcher in the major leagues.

That is because he was a pitcher in the minor leagues for years. He has more experience pitching than he does throwing the football. If you remember back to last season when the Browns were on Thursday night football, Weeden delivered a lot of passes to his receivers that they had to pic off their shoes.

That is because of Weeden’s throwing motion. You can’t ignore the fact that Weeden delivers the ball like a pitcher. He is used to keeping the ball down in the strike zone. To change Weeden’s release point would screw him up even more than he already is.

It is just like the way he stares down his receivers, coming from a baseball career he is used to looking at the catchers glove in the strike zone. The bad habits that Weeden brings to the NFL are going to take a few years to correct. That is why the scouting reports said that is would take Weeden 3-4 years to get up to speed in the NFL. They could see the bad habits Weeden has from his pitching career and they knew it would take time to change.

You can ignore the facts all you want to with Weeden, the problems he had last season will find the way back in season 2. It is the way he delivers the football and that isn’t going to change in one-off season.

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