Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden joined the NFL Network and said he can’t really work on his batted pass problem. Even though he led the league in his rookie season with 21 batted passes Weeden chooses not to think about his throwing problem.

He said; “It’s something that if you think about it all the time, it will probably create more problems. I think there are many reasons they happen. One being me patting the football, which I’ve talked about is one thing I’ve worked on this off-season to get rid of the habit of patting the football before you release it. That just gives those guys an extra half a second to jump up and bat it down.

Weeden is 6’4″ tall. He shouldn’t have a problem throwing the ball over the linemen but he does. The main problem is Brandon Weeden’s throwing motion. He comes from a baseball background and he throws the ball like he is a pitcher in the major leagues.

That is because he was a pitcher in the minor leagues for years. He has more experience pitching than he does throwing the football. If you remember back to last season when the Browns were on Thursday night football, Weeden delivered a lot of passes to his receivers that they had to pic off their shoes.

That is because of Weeden’s throwing motion. You can’t ignore the fact that Weeden delivers the ball like a pitcher. He is used to keeping the ball down in the strike zone. To change Weeden’s release point would screw him up even more than he already is.

It is just like the way he stares down his receivers, coming from a baseball career he is used to looking at the catchers glove in the strike zone. The bad habits that Weeden brings to the NFL are going to take a few years to correct. That is why the scouting reports said that is would take Weeden 3-4 years to get up to speed in the NFL. They could see the bad habits Weeden has from his pitching career and they knew it would take time to change.

You can ignore the facts all you want to with Weeden, the problems he had last season will find the way back in season 2. It is the way he delivers the football and that isn’t going to change in one-off season.

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. matt gerber

    Weeden’s problem was his receivers droping td passes nobody ever mentoin’s that!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The dummy that wrote this should learn about a bad line and receivers that can’t even catch a cold!!

  2. Anonymous

    LG, I tend to lean on what Jaworski said about his mechanics than someone that doesn’t have a clue. At least he has QB exprience

  3. 1stAnubiis


    One of the reasons I can’t wait for the season to start is to if you will eat crow or not. Having saw Weeden’s interview on NFL AM he pointed to his tendency to pat the ball. I do applaud him for not mentioning something like the tendency you mentioned (staring down WRs) in your article. Now we know from coach Chud that Norv is really been working with and on Weeden and not just on the field but in the class and film room. So I expect his short drops and releases to be faster, no patting the ball prior to release and no stare downs on his receiving targets.

  4. marty

    It doesn’t matter to me what weedon said or Jaworski. I can see for myself. How can anyone say about dropped passes, you will have them. There weren’t that many dropped passes.Weedon stares down his receivers, panics under rush. He doesn’t look for the open receiver.He lacks leadership and determination. The coaches job is save the face of the organization by showing the fans that weedon isn’t a bust.

    • LG

      Peyton Manning had a lot of receivers dropping their passes last season and the Broncos still went 13-3…Weeden won 5 games and people are making him out to be a hero….How pathetic is that?

      • dan dyer

        Manning also went 3-13 in his Rookie season and set the NFL record for INT’s. Nice comeback moron!

        • LG

          How many times are we going to hear about Manning and his rookie year? Are you saying Weeden is the next Peyton Manning? Go back and look at how close his rookie games were. They the colts had bad luck that year…..

          • bobg

            Come on LG you are the one that brought up Peyton Manning. We have to wait and see. For goodness sake let him please succeed or fail before we trash him.You want the Browns to fail so you can say I told you so?

          • LG

            That is Bull. I never want my home town team to fail. I wished for years we could get a winner.

          • dan dyer

            you started the Manning comparison with your comment. although it is hilarious that during his rookie year the colts had “bad luck” according to you, but weeden just sucks because of his INT’s and record. spoken like a true hater!! can’t wait to hear you kissing his ass and eating your words this season…go root for the steelers you loser.

          • LG

            Lets hope they have me eating my words this season. That would mean a winning season……

  5. marty

    I been waiting for a championship then most fans. Too many times management put players who have little talent. Too many times the management do not know what to do at halftime for adjustment. Weedon was a bust before play one. They drafted too high for him, paid too much money to a rookie. All for the reason not to let colt play. The management was too dumb to notice a concussion.Weedon is garbage and will never change. He doesn’t have the guts,the smarts,the fast thinking, and the heart for the game.I want a championship, I want a team that is feared, I want a team that can make adjustments. I don’t want a team that makes embarrishing mistakes.You’ll never have a good team with weedon. A sissy is a sissy.


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