After the self-described slap in the face Brandon Weeden and the Browns offense took at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts, Weeden described himself as a creature of habit. He is dying for the chance to play against the Chicago Bears 2nd and 3rd string defenders come Thursday night.

Weeden must feel like tearing it up against the back ups will give him the boost he needs to start the regular season. The Browns didn’t do much of anything right in Indianapolis in their last preseason game and it was probably a little unfair if us here at Cleveland Sports 360 to place all the blame in Brandon Weeden.

The things that have me concerned about Weeden’s abilities, or lack there of the abilities, is his constant missing of wide open receivers. Sure the Cleveland Browns laid an egg on the filed in Indy, but not placing the ball where wide open receivers can make a play, is his fault.

Weeden’s overall QB rating plunged 40 points after his performance in Indy. In week 3 of  preseason you should expect more from the guy the team just labeled the starting QB.  To go out and completely miss wide open recovers continually is unacceptable at his level.

Now, with Weeden describing himself as a creature of habit, we are left wondering if he is going to continue to make the same mistakes over and over. He is still staring down his receivers, he still panics when he is faced with pressure. Weeden is not ready for prime time.

Anyone who talks Weeden and football who comes from a professional football background, will tell you Weeden needs at least one to two more years of playing experience before he is going to be any good. Former Steelers great Jerome Bettis just talked about the Cleveland Browns and the AFC North on television yesterday. he too said Weeden is not going to get it done this season. He said maybe next year or the year after that will be Weeden time.

So with every thing we know now and with Weeden describing himself as a creature of habit, Browns fans are probably in for another losing season.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. 1stAnubiis

    So you take the word of a former Squeeler and hold up as the ultimate truth. I question you intellect, your football knowledge and your fandom. You continue to amaze me (and that is not a compliment) with the stuff you push out on the web. You may think your a fan of the Browns but your heart is truly not in it to win it.

    • LG

      The guy is an NFL commentator and he knows the game of football. Plus any scout that ever wrote a word about Weeden has said it will take him 3-4 years to get decent in the NFL…..


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