As the Browns get ready for the regular season, Brandon Weeden continues to help corner back Joe Haden build his confidence. You would think Weeden would know better than to test Haden by throwing the ball in his direction.

But Weeden isn’t smart enough as a football player to figure this out yet. He thinks his arm is strong enough to zip the ball into his receivers covered by Haden. That wasn’t the case last night at family night and it hasn’t been the case in many of the teams practices in Berea.

The coaches of the Cleveland Browns are hoping that Weeden gets it before the regular season starts. He has to make better decisions on where to throw the ball to. In the mean time it is great that he is testing corner back Haden.

The more he tests Haden the more ready Haden will be for the regular season. He is the only proven Browns corner back coming into the 2013 season and you can bet teams in the NFL are going to test him too.

The Browns are lucky to have a guy like Weeden who will continue to test Joe Haden. Getting Haden ready will only improve the Browns secondary. Not only will it get Haden ready for the regular season, it will help the Browns younger corners to see how it is done.

Experience is the best teacher and with Weeden at the quarterback position, the Browns corners are going to get a lot of experience with interceptions.



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Readers Comments (5)

  1. 1stAnubiis

    Come on really? Now is the time to try plays like that to see where he should put the ball. To see what he can get away with. Now not in a real game. Your bias is so blatant now its really appalling.

    • LG

      My Bias? What about the Browns coaches Norv Turner and Chud who are less than happy with the team’s offense?

      • 1stAnubiis

        That was one practice not all of training camp. Take your blinders off LG. Oh and according to Vic Carucci he had this to say about Weeden “Solid offensive day. With an emphasis on goal-line situations, the offense operated with pretty good efficiency on Monday. Brandon Weeden was mostly accurate on short and intermediate throws, an area in which he needed improvement from his rookie season last year. He made good decisions and seems to be steadily increasing the speed of the progression of his reads. Receivers, tight ends, and running backs generally caught the ball well, and the Browns ran effectively (through mostly limited contact at the line of scrimmage despite it being a full-pads session).
        >>Trent Richardson doesn’t miss a beat. For his first practice after missing the last two workouts with a sore shin, Richardson was impressive. He showed good explosiveness and open-field speed. By all accounts, Richardson’s lower-leg issue doesn’t appear to be anything that will linger.” Now I’m out of state but if your in the Cleveland area have you attended any of the practices?

    • Old Coach

      … to see where he should put the ball…? Now that comment should open up some suggestions. LOL

  2. Jethro

    Mccoy uncorks 50 yarder for a 70 yd TD at the end of practice Friday.


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