The best games the Browns played this season came without Brandon Weeden playing quarterback. The Browns actually won 2 games in a row and extended their winning streak to three in games Weeden didn’t start.

The Browns started Weeden only 3 games of the 6 games they played this season and in each of his starts the team lost. Weeden continues to prove he doesn’t have the ability to play quarterback in the NFL and the fans who have had a taste of winning, are sick of seeing Weeden’s inadequate play lead to another loss.

Weeden isn’t showing the signs of improvement the Browns coaching staff was hoping for this season.  His quarterback rating speaks volumes of his less than adequate play. The head coach said they are going with Weeden because they have no choice.

The fans don’t want to hear this excuse any more. They can see the team has Campbell standing on the sidelines and even though they think he isn’t the answer the fans are demanding to at least give him a try.

They think anyone could play quarterback for the Browns and do a better job than Weeden.

The team should part ways with Weeden and  sign a quarterback off the street. The guy is never going to be a credible NFL quarterback. It was a bad experiment on a guy who turns 30-years-old today.

The team needs to face the fact, Brandon Weeden sucks and he isn’t going to become a NFL caliber quarterback at 30-years-old.

Get rid of Weeden now, cut your losses and give the fans who buy the tickets a chance to win more football games this season. Send Brandon Weeden packing and do it now. Don’t waste what is left of this season on a bust out like Brandon Weeden.



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Readers Comments (15)

  1. marty

    If you look back at all the games weedon started,not once was a game won by weedon being the driving force.Special teams,defensive touchdown,a broken play, a team effort.None when weedon was a driving force.

  2. Greg

    I REALLY miss Hoyer!

    • LG

      I think every Browns fan does.

    • Bill

      I could not agree with you more. What this season could have been with Hoyer at QB.

  3. johnnyV

    One of the few times that I completely agree with LG. Like many of us I had hoped otherwise but its 100% clear he simply doesnt have what it takes. Next…

  4. Mar

    Not to late to look for another qtrback to finish the season. Weedon has no feel for the game


    “The team needs to face the fact, Brandon Weeden sucks and he isn’t going to become a NFL caliber quarterback at 30-years-old.”

    I totally agree! What’s sad is that many of us who have watched QB’s play in the NFL saw that this “Bonehead” lacked a myriad of much need skills. Why did this team not see it?

  6. Big Duke

    Happy Birthday Weeden-B-Gon!!!!

    NEWSFLASH: ESPN is reporting that Brandon Weeden is 6 weeks older than Aaron Rogers! Now that you know this, does it make your emotional well being feel: (a) Better, (b) Worse, (c) No Change?

    Is Bernie Kosar out of jail yet from his DUI? Maybe we can have him suit up. I’m sure he could be Weeden in a 40 yard dash! I’m covering all bets!!

  7. Jay

    I don’t see how the Browns win any of the next 3 games. Green Bay, Kansas City and Baltimore against Brandon Weeden does not look good at all.

  8. James

    Yep, like I said last week Weeden is out of excuses. Time to be done with it before it gets ugly (Schaub style injury cheering). I am wondering if we shouldn’t bust out the double wing with Gray at QB

  9. Jim

    We need “Weeden be gone” where do they sell it?

    • LG

      We sure do need it.

    • Big Duke

      I checked and the following stores have it: Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Wal-Mart, Sams Club, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware.

  10. Tom Wynne

    I spent a year thinking LG was being unfair to Weeden and simply had it in for him. I apologize. LG was right…we were wrong!!!!

    • LG

      It is OK Tom, we all wanted him to be good after all we watched in awe as Holmgren wasted a 1st round pick on him. I just happen to pay close attention to his first preseason game and knew he sucked and probably no help for him either…..


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