Alex Tanney, the quarterback the Cleveland Browns poached off the Cowboys practice squad has impressed head coach Rob Chudzinski. Tanny has been working day and night learning the Browns play book.

He just arrived in Cleveland a few days ago, and he is already confident in his ability to come into the game and run plays if needed. Chudzinski said he is very capable of understanding what the Browns offense is trying to do.

Tanney knows he is only one play away from getting the call to take over at quarterback, and he plans on show-casing his abilities not only for the Browns front office to see, but the rest of the NFL as well.

Tanney has been shipped from team to team. He would like nothing better, than finding a home on one NFL team. Cleveland fans are hoping to see Tanney this Sunday when the Browns take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

They hope if Weeden can’t get the Browns offense moving, Chud will pull the plug on Weeden and replace him with Tanney while the Browns still have time to get a win.

Fans are selling their tickets for this game at an alarming rate. Some tickets for this game have been on sale at stub hub for just 8 dollars. Fans have no desire to go brave the cold weather to watch Brandon Weeden play quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Lets hope Chud does what he has to, so some excitement returns to Browns football. If that includes playing Alex Tanney, so  be it.

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Stiv Marley

    Run as fast as you can and as far as you can from First Energy Stadium. Make a stand ! Tell Mr. Haslam “this is not what I paid for and it’s not what you promised”

    • agrafixman

      On the other hand… the Browns may have just found another good quarterback in Alex Tanney. I wouldn’t mind seeing a lineup of Hoyer and Tanney next year.

  2. ForeverABrownsFan

    Some fans aren’t buying what Tanney is selling.

    I for one am not buying what Weeden is selling because i had to go out and buy a set of waders just to keep all that crap off me.

    My bet is on Tanney if and when he starts, that will fare better than Weeden could ever hope for.

    At least Tanney has been on more than one team in the NFL and he landed a job here in Cleveland, unlike Weeden will most likely and quite possibly, will suit up for the last time in the NFL at seasons end.

  3. SDavis

    What amazes me is that all everyone is talking about is how bad Weeden is expected to play. All season long I’ve read nothing about how horrible the offensive line has played and yet we always blame the QB. Now mind you I am not a fan of Weeden, I believe he’s a horrible QB and does not belong in the NFL. But really people look at how many injuries to our quarterbacks have we had over the past seasons and compared to other teams like the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens who arguably don’t have the supposed solid line we have, maybe we’re casting blame in the wrong direction?

  4. JIM V

    To ForeverABrownsFan from another, You are exactly right!!! I’ve been one for 60yrs.


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