Brandon Weeden  SucksBrandon Weeden played terrible for the Cleveland Browns today against the Baltimore Ravens. Weeden threw 2 interceptions and couldn’t hit an open receiver if it were to save his mother’s life today. Brandon Weeden gave the world a good display of  why he never made it as a Major League pitcher. Ssure, Weeden can throw the ball hard, he just doesn’t have any control over where it is going to go. Some fans in Cleveland are all excited thinking the Browns have finally got their franchise quarterback. These are obviously what it takes to be a consistent NFL quarterback.  Brandon Weeden is far from consistent. The only thing you can count on Weeden to do with any consistency is turn the ball over by throwing bad passes, he has been able to do that since coming into the NFL. Weeden now is only one interception short of the NFL lead for throwing Interceptions.

Don’t worry all you Weeden fans I am sure if he continues to start for the Browns for the rest of the 2012 season he will control that stat all by himself by the season’s end. Lets take a look at the great performance Brandon Weeden gave the Browns fans today. First pass of the game Weeden overthrows little by at least 10 yards, the Browns go 3 and out on their opening drive…

2nd series Weeden throws first pass to T-rich who gets 9 and then a hand off T-Rich Fumbles and Schwartz recovers it, on 3rd and 1 Weeden misses a wide open Chris Ogbonnaya with a over throw and to compound it, the Browns take an offensive Pass interference call.  The Browns punt That is 2 majorly overthrown balls  by Weeden in 1st 2 series. If he hits Ogbonnaya it was off to the races.

On a critical drive in the second quarter Weeden throws the ball well behind Trent Richardson he was open, Weeden missed him by a mile….Where is that highly accurate arm all these people talk about with Brandon Weeden? He missed Richardson by at least 5 yards on the throw.

On another 3rd down and nine the Browns throw the ball for 3 yards to Alex Smith and the Ravens cover for only a 3 yard gain. Dawson sent in for field goal. Ravens lead 14-3 Browns couldn’t get in the end-zone…. Brandon Weeden has now played 2 full games without throwing a touchdown pass. He couldn’t get it done last week and he couldn’t get it done this week either. I could go on and on all day here with each series that Weeden played today. But instead lets have a look at Brandon Weeden’s numbers for the game.

Weeden completed only 20 of the 37 passes he threw today. Sure the guys may have dropped some, the fact is many of the passes were poorly thrown balls. Weeden only had 176 yards passing and threw 2 interceptions. He did make a nice completion to the Browns line backer D’Qwell Jackson while he was sitting on the Browns bench today. On that play Mr. Weeden had all day to complete a pass but failed to see his wide open tight end and threw the ball away.

Weeden missed wide open guys all day. The game hasn’t slowed down for Weeden and he is still having trouble being able to see the field. The Browns are now 2 & 7 and it looks like the only game the Browns may win in the AFC North this season is the one they already took from the Bengals with the giant contribution the Cleveland Defense made in that one. There is little excuses for missing this many passes today to wide open receivers.

Brandon Weeden must be hearing footsteps back there. He could have won this game if he could have found the end-zone a couple of times today. Weeden could find the strike zone in M.L.B. and now he can’t hit a body that is 6 foot tall or taller and weighing over 200lbs. Now I for one can completely understand why the Cleveland Browns general Manager Tom Heckert didn’t want to use the 22nd overall pick the in the NFL draft on a guy named Brandon Weeden. The scouting reports were perfect and Holmgren should have listened to them.

After all Brandon Weeden sucked big time in the senior bowl and it surely showed it was the receivers at Oklahoma State that made Brandon Weeden look good. Not Weden making the Receivers look good.

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  1. Bob

    Defense did their best and Dawson for President and ……. this was the best day for Shurmurball & Weeden fans ever! lol

    Shurmur & Weeden beat the Browns today. Why do these two get chance after chance? I have a question, if it was any other team in the NFL right now, what do you think they would do after this disaster? Shurmur has made this team a complete laughing stock and he’s ruining players careers.

    Lastly, Weeden can’t take the pressure period with an exclamation point!!!! He’s the scarecrow/statue who falls to the ground before being sacked. Watch him when he runs. He’s like “Please don’t get me, please don’t get me.”

  2. LOL

    As a Weeden supporter there isnt much you can say after this game, he had a horrible game, there is no doubt about it. Lets not kid anyone, ive seen plenty of this last year with your boy toy McCoy, which leads me to other point, Shurmar… first of all, why come out of the gate and start throwing the ball like you have a 6 year vet starting QB!?!?!?!?! Why and the hell would you have a game plan like that, it just isnt going to work against this Ravens D specially with Ball Hawk Reed just licking his chops. You have a young and hungry RB in Richardson craving for the ball, just give it to him early and noooooo, lets just throw the damn ball. Instead you got a young offense and a rookie QB down 14 right off the bat thanks to the Defense getting the ball shoved down there throat in the first half. So lets not put all this on Weeden ok??? though he played a big part in it by stinking it up, he is going to have games like this this year and Im sure this wont be he last one either. But the head coach… CANNOT have games like this…rookie are expected to have ups and downs but Pat Shurmar, the head coach…no way. If we had an actual head coach and a good coaching staff to put together an actual good game plan, maybe, just maybe we would have more wins this season… Before you even think about saying I am making an excuse for Mr. Weeden please read again because I did say Weeden stunk it up today, no doubt about it…!!!!!

    • LG

      You really can’t blame to terrible throws on Shumur the play calling yes but the bad throws were all Brandon Weeden,

    • Bill Cowher

      Wheeden is 29 years old. He should be mature and smarter, but he isn’t. What idiot would waste a draft pick on a guy basically over the hill for a professional football player. Remember Wienke??????

  3. Abrown

    Weeden did throw a couple more of those 20+ yards passes and completed some pretty shorter passes, too, but the problem is that he can’t complete those when it is really important that he do so.

    The more important the play — like 3rd down or in the red zone — the less well he plays.

    I’ve been hearing people say that he’s getting his passes off really quickly and that’s why he’s not being sacked.

    I decided to time how long he held the ball and how long his protection held up. I used the 1001, 1002, 1003 . . . method, so the results aren’t perfect. But I found that he was getting between 4 and 7 seconds to throw when QBs are supposed to take only about 4 seconds.

    He makes mistakes and gets flustered when he only has 4 secords. He apparently has to have at least 5 seconds of protection. Even with 7 seconds, I saw him miss wide open receivers and throw the ball away instead of thying to hit the open guy or else throw late the the check down receiver when it was too late to make the play work.

    Shurmur is putting a lot of pressure on the line to do what no other team would expect them to do, but he must be desperate himself because Weeden has problems when he doesn’t have the time he seems to need.

    If another quarterback I could name, who set NCAA records for accuracy on short AND long passes, had 4 or 5 seconds to throw, he would PICK THE DEFENSE APART.

    • Bob

      That NCAA record setting quarterback thrives & excels under pressure.

  4. Abrown

    Shurmur’s management of the game was worse than usual today, which means really, really bad.

    • LG

      Just when we thought it was impossible to get any worse Shurmur proves us all wrong once again…..It is time to go…Too bad they don’t have a national election for a new Browns head coach come Tuesday they would be better canidates to choice from and more people in the Cleveland area would probably vote too…..LOL

      • ABrown

        Yea, when the pressure is on, Pat Shurmur finds a way to ramp up awful to a whole new level.

  5. longhaul

    weeden couldn t hit the side of a barn standing 10 feet from it. and shurmur couldnt pour piss out of a boot if the directions was wrote on the heel

  6. autopilot

    As I posted on the main FoxSports blog, I watched the video of the game on NFL network where you can fastforward through the game to areas you want to focus in on. I only watched the passing plays of the Browns. When you just watch the passing plays it is obvious how badly Weeden played. He has absolutely horrible mechanics: stands in the pocket WAY too long and is flat-footed, stares down the receivers, makes late and often poor decisions and misses terribly on alot of throws. Sure, the receivers dropped a couple of good passes but they also caught several awful passes that shouldn’t have been completed.

    I’ve tried not to be too critical of his play this year since it is his rookie season, but you cannot overcome really, really bad mechanics just with a strong arm…and he has lousy mechanics. Here are some interesting comparative stats from all this year’s and last year’s rookie starting quarterbacks which show where Weeden stands among them.

    Griffin (2012 season): 65.65% completion rate. QB rating 93.89.
    Wilson (2012 season): 61.97% completion rate. QB rating 87.18.
    Newton (2011 season): 59.96% completion rate. QB rating 84.54.
    Dalton (2011 season): 58.13% completion rate. QB rating 80.39.
    Luck (2012 season): 56.55% completion rate. QB rating 79.02.
    Tannehill (2012 season): 58.92% completion rate. QB rating 78.19.
    Weeden (2012 season): 55.06% completion rate. QB rating 67.91.

    Add in all other other major statistical categories of these 7 rookies and he is at the bottom of nearly all of them.

    All the other quarterbacks (except Weeden) improved their respective teams their rookie seasons. The Browns have not improved at all but have actually gotten worse.

    So, I am officially off the Weeden bandwagon. Not sure that I’m on the McCoy bandwagon, but he can’t be any worse than this.

    • LG

      Hey Autopilot did you ever invest in the Stock market perhaps by some GGP Stock by any chance?

      • Autopilot

        LOL…no, I leave my stock investing to professional advisors. Thought that’s what NFL coaches and scouts were supposed to be in the “NFL stock market”. But, it doesn’t look like they did their homework on Weeden very well at all.

        • LG

          Just wondered because I do some investing and there was an autopilot on the GGP Stock message board too

      • autopilot

        LOL…no, I leave that up to professional advisors. I thought that’s what NFL coaches and scouts were supposed to be when investing in the “NFL stock market”. But, it looks like the Browns’ coaches didn’t do their due diligence on this stock pick.

  7. marty

    Sorry Mr. Editor, don’t post.Your’re doing a great job. It is just frustrating what the browns management did to colt. I come down hard on weedon, because he shows me nothing. A offensive line that is doing great taking the hits to protect a QB that doesn’t have it.Fans complain about you, but your actually doing a successful job. Look at your following.Your articles don’t die. Again don’t post. With the high cost of seating, the browns are not supplying the best to offer.

    • LG

      Yes you are right Marty, the fans should get a 50% refund. You can see better football in the College level than the Browns are giving the fans….

  8. isitnextyear

    Negative Nelly strikes again!!!! Did anyone catch the Chiefs game, that was where we were last year, couldn’t stop anyone but ourselves. Yes this game is a step back, but when you gamble on 3rd and one twice and don’t make it, you take all the confidence out of a young team. T-Rich was considered a draft bust at #3 by some world renown writer, but showed why we picked him and we should have rode him all day long. Shurmer must go, but he needs to take LG with him. Go get your dream job in Pittsburgh!

    • LG

      are you kidding me? The Browns defense was a lot better last year than they have been this year. What team were you watching last season?

      • isitnextyear

        Hmmmm, hope you are a better writer than you are a reader. I made no mention of the defense in my post. You can’t read or write, sure hope your next President values education. Since your are calling out the defense now, they lack a head hunter, Ray Lewis, style linebacker. Our defense is solid, but gives up to many big plays and doesn’t make enough of them. I like the swagger that Phil Taylor brought this week, but they need to back it up, Sheldon Brown needs to retire, and Joe Haden needs to get his head in the game and quit thinking he is the next coming of Deon.

        • LG

          In your reply you made a reference to the Chiefs, saying that was us last year that the Chiefs or us couldn’t stop anything but ourselves. When it comes to stopping things on the football Field, I think of defense, so there you have it…..

    • autopilot

      OMG, are you serious about your post?!?!? There’s nothing negative about the truth…and the truth is that Weeden is NOT the answer in Cleveland. He has had plenty of time to make improvements in his game this season, and he hasn’t done it nor has he improved the overall team performance.

      Read my post above about the 5 rookie starting quarterbacks from this season plus the 2 from last season and Weeden is statistically the worst of them all (by far) in nearly every category. Throw in the most important statistic (wins and losses) and he has the fewest wins of them all. He is the only quarterback of the 7 who hasn’t improved his team’s performance during his rookie season. Plus, consider that he is 29 years old and the others are all in their early 20′s. That doesn’t present a very bright future for the Browns’ youth movement.

      • isitnextyear

        LG and autopilot,

        So F it let’s scrap everything, that is both of your solutions for this 2-7 record. Weeden is not as good as the other rookie quarterbacks, McCoy was horrible as well. The problem lies within the coaching staff. No one is maximizing the players potential, hell Trent Dilfer has a superbowl ring, and all he had to do was manage the game, and let the running game and defense do what they were supposed to do. I love reading all these armchair quarterback responses, the bottom line is poor coaching equals poor play on the field. The Brown’s were only outplayed for one quarter of the game, they were outcoached all four quarters. As for your stat breakdown above, 0 playoff victories and no superbowls were left off your list, also where are Jemarcus Russel, Tim Couch, Ryan Leaf, Troy Aikman and Peyton Mannings rookie stats???

        • autopilot

          Only an arm-chair quarterback would use such a ridiculous comparison of Russell, Couch, Leaf, Aikman, and Manning. Their stats are totally irrelevant to my post. You think those quarterbacks were available to select when the Browns picked Weeden? Let’s talk reality and not fantasy football. Point is that the Browns picked the worst quarterback of the available crop of quarterbacks in Weeden’s peer group (this year’s and last year’s quarterback classes).

          I agree that coaching has a large part to do with the problem in Cleveland. It is a systemic problem that was in place before Weeden got here. Do I think that Weeden can be “coached up” to play better? Absolutely under a different coaching regime. But, he is so flawed right now that it is obvious that he is not and was not ready to be thrown into a starting quarterback position. So, again, the coaching staff and front office really screwed things up by picking him when they did and pressing him into service when he is obviously not ready for this role.

          And what about McCoy? He had no better coaching under this staff and is probably now phychologically damaged goods to Cleveland because he was tossed aside for Weeden. He is no longer the team leader and will forever be a cast-off in Cleveland. Could he come in and salvage his career here? Maybe, but I doubt it…again because the coaching staff bungled their handling of the quarterback situation.

          And, oh how we so often forget. McCoy has never had a training camp as a #1 quarterback. His rookie season he was #3 on the depth chart and was pressed into service prematurely late in the season. Last season, there was no training camp due to the lockout. He took it upon himself to have the receivers come to Texas to work out with him during the lockout. So, last year’s season is not comparable because he had no coaching…and still did pretty well considering that fact. And this season, he was never given a chance in training camp because the table was set for Weeden before they even put on the pads.

          • isitnextyear

            The bottom line is P. Manning and Aikman would have been at the bottom of your list as well. I am not saying Weeden is the next Manning, I merely am saying the coaching staff is garbage, they shouldn’t even coach a flag football team. Weeden is a better option than McCoy and H and H knew that coming into a year of the team being sold, so basically they went all in on this one and the NFL is calling their bluff. McCoy is a tough kid that should have been given a shot, now like every QB we have had in here since 99 he is done. Just out of curiosity, think back to Weeden’s first game against Philly sporting his number 3, didn’t he look like DA? Browns should have left McCoy the starter through this year and drafted a QB in 2nd or third round.

          • LG

            IsItNextyear, can you honestly say that Brandon Weeden put his whole heart into the game yesterday? I think the problem is Weeden has no heart, at least McCoy would sacrifice his safety to get the browns a win Weeden seems to be afraid to do that…

          • autopilot

            Agreed that this coaching staff probably should be in a Pop Warner league. I don’t agree that they went all in because the knew that there was going to be an ownership change because they were blind-sided by that early this summer. They went all in with Weeden whenever they selected him with such a ridiculously high draft pick…before knowing that there might be an ownership change. Later, whenever they found out that the team was up for sale did it force them to reveal their intentions. Maybe it forced them to play Weeden before they were ready to do so…don’t know except that Weeden wasn’t ready for the role that was thrust upon him.

        • ABrown

          You asked about rookie years for Manning, Aikman, Couch, Russell, and Leaf.

          These guys played the whole season:

          (1) Manning –56.7% completion rate, 71.2 passer rating, 26 TDs, and 28 INTs (set all time record for most TD by a rookie)

          (2) Couch –55.2%, 73.2 rating, 15 TDs and 13 INTs on the first year of an expansion team.

          These QBs were benched for part of the season because they were struggling. These are listed by most to least games played.

          Aikman –52.9%, 55.7, 9 TDs and 18 INTs. (Cowboys were like an expansion team with no WR, no RB, and weak line) played 10 games

          Ryan Leaf –45.3%, 39.0 rating, 2 TDs and 15 INTs. Benched after 9th game.

          Jamarcus Russell –54.5%, 55.9, 2 TDs and 4 INTs. Only played 4 games before he was benched.

          Except for Aikman, all of these guys came into the league over 10 years ago and rookies were not expected to play as well and didn’t play as well as players coming into the league now, It’s more accurate to compare recent rookies.

          One thing is clear, the guys who struggled as much as Weeden were benched during their first season.

          Here is another QB from last year that defines an unsuccessful season and his coach was fired after this season of play:

          Gabbert — 50.8%, 65.4 passes rating, 12 TD and 11 INT.

          • autopilot

            I forgot about Gabbert.

  9. Bob

    BTW – Perfect picture of Weeden for this article. lol

  10. autopilot

    Come to think of it, will probably forget about Weeden, too, in a couple of years if he keeps up with this level of performance.


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