Colt McCoy to start Thursday Browns quarterback Cot McCoy will start Thursday night when the Browns take on the Chicago Bears, Brandon Weeden will not play. Just recently Pat Shurmur said he has a lot of confidence in McCoy, you just have to wonder if the Cleveland Browns have wondered if they named Brandon Weeden the Browns starting quarterback prematurely. McCoy has been better than Weeden throughout the preseason thus far. If McCoy goes out to play against the Bears with some of the Browns starters in the line up he could really impress Shurmur and the Browns brass of he is successful.

There is no doubt Brandon Weeden can play Q.B. in the NFL, there is a ton of doubt if he can play Q.B. for the Cleveland Browns with the offensive line the Browns now have. The West coast offense takes a guy that can move around back there, in the 3 preseason games we have seen Weeden in, he has had trouble moving. McCoy can be a more productive quarterback for the Browns with the present situation than Brandon Weeden can. Weeden needs more time to become accustomed to playing in the NFL. The defensive pass rush looks like it scares Brandon Weeden, until he gets use to the speed of the game the Browns would be better off starting Colt McCoy.

We will see if McCoy looks good this Thursday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Chicago Bears…..

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Bob Bower

    C’mon LG. You’re beating this dead horse again. You know as well as I that the final preseason game is for people trying to make the team. Most teams only play the starters for one series of downs if THAT. I think McCoy has a lock at backup over Seneca but Weeden is the starter!!! They’re not second guessing that decision at all! Remember…. 4 – 12 last year. They want to improve..hence the new guy!

    • ABrown

      Bob, 4-12 has been the most frequent result of Browns’ seasons since 1999. There’s lots more behind 4-12 than Colt McCoy. Predictions around the league suggest we might think 4-12 is great if we start a rookie quarterback who has looked shaky, at best, in preseason.

      Most of the rookie and second year quarterbacks who have been outplaying Weeden are going to play the first half in the last preseason game — everyone except Cam Newton and RGIII and they have looked very good.

  2. ABrown

    It would be wonderful to think that Shurmur might be making a decision for the good of the Browns, but when I see comments like–
    (1) Weeden played well against Detroit,
    (2) the O-line is a strength for our team, and
    (3) Weeden is ready to play in the season opener
    (even when Weeden himself says he needs more
    time to adjust to the speed of the NFL),
    I think good judgement is something Browns fans will have to wait a little longer for.

    And I tend to doubt the current coaches will even let McCoy play with the lst team against Chicago.


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