Brandon Weeden the Browns 28-year-old rookie quarterback had a better game in Green Bay last night. Weeden looked goo handing off the ball to Montario Hardesty and his passing was better too. Weeden went 12/20 for 118 yards  and a 5.9 yard average.  The Browns defense looked like stars out there on the field. Weeden had some trouble when he was being pressured and the Browns receivers continued to drop passes they should be catching. Brandon Weeden showed he could take a hit and get back up off the field.

Before the half Weeden was hit and I mean he was hit hard by a Green Bay defender who put his helmet into Weeden’s chest and knocked him to the ground. Welcome to the NFL Mr. Weeden it looked like. The Green Bay Packers looked terrible. When they did pressure Weeden, it was clear Weeden had problems. One thing I notice about Brandon Weeden is his lack of mobility. I certainly hope before the regular season starts the Browns offensive line can improve to give Weeden better protection, otherwise I don’ think we will see Weeden finish the season as the Browns starter.

Weeden didn’t complete the long ball a lot last night, it looked as though Shurmur’s play calling was designed to get his rookie quarterback completions. The Browns used both the running game and the pass attack evenly throughout Weeden’s time on the field. Weeden threw into coverage a couple of times and the ball was almost intercepted, two times the Packers were able to put their hands on a Weeden pass they should have intercepted. Weeden was a little lucky they couldn’t real it in.

The big story in last nights game has to be the Browns defense. Coming into the Green Bay game people were wondering if the Browns defense would be able to compete with all the injuries. The Browns defense did better than compete, they controlled the entire  football game. The Browns defense look great last night. One other note is the fact the Browns are still making a lot of penalties on the field, mainly special teams. Once again Phil Dawson was spot on most of the night.

The Browns got the victory 35-10 in Green Bay on a night the Green Bay Packers looked terrible on. You have to think the Packers weren’t very interested in winning this game….

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  1. ABrown

    It was definitely a better night for Weeden. The coaches protected him like their lives depend on it. Against the first string defense, they called almost 70% run plays to keep Weeden out of the mix and when the coaches did dial up a pass, Weeden completed only 3 of 8 against the ones.

    You mentioned the near interceptions. That was troubling. Last week, 3 passes were nearly picked off — 2 sidelines and 1 screen. This week the coaches only called 1 sideline pass and only 1 screen. Those were the 2 that Green Bay defenders got in their hands on.

    The Browns’ first team had 8 possessions last night and scored on 4, 3 field goals and 1 touchdown (set up by one really good pass to Little) and only one of these drives covered more than 40 yards — the TD drive covered 45.

    The defense did a great job of giving us a short field and getting turnovers and TDs. Weeden finished with a passer rating in the 70′sm much better than 19.

    • LG

      ABrown I must say this is a great Analysis of the game last night. I know when Weeden was handing off the ball they were protecting him. I should have paid closer attention to the pass plays and the way they did it too. Wow, I think we could have some problems once the real game time situations arise if we have to do it like this…

      • ABrown

        You noticed this stuff, but I had decided to classify the individual plays to see what was really happening. I was a little surprised and I’m a little worried for the future. Another thing I noticed was that runs to the right didn’t go anywhere.

        • LG

          Yes if the Browns would have paid more attention to improving the line both McCoy and the Running game would have shined this season…


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