Browns coach Pat Shurmur has been reiterating for the past couple days, just how ready his 28-year-old rookie Q.B. Brandon Weeden is. I find it a bit unusual that Weeden himself has stated he needs more time to get comfortable with the speed of the game in the NFL. The other thing I find a bit unusual is the fact a guy like Eli Manning is playing for the New York Giants tonight in their final preseason game. Maybe that is why Manning has 2 Super Bowl rings, he works hard perfecting his sport.

You would think a rookie coming into the league at 28-years-old would use all the opportunities he could get to keep improving himself and get ready for the up coming NFL season. I hope this isn’t a sign of Pat Shurmur’s inexperience as a head coach in the NFL. Sitting Weeden in game 4 of the preseason could be robbing him of valuable experience. Worse yet I wonder if Weeden suffered any kind of injury the Browns aren’t telling us about in the couple of sacks he took in the Eagles game and Weeden needs time to recover. He is able to practice so I don’t think that is the problem.

The Browns should use this as a lesson, when a guy like ELi Manning is playing in the Giants last preseason game, the Browns should think that’s how you get a Super Bowl ring. You work harder than anyone else. Manning might not play much tonight, he still played. Weeden isn’t going to play at all tomorrow night when the Browns take on the Bears.

What is wrong with this picture? Can Weeden be that much more ready? For some reason I don’t think so…


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. ABrown

    Great example of what it takes to be a winning team with a winning quarterback!

  2. Andrew Najdovski

    It could also be a possibility that the browns are putting on a showcase for colt McCoy for a possible trade opportunity?

  3. slimjim4212

    i do not see them show caseing colt, the new owner jimmy haslam is a colt fan, that was one of the things he sad, he was at last week game.
    and pat came out and sad colt is playing well. jimmy also head all the fans cherring fo colt. i thimk he told pat and the brain trust if colt go all you well be gone too.

  4. David W

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Weeden is Eagle food next week. One would think to get him into game action as soon and as much possible. He has shown glimpses of being good till he gets popped a few times then he is rattled and inconsistent. I hope he proves us wrong I really do, but from past experience says nope just another Million Dollar Blunder. Go Colt and give them something great to say about you buddy!

  5. KC

    I hope Colt plays well as you know Cleveland had little to nothing for anything to work last year but funny as all the blame is landed on Colt. Few quarterbacks start out doing well their first season and last year really was his first season. No one in the Brown’s organization has really liked Colt they have wanted him to fail. Now that he has experience and is playing better the Brandon they still want him in the backseat. If I was Colt I would ask to be traded were people appreciate his hard work and team support.

  6. Bobby D

    He is that ready. Or as reeady as he is going to be. I think the OL needs more time before Weeden, but Weeden and Gordon need time to gel a bit more. I can see both sides of this situation. If Weeden starts and gets hurt they have no choice but to put in McCoy and that could cause problems. DOn’t tell me how McCoy has looked better, he hasn’t played the same competition.

    Barclay in 2013!

    • LG

      Now you’re talking Bobby D!!!! They should have waited until next year to get a Q.B.


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