After watching the way the Cleveland Browns played in their season opener last Sunday, it is a little difficult to find some positives about Brandon Weeden. When you stop and think about the 3 interceptions he threw and how he can’t avoid the pressure of a pass rush because he is immobile, you may over look a positive.

But Weeden does do some things correctly, one of those things is receiving the football from center. Most people don’t stop to think about how hard that can be when the first thing a quarterback is thinking, is how fast can he drop back and get rid of the ball without being hit by the on coming pass rush.

Plus, Weeden mostly played from the shot-gun in College, taking the ball from center is something he had to adapt to in his rookie season in the NFL.

We need to give Weeden some credit. he takes the ball from center like a finally tuned seasoned veteran who has played the game of football for years. Very seldom does Weeden ever screw up the exchange from center.

This is something most fans take for granted but when to stop and look at how hard the center snaps the ball, you begin to realize what a great job Weeden is doing accepting that exchange.

I am hopeful that his success with taking the ball from center can continue when the Browns travel to Baltimore this weekend to take on the World Champion ravens on Sunday. Weeden’s success is going to count on him taking the ball from center correctly.

So with that being said, I am going to continue to look for positive things to write about when it comes to covering Brandon Weeden. Hopefully he can improve a few other things this week.

Go Browns.

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Keith

    My work is done, and I must now leave. I asked LG to write one positive piece about Weeden and he has now done so. Somewhere out there is another reporter, consumed by hate, who has lost his way, and who needs my guidance.
    Farewell LG. I will never forget you, or this piece, by far the best you have ever written.

    • LG

      You all come back now ya hear????

  2. Old goat

    LG writes: “So with that being said, I am going to continue to look for positive things to write about when it comes to covering Brandon Weeden”.

    that should be a sort story. How about Weedhead runs and hides when things get difficult.

    • LG

      LOL Old Goat, it is freaking funny that the only positive I could think of was taking the snaps don’t you think?

      • keith

        Still one more positive than I could find if I was evaluating your work LG.

      • Chris Kellar

        LMAO, you really made that sound like a good thing.. which of cource is important, there again everyone was doing that as a kid in the 70′s before the shotgun???

        • LG

          You get it don’t you Chris Kellar….

  3. Mike

    You understand that if weeden looks good against the ravens you will have to write a positive article every week due to karma. This is kinda like watching the grinch carve the Christmas ham.

    • LG

      LMFAO…..If he wins in Baltimore I might have to use a portable defibrillator cause I may have a heart attack….

  4. Stiv Marley

    Wow! It’s a start, keep looking at other writers and you may even find your way.

  5. joe

    As a Weeden supporter,, I cran’t say I didn’t think about LG while I watched the opener haha there some good things and some bad things about weeden,, but thanks for puttin some positive aspects of his game.. lol if he wins in Baltimore I may also need a defibrillator…

    • LG

      Maybe we can get a discount on them Joe….

  6. Big Duke

    This article just jinxed Weeden to fumble 5 times next game! At least that would be a change of pace rather than have a monster game for the opposing team as their 12th Man with 5 interceptions. Ya’ know….by Weeden increasing his fumbles will keep us guessing what’s he going to do each game….

  7. Big Duke

    Folks, while I was in a Buddhist temple meditating or was that the local bar I was at, well anyway, I encountered this crystal clear moment of thought and I believe I’ve stumbled onto the idea that in order for Weeden to have “positive” articles written about him goes like this…….HE NEEDS TO FRICKEN WIN SOME GAMES ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!!!!!

    • LG

      What a great break through. What bar was that Big Duke? I need to pay a visit to it….


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