Brandon Weeden Failed at Baseball

B.W Halloween 2011

Brandon Weeden the Browns new 28-year-old rokkie quarterback who will turn 29 on the 14th of October will learn a lesson in Humility come Thursday night. The instructor undoubtedly will be none other than the 17 year veteran Ray Lewis and his Baltimore Ravens defense. Have you ever listened to one of Weeden’s post game press conferences?  The guy is all about himself, he didn’t learn from his failed major league baseball career that he is enrolled in a team sport. After Sunday’s loss Weeden has the nerve to stand at the  podium and say things like, “I think it was a solid day”. Then Weeden said “I threw the ball where it needed to go all day”. This wasn’t the first time Weeden has use I threw the ball where it needed to go all day either, he had the nerve to say it after his first game as a Cleveland Brown. The game where his numbers were so low they almost needed a special meter to register the 5.1 rating.

Brandon Weeden might be a great college quarterback and the Browns fans who are sold with Weeden as their franchise savior are doing so with the success he had at Oklahoma State. There are two problems with that, the first being the NFL is not college and the other is Brandon Weeden’s own self-indulgence in himself could very well be getting in his way. Weeden is about to learn the hard way just because he thinks he throws the ball where it needs to go, in the NFL that isn’t going to get it done.

The Baltimore Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL. They are led by a guy who will be listed as one of the best line backers the NFL has ever seen once Ray Lewis is inducted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. When Brandon Weeden gets man handled by Lewis and company he will get one of the biggest ass kicking’s he has ever  received while competing on a football field. Then Brandon Weeden will know Humility, it will be the moments that follow him right after the game that will wake him up at night remembering just how much it hurts to take a beating like that.

It  will be very doubtful that Brandon Weeden walks up to the microphone after the Ravens game and tells the world just how good he was on this day. Hell, it will be good if Brandon Weeden can walk up to the microphone under his own power after the Ravens game. Weeden has yet to win a game in his young NFL career, yet he tells the world how good he is after each loss. Maybe that is the way they do it out in Oklahoma, but in Cleveland when your team is down 0-3 on the season, the last thing you should be saying is how good you are.

We will see after the game Thursday night if Mr. Weeden makes the statements he is becoming known for, “I felt extremely comfortable in the pocket”. “I felt my reads were really good”. “I felt  like I threw the ball accurately”. “I felt like I had a good day.” You see those statements? There are an awful lot of I’s in them. After class ends on Thursday night it will be interesting to see how many statements Weeden makes that start with I. Especially with an instructor with the experience of a Ray Lewis……I really hope the Browns can get a win, but I really doubt it will be Thursday night…



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. muttklingon

    weeden will tell? . if goodQB? OR great QB.?

  2. ABrown

    Coach Sam Rutigliano reminded us of the old saying with a difference: “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ but there are two ‘I’s in ‘idiot’”

    Either Weeden hasn’t been coached in dealing with the media, or he doesn’t listen to his coaches.


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