If the NFL gave out rings for losing,  Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden would have four already.  This weekend he must avoid getting one for his thumb.  There are many reasons the Browns have lost 4 games this season.  Weeden fans will be the first to tell you the Browns receivers have dropped passes, guess what, they dropped a few for Colt McCoy last season too.  The Browns front office was in a giant hurry to name Weeden the teams starting quarterback.  This week when the Cleveland Browns take on the New York Giants, Brandon Weeden is  going to have to methodically move the Browns down field.  Weeden has to be able to surgically throw passes to his receiver that will be catch-able.   Weeden threw 53 passes against the Ravens. 27 of those were incomplete passes. The Browns dropped nine by my count that means 16 were poorly thrown balls. Weeden has a tendency to throw inceptions too.

If he does that against the Giants the game will be over before half time.  It is time for the gun slinger the Browns made their starter to dial it back a bit and try to consistently move the Browns down the field. If the Browns go 3 and out on many of their offensive procession’s the Giants with Eli Manning at Q.B. will eat the Browns defense up. This guy is one of the very best Q.B.’s in the NFL. He has 2 Super Bowl rings to prove it.

Weeden has already started in 25% of the Browns  2012 schedule, the Browns have no wins with Brandon Weeden at quarterback. People are brain washed into thinking with Weeden at Q.B. the Browns are a better team. Hey, maybe they are. The point is if you can’t win a game you suck. Pure and simple the NFL is measured by how many wins you have. The Browns with Brandon Weeden have none.  Last season by game 5 the Browns were 2-2, I can’t see how the  team is better with no wins.  After 6 games in 2011 the Browns had 3 wins. The point is the Browns are not a better football team than they were in 2011, they are win-less.

If the front office and the incompetent head coach are going to make changes and tell the fans they are going to be a better team, then Browns have to win games. The Browns haven’t done that, if they can’t tame down the man who throws more in-completions than completions they will lose this Sunday too. Then Weeden Will have one for his thumb, then he will have a fist full of losses.

For anyone to say the Browns are a better team than they were last season, I say the record don’t reflect it.

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  1. marty stys

    The browns last year didn’t have a running game. Last year the offensive line average 2 seconds before breaking down. Yes, the browns improved from last year. Hayden is good, but not probowl material yet. I think there is some inner problems yet.


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