There is little doubt about Cleveland Browns receiver, Josh Gordon’s talents on the field. It has been his off-field choices that have led this young man to trouble. This year Gordon seems to have turned a new leaf in his football career.

He proved to the Browns and everyone else he is a premier NFL receiver, and he has the making to be one of the best of all time. Coming with his on field fame after the 2013 NFL season Gordon made his first Pro-Bowl appearance.

With the way this kid performs on the field, I’ll bet my last dollar there will be more to follow. Gordon played well in the Pro Bowl and he made the fans back home in Cleveland proud that he was in Hawaii representing their Cleveland Browns.

Now that Gordon’s football season has finally come to an end, he is hanging out in New York this week and taking in the surroundings of the Super Bowl. Along with his new found fame on the field, comes a bunch f requests for interviews and why not, he is after-all one of the best receivers in the game and part of a dysfunctional football team in Cleveland.

It is obvious by Gordon’s comments during some of these interviews, he has no talent for properly evaluating the coaching staff. Gordon made said, replacing the Browns 2013 offensive coordinator Norv Turner couldn’t be done.

Perhaps he forgot the fact the Browns only won 4 football games last season. While Turner used to be one to the best offensive minds in the game, it appeared at times he forgot how to do his job.

The Cleveland Browns offense finished 18th over-all in 2013. They finished 27th in points scored. There were times when the team was as close to the end-zone as 3 yards and couldn’t find a way to score a touchdown.

If Norv was the great offensive minded person Gordon associates him as being the Browns would have found a way to score more points. Of course not having the services of Josh Gordon for the 1st 2 games of the regular season didn’t help Turner either.

Another problem Norv’s offense had was penalty yards. The Browns took 920 yards in penalties last season and that didn’t help Norv’s cause either.

Stick to catching the football Josh and leave the offensive coordinator evaluating to someone else.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Leon II

    I have to laugh LG. Not that I think you are necessarily wrong but you have to look at all the interviews Gordon gave to see what he was truly doing. Someone is coaching Gordon in PR and they are doing a damn good job of it. Gordon knows that this front office is willing to shop any player as evidenced by the Richardson trade and Gordon almost getting traded last year. Add in the rumors that Haden may get traded to Arizona this year and you can see why Gordon doesn’t feel secure he will play in Cleveland in 2014. Gordon is simply trying to make sure he lays the ground work in case it happens to him. Whether he stays or goes he wants to build bridges not burn them so he can enter any situation as a day one WR1 and not have his career derailed (and thus jeopardize that big money second contract). You don’t get to showcase your talents if your new head coach and offensive coordinator see you as a detractor of them. Minnesota, where Norv ended up, is in desperate need of a WR1 so complementing his former OC is just good business.

    • LG

      You are right once again Leon II. I figured Gordon was being politically correct, but come on man, the Browns offense didn’t flourish with Norv calling the plays….

  2. jeff

    Good article…. Why would we listen to a pro-bowl wide receiver, someone who has played football all his life when it comes to evaluating one of his coaches? We SHOULD listen to a blogger who has never spoken to Norv Turner or sat in an NFL meeting room… mind boggling drivel.


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