Colt McCoy Many people in Cleveland May already know, former Browns Beat writer Tony Grossi does thing to irritate the Cleveland Browns and team President Mike Holmgren. The latest is Grossi’s attempts to interpret things Holmgren says negatively when it comes to what the team is going to do with Browns quarterback Colt McCoy. Browns President Holmgren said at his latest press conference, he liked Colt McCoy and   the Browns would determine who their starting quarterback would be before the season starts. Grossi then comes out saying the Cleveland Browns would look to deal McCoy and would ask very little in return for him.

Grossi covered the Browns for years with the local news-paper the Cleveland Plain dealer before being removed last season after he let a tweet get out about Browns owner Randy Learner. Grossi may be slightly out of touch with reality when it comes to the statements he continues to make about the Cleveland Browns. Grossi who now works for ESPN Cleveland continues to make assertions about the Browns looking though his eyes only. Grossi must not be listening to the same statements the Browns are making when they hold these press conferences.

The Cleveland Browns were less than impressed with the things Grossi has written about the team and Grossi continues to come out with these jaded views of what the Browns should do. Mike Holmgren has to be fit to be tied when it comes to Tony Grossi and sooner rather than later the Teams President may want to limit the amount of coverage made available to Grossi. If the Browns do deal McCoy, of course Grossi would looks as though he had the inside scoop. I really don’t know why the Cleveland Browns would deal McCoy who can win some football games in favor of having Seneca Wallace as the back-up when he could get any wins last season at all. Besides, Wallace has been in the league for ten years. McCoy is still young, he didn’t have a very good chance last season and the Browns know that.

It is just too bad Tony Grossi doesn’t know it. As it comes closer to the NFL season we will see what moves the Cleveland Browns make. As far as listening to Grossi, I guess we have little choice.

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