peyton Hillis fires Kennard McGuirePeyton Hillis will be going into the free agency without the  services of his agent Kennard McGuire. Many think Hillis should have fired McGuire last September. Hillis has already gone through 3 agents in his short career as a professional NFL player. The Cleveland Browns put an offer on the table for Hillis last season and Hillis didn’t take it.

McGuire probably advise Hillis against signing thinking because Hillis was the Madden poster boy he would get big money. Then Hillis went out and had a terrible season.  Not only did Peyton Hillis get bad advise from his agent when he was offered a decent contract he may not be faced with a contract that give him large guaranteed money this year.

Rumors have it that the Cleveland Browns have offered Hillis an incentive filled contract without large sums of guaranteed money in it. Hillis would have to go out and perform and perform well in order to make the kind of money the Browns offered in the original contract the team put on the table last season. The Browns made it known they wanted to have Hillis back in Cleveland this season, what Hillis is going to do next is anyone’s guess. If Hillis is out shopping for a new agent my Advice to him is Hire Tim Misny the personal injury lawyer in the Cleveland, He Makes Them Pay….

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