Shurmur Bye WeekPat Shumur says I’ve just got to keep driving the team and fighting to get victories and that’s my little world.” I wonder if the guy is feeling the heat yet? Shurmur no longer has his buddy Mike Holmgren to answer to, he has to answer to Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam, The Browns who are 2-7 haven’t done a lot of winning this season, they should be able to pick up another win against the Kansas City Chiefs. Then the Browns will be 3-7. If they don’t win against the Chiefs because of coaching mistakes then it is time to open the door and throw Shumur out.

There is no way Jimmy Haslam can be happy with his head coach after what he saw this past Sunday, there were times when the Cleveland Browns couldn’t get the plays on the field in time. When Shumur is asked about his talks with Haslam, he responds that those are private conversions.  The Browns have got to get better at doing the little things. The team needs a solid head coach that can get things done. The Bye week is here and some guys will get some much needed rest. Lets hope when the team returns they can bring some things together to win some football games.

Shurmur’s little world has to be feeling like it is caving in on him…..

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  1. BadBrad1072


    It is time… He has to go…After witnessing the mistakes and improper management of the clock and play-calling. This look belongs in Pop Warner at best. He simply has to go…

    • LG


    • Shrek

      I will put money on Andy Reid being here next year. He has a relationship with Banner.

      • LG

        Unfortunately so does Pat Shumur

  2. ABrown

    This kind of “coaching” dampens the competitive fire in the players and teaches them to settle for less and stop caring. He’s toxic and hurts the team more with each additional game.

    Time for a stop gap change sooner rather than later.

    • LG

      This kind of “coaching” is hard to find in PEE WEE Football let alone the NFL

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i almost fainted when i didn’t see the words “mccoy” or “weeden” in your article.

    shurmur is a great coaching talent … you all are crazy … the man definitely has what it takes to get the browns on the right path. in fact , he will win-out to retain his job & then be coach-of-the-year when he gets us to the superbowl next year …

    then again , maybe i fell & hit my head when i didn’t see the words “mccoy” or “weeden” in LG’s article.

    have a good one …

  4. Jeremy

    I agree tigersbrowns2.. :)
    Nice article.. I was hoping he would get dumbped at the beginning of this week to give an interim coach an opportunity to hit the second half of the season running… But, as it stands, the players will have to continue to overcome Shurmur’s ineffectiveness as a coach, and win despite him..

  5. tigersbrowns2

    thanks LG … i read it & left a reply … i must’ve missed it when you originally posted it.

    in all seriousness , i fully expect mr. haslam to spare no expense & bring in a high-profile head coach … who that might be, i don’t know.

  6. LoneStar Browns


    I agree with you. However, I am tired of having a new Head Coach every other year. Can we have some consistancy and a system that will last more than 2 years. Who knows, I do not want a coach who will clean house again and install his system and we will be rebuilding for the next few years. We need someone to take over and stop this rebuilding routine that has been going since 99.. Go Browns from Dallas.

    • LG

      You are right we need someone to stay put for the long haul, but that can’t be Pat Shumur he doesn’t have it….

  7. ABrown

    It’s not like we’ve really had a coach the last 2 years, so if a real Head Coach comes in in the next couple of months, it’s not like a regime change at all. It’s a brand new start of an era of winning in Cleveland.

    The same year Shurmur came her, Jim Harbaugh became Head Coach of the 49ers.

    They both had a shortened preseason, both took over teams that had had losing records for several years, and neither had time to bring in many new players.

    John Harbaugh took a previously struggling team to the NFC Championship game the first year.

    Jimmy Johnson took over a Cowboys team in 1989 with a pretty bare cupboard. They were 1 and 15 the first year, had a winning season the 2nd year, and won the Super Bowl the 3rd year.

    Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, Bill Belichick, and Sean Payton are examples of coaches who took over teams that were either brand new or struggling, some with decades of losing like the Steelers and Saints, and started winning within 2 to 3 years and began a long tradition of playoff appearances and Super Bowl victories.

    A great coach can definitely make a difference but even a good coach will turn things around pretty quickly.

    That’s the kind of coach we need here and the tradition of winning that comes with that hire.

    That’s the kind of change we don’t need to be afraid of.

  8. marty

    ABrown, apply for the job already.

    • LG

      I’ll bet she understands the fundamentals better than Shurmur does

  9. isitnextyear


    First off, we all need to quit thinking Gruden is any type of top rated coach, if he was he’d still be coaching, and secondly, he inherited a playoff team that beat his former team (which he knew the strengths and weaknesses of) to win his Superbowl. After his Superbowl he drove the Bucs into the ground. We need a young passionate coach who gets this team fired up to play on Sunday, who understands the amount of prep needed to prepare for a NFL game. I don’t agree with Pat calling the offense, but who is held accountable??? THE HEAD COACH. That is why he is on the hot seat. Let Childress call a few games, get Weeden up to speed on the language, and by all means give the kid an audible package. Believe me they will take off. Rumor has it LG would win more than two games, I gotta fly to vegas and bet the under on that one.

    • LG

      ISitnextyear, I am in agreement with you 100%, I don’t want Grudin. I want Bill Cower, He loves Cleveland and he was here once under Marty as the Browns special teams coach.

  10. autopilot

    There should be quite a few good potential coaches to choose from after this season is over. I’ve heard several names tossed out there as a potential replacement to Shurmur…”Chuckie” Gruden, Bill Cowher, Brian Billick, Nick Saban, Les Miles and even Urban Meyer. Of those, Gruden and Billick are probably the only ones that would be interested in the Browns’ coaching gig. Cowher still has too much allegiance to the Steelers and Saban, Miles and Meyer would probably take considerable pay cuts to leave their current positions.

    One name I haven’t heard mentioned who will be available is Sean Payton. Since Roger Goodell voided his contract with the Saints recently, he will be a coaching “free agent” in 2013. I would be surprised if he doesn’t get quite a bit of interest from other teams. There will likely be a bidding war for his services with the Cowboys, Eagles and Saints in the mix. If Haslam is serious about making the Browns a winner, he should at least make a run at Payton because he will be the best coach available.

    • isitnextyear

      If we bring in a college coach, Saban would be the only one who might have a chance to make that jump, he was here before, so that is either a plus or minus depending how you look at it. Payton is intriguing, but I say he goes back to New Orleans, just a dumb clause in his contract. Billick??? No way, he had a superbowl team in Baltimore and ran them into the ground. I like the idea of Cowher, he is a motivator and went places with Neil O’Donnel and Kordell Stewart, but I don’t think he wants to coach. Banner needs to hire the Blues Brothers and get the ’94 band back together. OR a young up and comer than can understand this young team and what it is going to take to get the job done. Does Belicheck have a son?? Hell I’ll take a daughter at this point.

      • LG

        How about a guy that has been seen hanging around the Browns headquarters in Berea that goes by the name of Tressel? He is close by in Akron and you just never know. This comment is only for conversation. I would really like to see Bill Cower here….

        • ABrown

          I’m inclined to trust the new owner even though we don’t know him well, yet. I love his reaction to bad plays or play calling, and I think he hates to lose.

          I think he’ll make a good choice (but no to Gruden) who will be a great leader and who will be so focused on building a great team that he’ll think of a new play even while he’s sleeping and get up in the middle of the night to write it down.

          Whatever Haslem does, it’s bound to be better than what we have now. Pat Shurmur is less motivating than Mr. Rogers, although they both have their own “little worlds.”

          • LG

            I am excited about the new Owner this guy will build a winner I just wish he would have already brought in the bull dozier and got started…

      • autopilot

        I don’t like the Billick idea, either. I agree that he ran the Ravens into the ground. I’d say the same thing about Gruden with the Buccaneers. There’s no way that Saban leaves Alabama…he makes nearly $6 million a year as the highest paid coach in college football. That’s probably more than any NFL coach currently makes.

        Tressel…I don’t know about him. The way he crashed and burned at Ohio State leads me to believe that he doesn’t have the discipline needed to right the ship in Cleveland.

        And the Payton idea probably would never happen. He loves where he is and would likely only leave there for Dallas (where he lives). Tom Benson loves the guy and so does Jerry Jones. But, Christmas is on its way and his name would be at the top of my Christmas list if I were Haslam and Banner.

        • isitnextyear

          Tressel?? We as fans don’t have time or appetite for that experiment. We need to right this ship ASAP, maybe he picked up some pointers from the pro game sitting up in the box in Indy last year. The tattoogate that was his program was the result of kids that thought they were bigger than the NCAA. Tressel just tried to cover it up, c’mon what are we talkin bout? practice? how about this? The Browns become the first all digital team, fans vote for the next play online and a computer generates the best call based off the results and radios it in to the QB. That way the fans can’t complain about the play calling.

          • LG

            I only threw that name out for conversation I said. And if we don’t have time to right the ship maybe Weeden is being rushed and they should try someone else…

  11. Leon II

    When looking for Shurmur’s replacement I would rather see the team look forward then backward. Assuming Haslam and Banner want to maintain what is already in place I would suggest that there are four assistant coaches who may be ready for Head Coaching positions and are experienced working in similar systems. They would be in no particular order:

    Dave Toub, Bears Special Teams Coordinator was short listed for the Dolphins Head Coach position last year. His experience working with players from both sides of the ball makes him an intriguing prospect. He brings an all around skill set that should allow him to effectively coach all three areas of play utilizing what the Browns already have in place. His familiarity with the strong Bears 4-3 defense is a plus and his experience working with the likes of Forte, Cutler and Marshal should serve the Browns well in building a more effective offense.

    Mike McCoy, Broncos Offensive Coordinator has the experience, track record and the proven ability to adapt his offense to the players available. What he had done in Denver the last two years speaks highly of his abilities and potential as a Head Coach. His time in Denver also means he can see the importance of a good defense and should understand the 4-3 very well.

    Another candidate given his abilities with coaching up a 4-3 defense would be Gus Bradley, Seahawks Defensive Coordinator. He has turned Seattle’s defense into one of the most physical in the league and the style of play he asks of his players would fit in the AFCN. Add in his familiarity with the WCO and the Browns would be getting someone who wouldn’t feel the need to blow up player personnel on either side of the ball.

    Bruce Arians, Colts Offensives Coordinator/Interim Head Coach would be a possibility as well. Assuming Pagano returns next year it is hard to imagine the man who has coached the Colts to a 4-1 record as interim won’t be short listed for a permanent gig elsewhere. Considering the Colts run a variant of the WCO he makes sense for the Browns though he doesn’t have the familiarity with a 4-3 defense they might want.

    • ABrown

      Leon II, great short list with lots of football savy, energy, and coaching talent, not to mention some hunger for the job — more than one Head Coach in that group.

      Great post!

  12. ABrown

    LG, I was Googling coaches this afternoon and found an article from last January. It mentioned Cowher, among other coaching prospects, and said that in general he was comfortable with broadcasting, BUT IF A COACHING JOB CAME OPEN IN CLEVELAND OR HOUSTON, that would change the whole situation. I hope that’s accurate.

    BTW, I think “someone else” would do a good job.:)

    • LG

      I do think that is very accurate, I think Cower loves Cleveland and most people who are Browns fans now don’t even remember Cower days. The guy was also the special teams coach for the Browns too, he used to run up and down the side lines each time his special teams were on the field….


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