Is the owner of the Cleveland Browns trying to hide the truth in the Pilot Flying J rebate fraud case? The answer to that is yes. In the latest law suit filed against the company Haslam II runs, they want to take his deposition.

Haslam III has his lawyers working overtime trying to get a judge in Knox County to block the attempt of Atlantic Coast Carriers and three other trucking companies to take a sworn deposition from Jimmy Haslam III.

Is Haslam being less than candid about what he did or didn’t know? The answer to that is becoming clear. He doesn’t want to give sworn testimony under oath. Why not Jimmy? You love being candid about everything else.

What is he trying to hide? Why won’t he give his sworn testimony? You would think if he had no knowledge of the fraud that was taking place he would be glad to give sworn statements projecting his innocence.

Depositions have been used in civil suits for a long time. They want to depose people involved in these cases to see what they did or did not know. If Haslam III were to give sworn testimony under oath and he was being less than truthful, they could file a charge of perjury against him.

Many times people are subpoenaed to take part in a deposition. It is part of the natural system. Haslam III is proving that if you have enough money you could buy your way out of anything. The problem is the case to block his deposition is taking place in a Knox County court.

We all know Haslam’s brother is the Governor in his home state and Haslam’s family is very powerful there. Why not take the case to the states that the frauds took place in? Haslam III shouldn’t be allowed to skip a deposition.

If the rest of us have to take part in the natural process, so should he. One thing we have learned about the Owner of the Cleveland Browns, is his will to be Candid. Something tells me in the case of giving a sworn statement, Haslam has the urge to be less than candid.

Come on Jimmy, go take the oath to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and tell those people, you knew nothing about what was taking place inside the company you are in charge of. Be sure to be candid…..

You have said it for months now, you probably have talked yourself into believing it. So what’s the problem with giving your sworn testimony?  AS the good people at Nike say Jimmy, Just Do It!!!


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  1. muttklingon



    The latest development is huge! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe they have evidence of fraud on top of the fraud case. They apparently believe that Haslam’s company ran to Arkansas (just a week after the FBI/IRS raid) and created a fake dummy company called National Retail. They set that company up for one reason only. It was also the company that spearheaded the settlement with Haslam’s company! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe that National Retail never bought one single dollar of fuel from Pilot Flying J! It was simply a fake company created by Haslam’s bunch to create it’s own favorable settlement! That’s why the Knoxville judge wants to get to the bottom of the discovery before the Arkansas settlement is bulldozed through the courts by Jimmy’s lawyers. If the lawyers are right then we will be saying goodbye to Jimmy Haslam III!!!

    • LG

      WOW, how did you hear of this?

      • 54CLEVELAND

        The story actually appeared in the Plain Dealer. However, in all honesty, it was difficult to understand for a lot of folks. You had to pick up on why the lawyers for the trucking companies are anxious for the Knoxville judge to review the discovery. They believe that discovery will show that National Retail never did “any” business with Pilot Flying J yet was the company that was the lead dog in reaching a settlement with Pilot Flying J.
        I also find that going to the Knoxville media sites provides more information sometimes than what we get trickling back to the Cleveland media.
        As your story said, Jimmy may be hiding something. If this is proved out by the defense lawyers Haslam is in “huge” trouble.

        • LG

          Have you seen today’s haslam story I did? I used your statement in it……

          • 54CLEVELAND

            Thank you. Quite the honor.

          • LG

            My pleasure

        • 54CLEVELAND

          I’m not sure my reply took. Bottom line is, it was in the Plain Dealer. Some Knoxville sites actually did a better job of explaining it and originating it.
          The lawyers for those companies that are opting out of the settlement believe that discovery will show that National Retail never did any business with Pilot Flying J.. They believe that discovery will show that National Retail is actually a shell company that was literally established by PFJ about a week after the FBI/IRS raid. It was set up basically for PFJ to create a settlement for “itself.” It would mean that PFJ negotiated it’s own terms with it’s own shell company created expressly to do just that.
          That to me says two things. One, we have an expansion of fraud if proved by the lawyers. Two, the company had a bail out plan in place in case they were caught cheating. To create a shell company that fast implies to me that an “in case” plan was already in place.
          This is all stuff put out by the lawyers for the trucking companies. Of course, they will have to prove it to the judge in Knoxville. But, they believe that discovery will indeed show their case.
          We’ll just have to wait and see. But, the accusations by the lawyers sure takes this case to a higher level if proven. That’s why they are so anxious to have the opportunity to depose Jimmy Haslam III directly in person.


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