Is the owner of the Cleveland Browns trying to hide the truth in the Pilot Flying J rebate fraud case? The answer to that is yes. In the latest law suit filed against the company Haslam II runs, they want to take his deposition.

Haslam III has his lawyers working overtime trying to get a judge in Knox County to block the attempt of Atlantic Coast Carriers and three other trucking companies to take a sworn deposition from Jimmy Haslam III.

Is Haslam being less than candid about what he did or didn't know? The answer to that is becoming clear. He doesn't want to give sworn testimony under oath. Why not Jimmy? You love being candid about everything else.

What is he trying to hide? Why won't he give his sworn testimony? You would think if he had no knowledge of the fraud that was taking place he would be glad to give sworn statements projecting his innocence.

Depositions have been used in civil suits for a long time. They want to depose people involved in these cases to see what they did or did not know. If Haslam III were to give sworn testimony under oath and he was being less than truthful, they could file a charge of perjury against him.

Many times people are subpoenaed to take part in a deposition. It is part of the natural system. Haslam III is proving that if you have enough money you could buy your way out of anything. The problem is the case to block his deposition is taking place in a Knox County court.

We all know Haslam's brother is the Governor in his home state and Haslam's family is very powerful there. Why not take the case to the states that the frauds took place in? Haslam III shouldn't be allowed to skip a deposition.

If the rest of us have to take part in the natural process, so should he. One thing we have learned about the Owner of the Cleveland Browns, is his will to be Candid. Something tells me in the case of giving a sworn statement, Haslam has the urge to be less than candid.

Come on Jimmy, go take the oath to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and tell those people, you knew nothing about what was taking place inside the company you are in charge of. Be sure to be candid.....

You have said it for months now, you probably have talked yourself into believing it. So what's the problem with giving your sworn testimony?  AS the good people at Nike say Jimmy, Just Do It!!!


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