As the NFL spring meetings get under way to talk about things like where to hold future Super Bowls and other league business, the owner of the Cleveland Browns plans on holding a few meetings of his own. Jimmy Haslam III , will be holding some closed-door private meetings to discuss his legal problems with some of the NFL's other owners.

There is little doubt that the NFL has to be getting worried about Haslam's future as an NFL team owner. The speculation is that Haslam's legal issues stemming from his family's business allegedly defrauding some 250 trucking companies out of money could last for years and coast Haslam a ton of money.

The NFL could be worried about Haslam's financial condition taking a big hit due to legal expenses and the sums of money he would be forced to pay out to settle some of the claims. While there are some that think Haslam is a bottomless pit of cash, the NFL could be worried because they dropped the ball on the sale of the Cleveland Browns.

This sale was the first time the NFL allowed most of the funds to be financed. Never before in the history of the NFL have they let that happen. If Haslam's finances take a hit, they could be worried about the day-to-day operation of the Cleveland Browns as well as Haslam's abilities to pay off the debt he incurred by buying the team.

Haslam will Undoubtedly be pleading his case to continue as owner of the Cleveland Browns with the other owners at these spring meetings.


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