Here we go again, the Cleveland Browns new owner Jimmy Haslam III want to hire the greatest Brown of them all, Jim Brown. Haslam has said that he and Brown have spent a lot of time together at the owners meeting in Arizona, he went on to say they spent a whole hour together on Monday night.

Haslam said in that hour him and Browns really hit it off. As to what that role would be, Haslam would elaborate on, he said it is a really big deal and he wanted to do it right.

What role could Brown play with the Browns? He is 77 years old so we can probably count him out from playing football. It is too bad he couldn't play in the defensive back-field. The Browns still need some help there. How about kicking field goals?

No, he probably can't get his leg up that high anymore.

Haslam must be kidding us. Sure the great Jim Brown has some sentimental value to Browns historians, but come on Haslam, his best days are behind him. Other that signing autographs, what value does Browns bring to the team?

You'll give him a big deal but you wouldn't resign a kicker that spent his entire football career in Cleveland and then left to play for a super bowl contender.

What's wrong with this picture? Some are already saying this is a new ownership but the same old bone head moves are already taking place with the Cleveland Browns.

Could bringing Jim Brown in and giving him some official role with the team help the Browns win football games? Not unless he is able t suit up and get out on the field and run the way he once did to bring the Browns championships. Those days are gone and they are not coming back.

It will be interesting to see what Jim Brown's job description with the Cleveland Browns will be. Maybe Haslam and Brown should of sat down and had this meeting before the team hired Lombardi.

Browns fans would have had a better reaction to naming Jim Brown as the team's G.M. than they are having with the Lombardi choice.

Other than giving the fans an emotional lift, bringing back Jim Brown to play some sort of trophy role with the team does little to help the team win. Don't get me wrong, I like Jim Brown, but the team needs to address so much more than resurrection their relationship with Jim Brown. This has to be a move to sell tickets.

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