So much for the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam III not sticking his nose into the 2014 NFL draft. He picked Johnny Manziel with the 22nd over-all pick in the draft, because of what a homeless man told him outside a Cleveland restaurant, after he was eating dinner one night.

The story goes, Haslam III left the dinning facility when a homeless man look up at him from the sidewalk and recognized who he was. The homeless man then said, “draft Manziel.” Haslam III said it was then when he realized, the Cleveland fans wanted Johnny Manziel as a member of the Cleveland Browns.

This is either the biggest line of bull I ever heard, or a poor attempt for Haslam III to cover up his true motives behind bringing the man they call Johnny Football to Cleveland. Hey, if you have followed Haslam since his arrival to Cleveland, you would know he is a master at covering things up.

The motive is to sell tickets. He doesn’t know a thing about football, but he does know a thing or two about marketing. To draft Manziel with the 22nd over-all pick in the draft is the kiss of death. The Brown have learned nothing from the teams past mistake.

The Cleveland Browns used the 22nd pick in the draft to take Brandon Weeden, who isn’t even in Cleveland anymore and Brady Quinn too.

This year, the Browns traded to use the 22nd pick to take Manziel. You have to wonder if the guy who owns this team is crazy. Why would you want to use the same pick to take Manziel? Better question, why would you want to bring this egotistical maniac to your team in the first place?

The honest answer would be to sell more tickets, not to win football games. Manziels tactics aren’t going to work in the NFL. Even Ray Lewis who was working for ESPN, talked about Manziel willingness to leave the pocket, and cautioned him about trying those moves in the AFC North.

This was a joke. Drafting this guy to play quarterback in the AFC North is something Haslam is going to be sorry for as soon as one of the line-backers or defensive line man break his new toy named Manziel.

All I can honestly say is, he we go again. UN-believable…..



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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Thomas

    While I would have preferred to have stayed put at number 4 and gotten Watkins and then stayed at 26 and gotten Carr, I still give Farmer kudos for getting the drafts top corner and another first next year. I also want to give Manziel a chance now that he’s a Brown. In his comments after being drafted he said all the right things. Perhaps the draft process has humbled him and he will be everything the fans have hoped for in a franchise q.b.

  2. Leon II

    I’ve hated every minute of the last few weeks since Young and Thigpen were signed knowing Manziel would be taken. The only good thing I can say about the selection is that he wasn’t taken at 4 as I feared might happen. The Browns are a blue collar team and they draft an upper class, entitled rich kid, who has never worked for anything a day in his life to be the face of the franchise. Manziel is the anti-Brown and I was hoping for any QB in this class except him. Well at least I know I won’t be wasting money buying his jersey. I miss Colt.

    • LG

      You’re right Leon II…..This Manziel thing has turned our Browns into more of a laughing stock to tell you the truth…..

      • jackrabbit21

        Leon – I miss Colt too. People in Cleveland said he was too short. Manziel is shorter then him. Many compare Manziel to Colt. No Colt here though. Colt was about the team. Manziel is about Johnny Football and the next good party. Colt got the shaft, a lousy coach, a receiver like “loose hands” Little and no protection, but that’s an old story. As I have written before, I bet Colt is gone because Colt wanted out, but who knows. That Cleveland chapter is closed.

        Moving forward….
        The last thing this team needs is a distraction like Mr. “Money Gesture Manziel”. Anyone remember Manziel and his antics at the Manning camp last year? Oversleeping and bailing out? Let’s see if Manziel makes it on time to work after his party nights before we all talk about him starting.

  3. Big Duke

    It’s so touching Haslam rolled down the window of his Rolls to hear some sage advice from a homeless dude drunk on Mad Dog 20/20. I guess this homeless guy said to not take Marquis Lee and to instead take a dime a dozen tackle despite Gordon now facing a 1 year suspension. When will this madness end?!?! I was so stoked just before tonight’s NFL draft then see the report on Gordon’s suspension, then next the Browns decide to take a tackle instead of Marquis Lee. Game Over!!!!!! Oh, almost forgot, yes the Browns are also in my Will, like that other guy, to be requested as poll bearers to “let me down one last time”.

  4. jackrabbit21

    Spot on article LG. My feelings on this “TYPICAL” Browns draft:

    1. The homeless guy story overshadowed the Browns draft picks PERIOD. I believe Haslam used that story so he would not be called another Jerry Jones. At least Jerry Jones gives his quarterback 10+ years a chance before bailing on him (btw- yes, 10 years is long enough for a chance). That story was an insult to all GMs, scouts, support staff and coaches in the NFL that work long hours to put together their team. In one lousy self-serving story, he threw the Cleveland front office under the bus. Sounds familiar to the “Flying J” employees he threw under the bus to save his hide for ripping off others. That stupid story also shows Haslam just wants to make the quick Manziel $$$$ on merchandise and recover $$$ from former season ticket holders who did not renew. So, Jimmy why don’t you fire your whole front office and send Browns interns to pick up homeless people off the street s that are holding a “WILL WORK FOR FOOD SIGN” . Conclusion folks: That kind of ownership is why a proven NFL coach or a GM DOES NOT want to work for this team. No respect in Cleveland is probably the word on the streets.

    2. Julio Jones Part #2. – Giving up Sammy Watkins???? I don’t care if the Browns get an extra #1 pick for whatever unknown next year. Watkins is known and was a gift to the Browns with a fat red bow. What did the Browns get for Julio Jones??? Brandon “it is everyone else’s fault” Weeden.

    3. Passing on Marqise Lee tonight, another gift, who has been compared to Julio Jones. Especially after hearing Gordon may be suspended for the year. Wish we had Jacksonville’s picks – Bortles (good fit for AFC north) and Lee (since Gordon will be probably gone).

    4. Same ol’ Same’ ol’ – Sorry Browns fans. I would not buy your new jerseys or get your season tickets just yet. Which is exactly what Manziel is about. Getting $$$$$ for merch. & tickets selling “Manziel” for ol’ Jimmy. Manziel also had the same coach as Weeden (OK State) & Geno Smith (WVU) btw while he was in college. Not saying that coach is bad, just wondering if Manziel is prepared enough for the NFL. As we saw Weeden was not. So dazzle us Manziel. Oh yeah, Hoyer. See what happens when you get hurt, just ask Colt McCoy and James Harrison.


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