The owner of the Cleveland Browns has big problems now. Louis Freeh has been hired to help investigate the frauds that took place at Pilot Flying J.  Freeh is the former director of the FBI. He and his team has been retained by the trucking companies that are pursuing legal action against Haslam and his truck stop company.

Mark Tate, the Georgia attorney who is heading the class action suit against Haslam and his company has confirmed he has hired some high profile help. Tate has retained the services of Louis Freeh’s firm, the Freeh Group. Freeh is not only the former director of the FBI, he is also a former federal judge.

Freeh and his Freeh Group, has agreed to work with the trucking companies who believe they were cheated in an alleged rebate scam. The Freeh Group has a large group of investigators and accountants who will help the trucking companies make their case.

You can bank on the fact the Freeh group will turn over every rock in the road to get to the facts of the case. Freeh has a long history of investigations that some have tried to cover up the facts in. Tate said, they are thrilled to have help fighting what he called C.E.O. Jimmy Haslam’s “billionaire’s antics.”

The Freeh group has refused to comment on their part in the investigation of the Pilot Flying J frauds. Some of you may remember Tate, he is the attorney that filed a restraining order against Haslam’s firm to try and stop him from contacting the trucking companies involved in the class action suit.

A judge in Knoxville denied Tate’s request for a temporary restraining order to keep Pilot Flying J from contacting customers. in our opinion, the first mistake Tate made was to file in Tennessee. Haslam’s brother is the Governor there. Not to say he had any part of the alleged frauds, but we are saying the Haslam family is very powerful in their home state of Tennessee. Tate should have filed the suit in the individual states that the alleged frauds took place in.

Tate claimed that Jimmy Haslam was contacting the companies, getting releases from them, and settling claims before companies knew about the full extent of the allegations. Tate also claimed that a full-page newspaper ad placed Sunday in support of the Haslam family was “engineered” by Jimmy Haslam. “He ran that ad as a warning, as he’s in the largest fight of his professional career,” Tate said.

Haslam is in the biggest fight of his life. His fight just got a lot bigger with the Freeh Group working against Haslam and his company. Things aren’t going to be easy for Jimmy Haslam III now. If the former director of the FBI has agreed to work against him, there has to be something more than meets the eye here. Haslam could try all the billionaire’s antics he wants. They aren’t going to fly against Freeh and his group of investigators.

Haslam has problems now. I wonder when the NFL is going to say enough is enough? Goodell has to be getting nervous now that the news of the Freeh Group is out.


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  1. 1stAnubiis

    You really have in for Haslam don’t you ‘LG’? It is no surprise that those that are participating in the lawsuit against Pilot Flying J would hire someone or entity to investigate on their behalf. That still in no way indicated Mr. Haslam’s complicity in any intentional wrong doing. Tate wants money and he knows the more companies that settle with Pilot Flying J by accepting reimbursement of all monies owed will water down the civil lawsuit. Haslam is on record for saying he would see to it that anyone that was cheated would be fully reimbursed and he is as good as his word and doing just that. The NFL said they have no intention of doing anything in regards to the Browns ownership during this process and as long as restitution continues to be made to those that were swindled then it is very unlikely that they will.

    • LG

      So in other words it is alright to rip people off. And if you get caught you pay the money back and then it is all good. Is that what you are saying? What if Pilot FLying J wasn’t busted by the FBI, then they wouldn’t be paying people back and that would be alright too…… Hey is someone robs a bank and then gets caught they go to jail right? Haslam has been busted. Pure and simple he got caught…..

      • Paul

        If Haslam has been “Busted” & simply got caught why has there been no arrests? What your talking about here is a civil action. In America anyone can sue anybody for nearly anything & they always go after the one with the most money.

        • LG

          Paul, lets not forget the grand jury is going to meet over this case and then charges will be filed. That is the way they do it with the big boys and girls.

      • 1stAnubiis

        LG I’ll assume your an intelligent person and you best believe I’m no dummy neither. So with that being said let me see if I can say this so that it will be clearer, No LG it is not “alright to rip people off.” Please, the point is that Mr. Haslam owns the company that is responsible for the rip-off but when talking about a multi-million dollar company it is possible for people within a company to commit larceny without their bosses or the boss (Mr. Haslam) is not beyond belief. So your analogy of a bank robbery and this situation is ‘flawed’ because unlike your example there is no definitive proof that Haslam had knowledge of these acts. He is being accused of having knowledge of the crime but that has yet to be proven. Is he ultimately responsible; as the owner of the company, yes he is and he is doing what he can to make it right as I stated previously. So is that clearer for you now? You may be that part of society that believes in ‘guilty until proven innocent,’ but I’m in that group that believes in innocent until proven guilty.

        • LG

          There was a trucking company in Ohio that discovered they were being ripped off. Then to keep that company silent Pilot Flying J had to pay off the companies jet plane. The coast from the reports I saw said it was one million dollars. I find it difficult to think someone could write a check out come up with one million dollars without Haslam knowing about it.

          • 1stAnubiis

            Ok, first what is the ‘name’ of this company? Second, was this ‘pay-off’ part of the negotiated reimbursement authorized by Mr. Haslam or was this part of the departmental cover-up that individuals in the sales department did to keep secret their activities? Finally, since Mr. Haslam is not the bookkeeper of his company and we all realize he has others employed to do that (I understand that he does look at all the financials) and that if someone was cooking the books to cover-up what they were doing in order to pad their commissions then it is possible for this to have gone unnoticed until complaints were filed.

          • LG

            Read this story…….


            He warns the sales staff to avoid mistakes. And he refers repeatedly to a deal gone bad with Western Express, a trucking company based in Nashville, where Pilot had to “buy an airplane” from Western to fix the deal after the company discovered their rebates had been shorted.

            “I had to buy an airplane one time to correct Manuel,” Freeman says.

            Freeman further explained in a different recording that Western had a plane that it owed $1 million on, and forced Pilot to buy it to make good. “It was so broke the (expletive) wasn’t airworthy, so we had to sell it in Nashville.”

          • LG

            Hey I deleted your other post because the link is acting very funny…Not working right…..

          • LG

            Are you really going to fall for this BS? Come on man there is no way he didn’t know about a plane being bought….

          • 1stAnubiis

            Pilot Flying J’s Jimmy Haslam says he absolutely had no knowledge of fuel rebate cheating by sales managers.


          • LG

            This one works. But this article, was done yesterday. Haslam in my opinion is either one dumb guy or a heck of a good liar….Once the grand jury meets things will get interesting…

          • 1stAnubiis

            Here is the part of your article that I wanted to point out. It says…”With a 120-page search warrant affidavit, the FBI laid bare its investigation into potential fraud at Pilot, painting an embarrassing, sometimes crude portrait of a sales force within the company that tricked some customers out of millions of dollars due them to plump up their own individual performance and company’s profits.”

            “Pilot’s sales managers and staff in FBI recordings described some trucking company customers as too unsophisticated or too lazy to realize the thousands of dollars they were being shorted. Some employees in the recordings bragged about their exploits and advised others on the practice. Others worried about getting caught when a customer wised up.”

            Jimmy Haslam, 59, who has run Pilot as its CEO since 1995, admitted in a news conference last week that the federal probe has “rocked” the company. But he also defended Pilot and said that the FBI investigation “is zeroed in on what we believe to be a very narrow part of our business.”

          • LG

            I have read that part a bunch of times…..What do you think Haslam is going to say. Look at the crooks over the years. Nixon said he wasn’t a crook. Clintin say he didn’t have sex with the women. And the list goes on and on. The bugger the fish the bigger the lies…..

          • 1stAnubiis


            Like I said before, your a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ and I live by the rule of law of this country that all are innocent until proven guilty. Allegations are just that until a judgment is given.

          • LG

            I am just shocked that he is trying to plead how innocent he is….Corporate America…..They have their own way of doing things….

  2. Joel McClurg

    LG, I don’t think he said it was OK to rip people off. What he’s saying is, we don’t know what Haslam’s involvement in the scam. You are oh so sure he’s guilty and the rest of us are saying, “why don’t we keep our mouths shut and let the investigation proceed”. If Haslam was complicit, it will come out; if he’s not, you are doing a great injustice. Let’s wait and watch like watching TV; we will have a lot better idea after the government charges HIM, if they do so. Someone in the company was doing wrong, we just don’t know yet if Haslam knew about it. Leave it alone until we have more info. That’s what we are saying.

  3. B-rad

    LG….There are charges and allegations here… You are a half-wit writer you baffoon. Everyone and anyone is not guilty unless found in a court of law.. But you rather write these ridiculous articles stating he’s “Busted”.. He’s “In for it now”.Unless you’re a judge or any legal advocate (I highly doubt any of them)..Shut your pie hole and write about Sports… You’re a drama queen who lost her make-up.. Lingerie Football needs a water boy…Pffft.. beat it

    • LG

      B-Rad, he is in for it now. He is in for the fight of his life…..As far as the job with the LFL goes, I wouldn’t want to put you out of work….

      • bobg

        Half wit,baffoon lol.Come on Negative Nancy ,write something worth reading for once in your life.

        • LG

          How about giving me some football that is worth writing about?


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