Browns fans still live with the fear of their owner facing criminal charges aren't able to rest yet. Jimmy Haslam III's Pilot Flying J company has settled with 8 of the trucking companies that have filled law suits against the company in the fraud case.

There are still 13 cases not settled, a federal grand jury meeting to decide if charges against Haslam III will be filed and a new law suit filed yesterday. The settlement that was reached in Little Rock, Ark could cost Haslam's Pilot Flying J an estimated 54 million dollars, 40 million for the settlement and 14 million for the legal fees the trucking companies owe.

Haslam isn't out of the woods yet, he has a long way to go. He sent out a letter yesterday to inform the trucking companies that changes were taking place within the Pilot Flying J sale team and news of how some of the trucking companies will be paid what they were owed.

Haslam is making these settlements with hopes of gaining some relief in the legal actions he may face. It is a case of being able to buy your way out of trouble. Haslam has continued to say he knew nothing about the frauds that were taking place. He has placed some of his employees on administrative leave while others have been fired.

In the letter he sent out yesterday Haslam names a replacement for the vice president of sales that is still on leave. He is the guy that was taped in secretive meetings bragging about how many millions of dollars Pilot was able to take away in the rebate fraud.

While Haslam is proving that with enough money and enough denial, you can buy your way out of anything, he still has a long way to go before the trouble he is facing disappears. Pilot Flying J has settled with less of half of the trucking companies that filed suits, new suits continue to be filed and the federal grand jury is still meeting to decide if charges will be filed.

Some think there is a lack of evidence to bring charges against Haslam III. With the former Pilot Flying J employees cooperating with the grand jury investigation those people should reconsider their thinking. Haslam could still face criminal charges.


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