Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III,continues to try to sway public opinion into believing he did nothing wrong. Yesterday Haslam's board of directors of Pilot Flying J, hired prominent attorney Reid Weingarten to lead an investigation into the fuel rebate fraud claims.

Haslam III, must be thinking, if he hires enough people to look into the allegations, that he will start to think he didn't do anything wrong. Browns fans need to ask themselves one question. Is this the kind of guy we want to run the Cleveland Browns?

The guy is claiming he had no idea what was taking place at his billion dollars a year business. The frauds have reportedly been taking place for years. How can a CEO run a giant company like pilot not know what is going on? How could he explain the giant profits the company was making?

With a rebate program in place, why wouldn't the CEO want to see the balance sheet for the rebates the company should have paid out? The deals were put in place so that the trucking companies would buy their fuel exclusively from Pilot Flying J. If you were the CEO, wouldn't you want to know how the program was progressing?

What does Haslam III expect from Weingarten? The guy is one of the most powerful attorneys in the United States, He was one of the people who was involved in the Enron investigations. Haslam is a guy who appears to have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and now he is trying to sway public opinion.

How many people are going to fall for his con? How many people really think he didn't know anything? Haslam is in the save his own butt mode. He is no different from anyone else who gets caught.

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