The owner of the Cleveland Browns continues to claim he knew nothing about one of the biggest fraud cases in the United states as 3 more of his employees plead guilty, bringing the total to 5. Haslam has maintained his innocence since the onset of the government’s case against Pilot Flying J.

Yesterday in a federal court in Knoxville, Kevin Clark a regional sales manager, account manager Holly Radford  and a salesman named Jay Stinnett all entered guilty pleas. This brings the total to five. Five Pilot Flying J employees have pleaded guilty and all 5 of them are reported to be cooperating with authorities as they continue to build their case against Jimmy Haslam III and his company.

The FBI has maintained since the onset, Haslam III knew about the scam his company was running. They are said to have recordings of meetings where Haslam III was present. Now they have 5 people who are willing to help the government to build its case against Haslam.

People will say these people are only turning against Haslam III to get a lighter sentence for themselves. That may be true, but it is very difficult to believe that Jimmy Haslam III knew nothing about what was taking place at the company he runs.

It is only a matter of time before charges are filled. This is going to get very interesting before it is all over.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. muttklingon

    IS jimmy haslam 3″thmaybe tell the truth. ? Or is jimmy haslam a real goodconman?.And it was pilot flying j. that jimmy? owns that rip of hardworking trucker’s ? will jimmy haslam rip off ?cleveland browns fan?.

    • Applebee McFridays

      Sorry, can you repeat that muttklingon. I can’t understand a word you are trying to write.

  2. 1stAnubiis


    I’ve stated this to you before that in a small business you could make the assertion that the ‘big’boss knew what was going on. In big government or big business it is probable for someone in middle management to do something illegal and cover it up from his/her boss.

    • LG

      OK, sure. These people who are taking the fall for Haslam III had offices right outside of his in Tennessee. I’m sure Jimmy didn’t ever talk to them or see the balance sheets…Yeah Right….SMH

      • Paul

        LG are you hoping Haslam is guilty or not guilty & why?

        Does this also mean that you do believe Obama new all about Fast & Furious, Bengazi, IRS targeting of Conservative groups and NSA recording your cell phones & emails even though he says he did not know??

        • LG

          Get real Paul. Pilot Flying J is not the US government, it is now where near as big as the US government. Doesn’t matter what I am hoping in regards to Haslam III. The evidence will do the talking. And as far as I am concerned I think the man is not telling the truth.

          • Anonymous

            Who give a sh** make him pay the companies back with health interest and plus a hefty fine and lets go on, PLEASE! Obama and company lie their Ass of daily and we are worried about this B.S.


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