It is almost humorous how far Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III will go to try to protect his image. Today there are several trucking companies expected to file a restraining order against Haslam III and anyone from his Pilot Flying J company from contacting them.

Is Haslam III crossing the line? There are some that would view what he is doing as witness tampering.  Haslam has waited until the Feds filed court papers before he became pro-active. Some say he knew what his sales people were doing and he approved of the practice of defrauding these same trucking companies out of rebates they had coming.

Now, he could be facing criminal charges. Yet, he is trying to contact these companies to pay them the money they have coming. The FBI and IRS could be calling some of the trucking companies as witnesses against Pilot Flying J.

To approach these companies and offer them money now, is a bad idea. Haslam III should have taken action long before the FBI-IRS raid. He didn’t and now some view his actions as wrong. This is nothing short of trying to bribe a witness according to the opinions of some.

If Haslam III does get a restraining order filed against him today and he is unable to contact these companies, some will be expected to be witnesses against him and Pilot and Flying J.

It won’t take long for the NFL to take some sort of action against Haslam and his ownership role of the Cleveland Browns if this keeps up. He is bring a black eye to the league. Haslam isn’t the squeaking clean guy he is trying to project himself to be.

If he was, he wouldn’t be facing this criminal investigation in the first place. The wrong doings at Pilot Flying J have taken place over a few years. This isn’t something that just happened while Haslam was away running the Cleveland Browns. If it had it would be easier for some to understand.

It is difficult to believe that Jimmy Haslam III, didn’t know what was taking place within the company that he is in charge of. There was millions of dollars being made off of this fraud. How can a guy who is the CEO, not know where this money was coming from?

Jimmy Haslam III, has some serious legal issues coming his way. The question now becomes, how long the NFL is willing to be associated with him.


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