We have to give the owner of the Cleveland Browns credit, the guy is a smooth operator. today he came out and made a long statement to the press. In his statement, Haslam III, comes out ans says he has never been as embarrassed as he is now.

He went on to say after reading the FBI and IRS affidavit alleging that Haslam’s company was engaged in a fraud scheme designed to keep money owed to its customers.  Really Jimmy? Are you kidding us?

He went on to say, most painful 48 hours I’ve experienced in the business. This guy is good. he has a way of saying things that almost want to make us believe him. Never this embarrassed. How about in 2008 when, Attorney Generals from several states hit hard by Hurricane Ike went after Haslam for charging excessively high prices that were not justified by the market and they made it stick and Pilot had to pay huge fines to each state. I guess he didn’t find that too embarrassing at all.

Now we have a case where it was sales and billing policy to promise rebates for buying Pilot fuel and then not paying and defrauding customers out of millions of dollars by charging more than the agreed upon price. The purpose of the rebate ruse was to hide the fraud. Independent truckers were hit especially hard with this scheme.

I guess he didn’t learn much about treating people fairly after the 2008 investigation.

Finally, back in 2005, the Department of Labor followed up on Pilot employee complaints and found that Pilot was not paying contractually agreed upon overtime — again amounting to many millions of dollars. The company was again required to settle with employees under the oversight of the Dept of Labor.

This is getting to be a long track record of not keeping promises for profit.

What promises has Haslam made to the Browns, to the fans, and to the city of Cleveland? Embarrassed, is he kidding us? That is a good one Jimmy…..I’m Still laughing….

A Special thanks to ABrown for supplying the history of Haslam’s embarrassments.  

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Chris

    Haslam is a greedy piece of crap. I’ve said it from the day it was announced that he’s interested in buying the team. But nobody wanted to hear it. Well, enjoy Cleveland. You wanted him, you got him.

    • Anonymous

      bout time some one said it.

  2. Brion

    ENOUGH! The Browns need to be owned by the only group who actually cares about the team.The fans!

    • LG

      The NFL made rules to block that from ever happening again

  3. Bob

    Haslam began lining his pockets with money from this area by selling the naming rights to the Cleveland Browns Stadium and then goes on to awarding the broadcast rights to the highest bidder even though WTAM has a much stronger signal and has been the home of the Browns for quite some time. This guy is a real piece of work. Cleveland, you deserve what you tolerate.

    • Bob

      WRONG BOB!!!! I usually go by this name since October. Someone assumed my identity. I am taking a hiatus from this all this BS and the accused owner who has done other things in the past to rip others off. So anything you see written by a Bob, it’s not me who has been posting here since October. Maybe I’ll come back in September. I am done for now. Signing off.

      Hey new Bob – Put an initial after your name Bob.

      • Bob

        LG – Perhaps, I’ll contact you in the fall. Keep up the thought provoking articles coming. Good luck to you & God bless.

        • LG

          God Bless you too Bob…..

        • ABrown

          We’ll miss you, Bob. All of this just gets more and more depressing. It’s good to step away for a while.

      • Bob

        I said “usually go by this name…” . Meant ALWAYS go by this name.


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