In his first public appearance in the Cleveland area since the FBI-IRS raid on his family business, Jimmy Haslam III, says he is sorry about taking the focus away from football. He also continues to say he is embarrassed. Remember after the raid when Haslam made a statement saying how this was about a couple of unpaid rebates?

He is now saying he has contacted 250-300 trucking companies over the past few weeks. In his press conference last night he said, if we owe X,Y,Z trucking money we want to write them a check right there on the spot.

What a difference a FBI raid makes. Why didn't Haslam's company pay the rebates when they were due? The guy is trying to convince the public that he didn't know about the fraud taking place in his company.  Is he kidding us? How can a CEO not know when his company pays out a million dollars to a Ohio trucking company to pay for a jet plane, because they were caught ripping off that company.

What company can write a check for one million dollars to keep someone silent, without the CEO knowing about it. Think about some of the facts of this case. The fraud was taking place for years. This is not something that took place because Haslam was in Cleveland trying to stop the Browns from further embarrassing the city of Cleveland with another losing season.

Haslam is good at trying to convince people he had no part in the scam Pilot Flying J was running on its customers. The FBI and the Justice department is putting a case together that will show Haslam knew what was taking place.

They are already offering some of Haslam's employees immunity from prosecution to testify against the owner of the Cleveland Browns. When you get immunity, you must have some powerful testimony to offer.

It is an embarrassment to the city of Cleveland to think the owner of the Cleveland Browns would take part in a fraud.   Haslam III should be sorry to think the people of this great city are stupid enough to think he didn't have anything to do with it.

I wonder is Haslam thinks the good people in Cleveland aren't smart enough to figure things out. Just as his company thought the trucking companies were too stupid to figure out a spread sheet.


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