The owner of the Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam III,  has serious debt problems with his Pilot Flying J company. The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Pilot Flying J is over 4 billion dollars in debt. Not only is he facing criminal charges for the scam his company pulled off by defrauding their customers, he is also facing a multitude of law suits.

Haslam just sold his minor league baseball team this past week and some think it was because MLB wanted to distance themselves from the Haslam family and all the trouble they are facing. The NFL is going to take action soon.

People were excited when Haslam III bought the team but that excitement may be short-lived. How could the NFL overlook the debt problems Haslam and his company are faced with? How could they completely over look that he and his company could be facing bankruptcy?

Could this have been a set up to move the Cleveland Browns out of Cleveland for the second time in one’s lifetime? There are new stadiums being built in places that have no NFL team. Haslam III was allowed to buy the Browns by financing most of the 1.1 Billion he reportedly paid for the team.

Could you imagine if the NFL steps in a takes possession of the Cleveland Browns?

First they could force a sale. If they did, the new owners would probably fire the entire coaching staff and replace them with the people they want. The team would be in yet another 4 year building process.

The Browns are facing some serious problems and Browns fans who choose to keep their blinders on, could wake up one day only to find out that their beloved Cleveland Browns are no longer in Cleveland.

The best thing that could happen now, is for Randy Learner to take procession of the team. He may have been an absentee owner but at least he was honest and he never would have move the team away from Cleveland.

Haslam on the other hand is turning out to be nothing more than a con-man. You have to admit he is damn good at it too. For him to stand up to the podium as often as he did and tell everyone what a great hand on owner he is and have people buying that crap, he has to be good.

If he was so hands on then how did his company get to be over 4 billion dollars in debt? How did people who worked there pull off this scam, pay themselves bonuses and him not know where the money came from.

Who is this guy trying to kid? It is time for someone to do something before the moving trucks back up to the Browns headquarters in Berea to pack up the equipment in the middle of the night. This is a bad deal for the city of Cleveland and Browns fans.

Jimmy Haslam III is the wrong guy to own the Cleveland Browns and the truth is coming out daily. How could this happen? What the heck was Goodell and the NFL thinking when they approved this deal?



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Readers Comments (36)

  1. Len Green

    The Los Angeles Browns!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      No Freaking Way

    • Anonymous

      My exact thoughts, he’d fit in out there though!

  2. superdouche

    once again lg the idiot

    • LG

      The NFL appoves a guy who has all kinds of money and legal problems and I am the idiot. Sounds to me like you may want to look into the mirror pal…

  3. superdouche

    so how bout your weeden prediction there champ who is the starting qb like i told you 3 months ago? pretty bad that i a non media reporter and non affiliated person with the nfl not only told who would start and who would play back up so how is it that you even have a job reporting on a team when i don’t have any access to the browns and i can report the facts better and more consistently than you can ? maybe you should sell shoes or something

  4. ML

    I tried to tell everybody this stuff prior to the sale…..but NO ONE would listen. Everybody just wanted Learner out. One must be careful what they wish for!!!!

  5. bonzie

    superdouche I must agree ,but I would never buy shoes from a bad sports writer

  6. Justin

    I think the writer needs to hire a new proofreader.
    Overlook is one word.
    Procession? Are they having a parade?

    • LG

      Thx Justin, I took care of the couple of problems….I’m always rushed…

  7. Spider

    LG the conspiracy theorist at his best. Whenever there is a lull in anything to report, he conjures up some more BS. I don’t why anybody even reads your delusional crap! The Browns aren’t going anywhere.

    • LG

      Hey check out the wall street journal, I don;t make this stuff up….

      • sean

        The new owner of the Browns is under contract to stay in Cleveland. If the league takes over the team, they can’t move it because they would be accepting ANY contracts the teams has.

  8. ML

    LG is on the story!!! What you OTHER IDIOTS are not seeing is the truth!!! Haslem is a snake in the grass and will do anything to save his A**!! All of you that talk crap about LG are just the real idiots. So he gets a few letters wrong…he is passionate about the Browns. Some of you sound like you don’t even care and probably should get a real life. Haslem sucks and needs to go but the BROWNS MUST SYAY!! WHERE IS MIKE WHITE???

    • sean

      Mike took a huge payoff from an anonymous friend and bought an Alpaca farm in Amish country, near Salt Fork.

  9. tboyd

    How about the Columbus Browns?????

  10. JM

    Once again LG has been getting his facts at the water cooler. The Tennessee Smokies sale started in January 2013 and a agreement was reached in March 2013. Well before the IRS and FBI raid. The new owner, Randy Boyd said an announcement was not made until now because they had to wait for approval from the Southern League. So much for MLB wanting to distance themselves from the Haslam Family

  11. JV1148

    No way the NFL will take the team out of Cleveland. This is a huge market for the NFL and this stadium sells out every game.

  12. ML

    Ok, then I guess all you sissys that had something negative to say say about LG now have no balls, what a shame you all are to the name of the Browns..start recruiting the friggin cowgirls to come to Cleveland you pieces of crap!!!

    • Anonymous

      can’t say I am following what you mean. It seems the article is void of any facts pertaining to the relocation of the franchise. And, most of the criticism leveled by Forbes was directed at the previous regime.

    • bobg

      What is this maniac saying? Hey LG tiome to lock your crazy uncle back up in the basement.

  13. Paul

    I live in Los Angeles, let me say that to begin with. There is NO stadium construction going here and no solid plan in place. Just a lot of political posturing. Nowhere in the country is there a football stadium waiting for a team (some fact checking would have found that) Besides, the Browns are locked in an iron clad lease. I am sure the NFL remembers the last time they screwed Cleveland, it wont happen again.

  14. Tim Johnson

    This is the worst journalism I have ever seen…clearly the author has no idea how BIG business operates…Pilot Flying J has 4 billion in debt on $30 billion in annual sales…debt is used for growth, acquisitions, etc…for heaven’s sake Walmart has 57 billion in debt on their books…do we think Walmart is going bankrupt? This author is looking to merely stir the pot to create controversy. It’s a downright shame…

    • LG

      Haslam is not walmart.

      • Believeland

        But the basic business principals apply, LG. You are digging yourself a bigger hole than the far-fetched story you released. Hire a proof reader and stick to the basics of the team. Trying to give us all a lesson in business principals when you can’t even use the right wording or punctuation is laughable.

        • LG

          How about the downgrade in the credit rating of the company? I suppose you don’t mind that either. You guys kill me. You’ll defend this guy until the ship sinks, then you’ll be the first to complain. He paid himself and his family 1.7 billion in the period of doubling the debt.

          • sean

            That’s how business works. If you own a business, you can pay yourself whatever you want/can afford. It isn’t a crime LG.

            Pay attention to the DETAILS of this fraud case. Haslam ISN’T going to jail.

          • Anonymous

            Yo lg. Sensationalist as%#%

          • Paul Avery

            give the guy a break, he’s just a blogger like the rest of us. I could care less about the owners finances, I care about how he takes care of the team. I see a good coaching staff in place

          • LG

            Lets hope it all doesn’t get changed for the 200th time since 1999

  15. GW

    Again- here we have somebody that is not being responsible in his report and trying to start something that is not quite true. New ownership doesn’t equate to new coaching staff- this is typical “fox corporation” poor journalism – the bad part we all gave him the time of day and wasted our time

    • bobg

      You always have to poke the thing with a stick. Its fun entertainment.

  16. InspectorJ

    Who even cares if they move the Browns? They suck anyways. I’ve lived in Cleveland my whole life and it’s been twenty years since we had a decent team anyways. Take them and the Cavaliers and go to Nashville, Trashville, any where you want ville. But keep the Indians. They at least have had some success in the past 30 years.

    • sean

      I care, because I’m stuck here.

      • Pro Crastinator

        I’ve lived all over and came back to Cleveland only to find it’s one of the best. L.A. and N.Y. are great if you’re young and rich and Kansas is middle of nowhere but the Browns are not Haslam. He is NOT in the supposed kind of problem reported here. Pilot is functioning like all the other travel centers and nobody is building a stadium in the HOPE of getting a team. Whoever LG is should man up and print his name. Hard to track foolishness with intitials.

    • bobg

      The Indians won a world series in the last 30 years? Darn I missed it.


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